Kloudless – Not another cloud storage service

Kloudless - Not another cloud storage service

Its been through the early internet times till today that most of us have been facing the problem of storing and sharing files online. Majority of the email accounts have limited file size, which turn out to be pain in the ___ while sharing multimedia files, which are usually of huge sizes. The online storage services then came as a  blessing for people. Once you save your data backup over the internet, there is no more pain in the ___ during hard disk crashes, and sharing files of large sizes with your peers.

Nowadays with the availability of several online file storage services and tools, it can be difficult to evaluate the best option that complies perfectly with your storage needs. Three things are very essential while choosing the proper online storage services: The actual storage needs, the type of files one usually shares, and the security of these confidential data. However, if you are looking for a convenient option to move your valuable data between the email inbox and your online storage services, Kloudless is probably the best option for you.

KloudlessKloudless is a web service, started out in 2011 with the sole aim of developing a secured connection among the numerous online storage service providers, in order to make the cloud storage services even more chop-chop. It works best with Gmail, Outlook, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive i.e. you can automatically transfer your email attachments to any of these cloud storages without any hassles or hazards. Let us explore the some of the great features of Kloudless:

  • Smart indicators that allow you to access your data from your cloud storage services (uploading, downloading and sharing files) even in a more simple and easy way.
  • You can share the data directly from your favorite online storage services by using Kloudless through emails.
  • It’s safe and secured to share your data via Kloudless, as the files can be shared via links with password protection.
  • Want to move your data to another online storage services? Kloudless will make it all the simpler for you.
  • Thus, no matter which cloud storage service are you fond of. Install the free Kloudless Beta for your chrome today, and enjoy sharing or storing your files more smoothly and securely.

So rather than shifting to a new cloud storage, Kloudless gives you a chance to make the best use of your existing service. Give it a spin, and let us know what do you think.

MoozUp Lite- Complete event networking solution on your mobile

Moozup Lite- Complete event networking solution on your mobile

Here is some great news for all the event organizers. Mera Events brings you yet another innovative and mind boggling application that will bring a 360 degree change in the functioning of the entire events industry of India. This is an application backed by Versant Online Solutions.

After the success of Mera Events, the team has come up with an eco-green application called – MoozUp Lite. The mobile app is a lighter version of MoozUp (primary segment).  Aiming towards engaging the scattered market of events in India, the app focuses on providing an all-in-all mobile event guide  for the industry.

Go Green (Moozup Lite)Now why do we call it an eco-green app? Yeah, the same question made us take a glance at deeper levels to find the answer. Firstly, the app eliminates the need of piles of papers required in any kind of event in the form of brochures, pamphlets, or documents. Secondly, the complete event updates are done over the cloud – right from educational workshops to theater classics, the attendees can be informed about the venue and other details from one single source. This certainly reduces the hassle caused due to the last minute decisions.

The app provides a complete interface for delegate’s to access entire event information like the agenda, speakers, sponsors and exhibitor profiles thereby giving an instant ability to engage into conversations. Additionally, organizers have an option of  adding different layouts for their events making it more personalized according to their website interface.

Looking at the ‘money-part’, the service has three pricing plans – Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The Standard plan offers you with 10-100 attendees, branding and logo, and a limit of 200 SMS and 300 Emails in just $49. The Premium plan offers 100-500 Attendees, Branding and logo, Training and support, Website Integration and a limit of 1000 SMS and 2000 Emails in just $99. Whereas, the Enterprise plan gives you 500-2000 attendees, branding and logo , training and support, website integration and a limit of 2000 SMS and 5000 emails in just $199.

MoozUp Lite is definitely the next generation event guide providing a green approach, playing a huge role for the benefit of environment. It provides the event organizers not just tremendous cost savings but also helps them create a sustainable green event. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and experience a clean approach of organizing your events.

For Android users:

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.versant.moozup”]

For iOS users:

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/moozup/id545570698″]

Saudi Arabia plans to ban WhatsApp & Skype

Saudi Arabia plans to ban WhatsApp & Skype

In the era of 21st century technology has become an indispensable tool which has brought people together. The world is becoming a smaller place with the use of applications such as WhatsApp and Skype. These are the two core competent applications that enable people to connect with one another worldwide.

With about 10 billion messages being handled by WhatsApp and Skype, having more than 663 million registered user base, the two play important role in connecting businesses and people from different corners of the world. But Saudi Arabia is planning to ban these two applications in their country.

In a few weeks, Saudi Arabia’s global internet censorship body plans to ban and block the two apps if the U.S.-based firm fails to comply with requirements set by the kingdom’s telecom regulator, as reported by the local newspapers this week.

The CITC (Communication and Information Technology Commission), the Saudi Communications authority banned Viber, another app on the same page as of WhatsApp and Skype. According to the CITC statistics, Mobile penetration was 188 % by the end of 2012. Also, Saudi Arabia now has 15.8 million Internet subscribers and the average user watches three times as many online videos per day as counterparts in the United States, according to YouTube.

Abdullah Al-Darrab, Governor of CITC, recently said, “We have been communicating with WhatsApp and other similar communication platforms to get them to cooperate and comply with the Saudi telecom providers, however nothing has come of this communication yet”.

Also, Saudi Arabia’s three main operators namely, Saudi Telecom Co, Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) and Zain Saudi had been asked to inform CITC, whether they are able to monitor or block such Internet-based applications. The telecom operators in Saudi Arabia host around nine million expatriates. The regulator issued a directive in March saying tools such as Viber, WhatsApp and Skype broke local laws, without much specification.

The analysts say that the use of such applications to communicate with relatives residing in other countries is rapidly increasing among the foreign workers. And such tools are necessary for the common people that enable them to keep in touch with their dear ones.

Coworks – Helps you find not the best freelancers, but the right ones

Coworks – Helps you find not the best freelancers, but the right ones

Are you hunting for trustworthy and skilled freelancers? One in every ten person in today’s global workforce is a freelancer. Who would be more trustworthy than someone your friends already know and trusts. I recently stumbled upon an online platform that could get any creative job done by great freelancers (recommended by your friends).

Coworks, a Swedish startup, allows you to quickly access the freelancers suggested by the community. It gives a seamless feel of online collaboration and virtual meetings to get your job done, and also provides you with the option of hassle free online payment. Additionally, it fast-tracks your search time to find that perfect freelancer who can get things done. If you are looking for a credible freelancer then Coworks is the platform you must check out. This online app is not only perfect for the people searching for dependable freelancers but also the freelancers who are hunting for the jobs.

Looking at the core working style of a freelancer, it’s all about one’s personality (the skill sets) and quality (things to be delivered). And with Coworks, you get a chance to show your personality and skills by building a profile (with portfolios and skill sets), for both the freelancers and the clients. At the center of this vertical, the platform has built a promotional tool which gives freelancers great collateral space which they can utilize to build their network. It does not charge commission but provides membership plans for the clients.

Coworks Find Freelance Jobs Online - Find & Hire a recommended Freelancer Today!

There are two pricing plans provided to the clients. The Premium plan costs the clients $69 per month for unlimited jobs with no commission charged. Whereas the Standard plan is free to the clients with a limit of 5 jobs per month and 8% commission charged. Similarly, two plans are provided to the freelancers as well. The professional plan includes $49 per month with unlimited job proposals and weekly payout and zero percent commission. Whereas, the standard pricing plan provides the freelancers with 5 jobs, 10 proposals and a scheme of monthly payout with zero percent commission.

So, if you’re hunting for skilled freelancers – there is no need to search and wait for a reliable team member. Try out Coworks and build your team with dependable and talented freelancers.

WIP Videos – The ultimate filmmaking is here

WIP Videos – The ultimate filmmaking is here

With the advent of video streaming  new possibilities and opportunities have opened up in the field of online marketing and film making. People tend to watch videos online for entertainment, as well as for gaining information. Today video streaming forms an indispensable part of the online activities all across the globe. While creating a video, all you need to do is to keep in mind two things: the quality (in terms of sound and pixel) of the video, and whether the video actually serves the purpose rightly. Be it a personal or professional video, the major part of satisfaction comes when you upload and “share” it with your friends to get the feedback.

Watching videos are always fun and more convenient than reading long boring articles. It is gaining a widespread popularity, as it is more engaging and can be widely used everywhere. If you are a budding film-maker, looking for an opportunity to connect with people, and share your video portfolio or creative videos and gather their valuable opinions and comments, WIP Videos is the best possible option for you.

WIP videos  a new way to share and review work-in-progress videos

The innovative cloud platform was brought by the eminent filmmaker Rollo Wenlock, who found himself defeated by the heap of emails when he tried to collaborate with his clients. Thus, WIP is designed to assist the upcoming filmmakers to manage their workflow and client feedbacks in a much smarter way: Upload your work-in-progress video in WIP, invite your collaborators privately for feedback, and avail the reviews directly on the video. Isn’t it simple?

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”350″]http://vimeo.com/61607356[/vimeo]

Well, WIP Videos is trying to make your job all the more simple by removing the major part of the admin and IT support functions, so that you can focus more in your project. They are planning next to introduce the scheduler and the options to upload reference images, videos and sound bites, to boost up your experience with clients all the more.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today or simply login using your Facebook or Google account and try out the innovative app that will improve your experience of filmmaking significantly.

Looking for a new workbench? Here are few Wi-Fi enabled coffee shops in Kolkata


One of the wireless technology inventions that have been attracting plenty of attention is the Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). Apart from rich coffees and creamy cookies, this trade name for the popular wireless internet connectivity plays a major role at small and independent cafes and restaurants to attract a large number of customers.

Lately when I was planning to move to a new working space, I decided of visiting coffee shops in my city – Kolkata! Every time when my brain is overloaded with tons of thoughts and a feel of boredom, I change my environment. This certainly helps me bring new types of input and stimulation, which in turn stimulates my creativity and inspiration in my work.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but working from a bustling coffee shop can be less distracting than working from a quiet office. Being surrounded by awesome team and office-mates means being interrupted for water cooler chats and work questions. Being interrupted kills productivity. The coffee shop environment combines the benefit of anonymity with the dull buzz of exciting activity.

Talking about coffee shops in Kolkata, it’s a boon for budding entrepreneurs, young journalists and students as they can go about their business meetings, assignments and work in general over a brewing cup of energizing coffee.

Here are few outlets that I visited last weekend.

Indthalia: 3 outlets in South Kolkata


  • [alert style=”green”]Coffee Price starts Rs.35 on wards[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Wi-Fi Response: Average[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Temporarily Wi-Fi is disconnected due to “misuse”, no elaboration is available. They might resume Wi-Fi, but right now no such plan.[/alert]

Cafe Coffee Day: Park Street Area

Cafe Coffee Day

  • [alert style=”green”]Coffee Price starts Rs.60 on wards[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Wi-Fi Response: Good[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Perfect place for journalists and bloggers[/alert]

The Street Coffee Shop: The Park, Park Street, Kolkata

The Street Coffee Shop

  • [alert style=”green”]Coffee Price starts Rs.125 on wards[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Wi-Fi Response: Very Good[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Even though they charge extra for Wi-Fi usage on hourly basis, people find it a cool place to work. Huge rush from 4-6 PM[/alert]

Cha Bar: Located inside Oxford Book Store, Park Street

Cha Bar

  • [alert style=”green”]Coffee Price starts Rs.30 on wards[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Wi-Fi Response: Average[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Wi-Fi is temporarily disconnected due to unknown reasons. People are seen working in laptops using their own internet connections due to the unavailability of Wi-Fi. There is a small space available for seminars, and presentations, where people can gather and discuss. Meetings can also be held for business purposes.[/alert]

Barista Creme Lavazza: Park Street

Barista Lavazza

  • [alert style=”green”]Coffee Price starts Rs.55 on wards[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Wi-Fi Response: Very Good[/alert]
  • [alert style=”green”]Warm and cozy place, I’ve seen people working here for hours[/alert]

So if you are ever hanging in and around the city, give them a try and share your experiences!

Learning lessons from a peanut selling entrepreneur

Learning lessons from a peanut selling entrepreneur

Yesterday, while I was returning back home, I came across a man who was selling peanuts over the roadside. Though I had no intention of eating peanuts at that hour of time, I went up to him and asked for the price. With an old grumpy smile on his face, he said “Ek pudi paanch rupiya” (One packet for five rupees). That was quite a good price (nor too cheap neither too expensive) for the quantity of peanuts in one single packet. Within few seconds he said “Agar do pudiya longe toh aath rupiya” (If you go for two packets, you’ll get it for eight rupees). This instantly sounded more interesting for me – and I grabbed the deal.

Over the next few minutes I observed that the guy made a sale of at least 30-40 packets. For me it was a big ‘WoW’ inside my mind; and that was the moment when I made up my mind to stay there a bit longer (no matter if I’d miss my bus) and understand his way of selling peanuts. I sat opposite to his rag, and started counting the customers – and believe me within a span of just one hour there was a sale of nearly hundred packets and few dozens of oranges (yes, he sold oranges too).

I also realized that he had many offers to give to his customers, which made the deals pretty lucrative to buy:

  • 1 packet of peanuts = Rs.5
  • 2 packets of peanuts = Rs.8
  • 2 packets of peanuts + 2 oranges = Rs.12
  • 3 packets of peanuts + 2 oranges = Rs.15
  • 2 packets of peanuts + 1 packet of chana (chickpeas) = Rs.10

[alert style=”green”]Lesson learnt: Give your customers a list of choices to buy your product. You can always add value to your primary product by selling it with another products (e.g. Buy this and also get this).[/alert]

To my surprise, I saw that few young men (10-15 people) with shattered clothes would run up to the windows of the buses and other vehicles, that halted there for the passengers (do you remember, the man had settled his small business near the bus-stop?). These people (carrying the products in small baskets over their head) would sell the peanut packets and oranges to the passengers with the same deals. On an average, there were about eight to ten buses that would arrive at the bus-stop every ten minutes.

[alert style=”green”]Lesson learnt: Give an opportunity for others to make money – this will not only add to the volume of sales you make but also spread the word about your product(s). And most importantly, it’s always good to hire people on the commission basis rather than monthly pay.[/alert]

After observing this complete flow of a small peanut business, I was amazed at every single strategy being used. Since it was almost an hour (where I had already missed about six buses), I thought of walking up to him and ask him to be my mentor; plus a request for picture too!

Peanut selling entrepreneur

A good day and a valuable learning experience – worth everything!

A conversation with Mr.Naidu Darapaneni, Founder and CEO at MeraEvents

A conversation with Mr.Naidu Darapaneni, Founder and CEO at MeraEvents

The era of internet has provided tremendous opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to establish successful ventures by providing an interface for end users and solving their problems with use of technology. Internet has provided myriad of ideas for enthusiastic entrepreneurs to gorge upon.

Grabbing one of these opportunities and mitigating the agony of the end consumers has led to introduction of a gamut of new products and services in the event industry of India – “Online ticketing solutions and promotions” in India. Mere introduction of this platform has brought about 360 degree change in the working of events industry of India.

Recently, I got a chance to have a telephonic conversation with Mr.Naidu Darapaneni, Founder and CEO at MeraEvents.

Recognizing a problem, identifying a gap, churning a solution for it and turning it into a successful venture is what defines Mr.Naidu Darapaneni. With the expertise of 15 years in information technology field and running a B2B business for almost 10 years in USA, Mr. Naidu returned back to India in 2007 to start a B2C business.

How and when did ‘MeraEvents’ start? What is the story behind ‘MeraEvents’?

Mr.NaiduWhen I came back to India in 2007, I saw that there is a huge potential in the Indian market. As I was doing a B2B business all these years in US, I wanted to start a B2C business. To feel the Indian market, I started attending various trade shows and startup events across the country and while I was doing so, I realized that a lot of times it was difficult to find information about any event beforehand. After validating this thought into various other people, I understood this issue is being faced by many people, including me. And to top it up, even if you find information of any event on time, the process of obtaining the tickets is a highly tedious and time consuming work to accomplish. So, that is where the idea of ‘MeraEvents’ was born- to get events information and ticketing solutions under one roof. And to give a personal touch to the name of the venture, we named it as “MeraEvents”. It was officially launched in Oct 2009.

What is gives your product a competitive advantage in the market over other players?

We have multiple advantages over other players in the market. Firstly, we have gained the early-mover advantage.We stepped into the market, when there were no other players. This added to our competitive edge and today we are proud to have 6.5 lakh facebook fan base and almost half a million users.

Secondly, we are the lowest payment gateway (2.5%) solution among the players in the Indian market. This is basically to attract and encourage Indian buyers to buy online tickets for an event. Still, there is huge untapped market of customers who are not comfortable in buying tickets online for any event.

Thirdly, technology wise – We are superior to our competitors, in terms of responsive designs – wherein the website is compatible with all the different viewing platforms.

Fourthly, Local presence in six cities and customer satisfaction is our core strength.

To top it up, we have already started venturing into different segments of the same industry and are extending value proposition to our customers. We are trying to come up as an end to end events technological solution company rather than just online ticketing solution in India.


Recently, we heard about “MoozUp” launched by MeraEvents. Can you throw some light on it and the different segment areas you are focusing on currently?

As I told you, we are extending our value proposition into different areas of the same industry. We are diversifying into different areas in the same industry.

First of all, MoozUp is our new product that provides networking opportunities before, during and after the event. One of the very purposes of a participant attending a physical event is to network and find people with whom you can exchange business services and ideas. And MoozUp does the same and provides the basic platform for any event’s participants to network – before the event, during the event and after the event. It allows creating a communityfor each event, wherein the access is exclusively given to participants of the event while keeping each participants privacyintact. It is highly beneficial to the event organizers as well.

Alongside, we are also in the process of launching a shorter version of MoozUp called – MoozUpLite. This is a complete go-green initiative by us. This aims at reducing the paper usage by 75 percent for any event. It will be launched soon.

Second of all, we have also started MeraEvents Venues, wherein we assist the organizers to locate a proper venue for their event. So, this is how we are increasing our horizon each day.

What, do you think, was the major entry barrier into the events industry of India?

The major challenge was to change the mindset of the users and customers in the industry. The events industry in India is highly unorganized. So, the first and foremost hurdle was to break the mindset and bring the unorganized sector on a systematic road. Encouraging the users and customers to use the online potential was very difficult. Initially, offering the services for free was also not helping us. But, now there is complete 360 degree turn in the industry.

What are the major factors contributing to the success of MeraEvents?

First of all, we always envisioned to be a long term player in the Indian Market. Keeping that in mind, we ensured to provide customers the added value before, which then, in turn started to convert the value into cash flows. Customer delight was and is our major focus.
Second of all, my team has always been on its toes to take up the everyday challenges and make a difference. They have been with me from day one and have continuously provided important inputs for the growth of the company.

Where do you see “MeraEvents” in the next 5 years? Any major expansion plans?

MeraEvents, is primarily focused in India so far. My vision for it in the next 5 years would be to expand its operations in other Asian and Middle-east countries. Regarding MoozUp and MoozUp Lite, I think it has a great potential to go global and bring a change in the entire functioning and organisation of events.
In addition to these, once the venues.meraevents.com is successful, then we would want to bring in and offer service providers info to event organizers under one roof. This may take another 2–3 years down the line.

Any message for the budding entrepreneurs of India?

One, I would like to speak out of my sheer experience, that you always need to be among the top three players to survive in any industry today. And to achieve that, you need to enter any market with an attitude of problem-solving and turning this ‘problem-solving’ solution into a business opportunity by the help of technology.

Second, it is very important to enter in the market with a long term perspective. Unless, you have at least 3 to 5 years plan in the Indian market, a strong focus, and sustenance, it is difficult to survive. Long term plan and persistence will help you to succeed.

Imlee – An online platform that helps you connect with your family better

Imlee – An online platform that helps you connect with your family better

In a lifetime, everything undergoes a transition. The only thing that remains unaffected and unharmed by the uncertainty of circumstances is the love and affection of family members. No matter what happens, they will always stand by you like a pillar ready to support and direct you to the right path. A family is more like a team which can function only with proper communication. Inspite of this, one often loses touch with them due to reasons that are uncontrollable. Imlee, an online family network bridges this gap and helps you bond with your family removing hindrances of time and place.

Log in to Imlee with your existing Facebook account or register with a new account. It is a secured and private network exclusively for your family to interact, just like you do in other social networking sites. You can share pictures with your family and at the same time get interesting family statistics. Through Imlee, you can keep a track of the various activities your family takes part in without feeling left out.

Imlee lets its users build a family tree by adding information about their family members. In addition to this you can also set up reminders for the birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones and be sure to be reminded of them on time. You no longer have to worry about not being in contact with your extended family situated in different parts of the world as you can easily send them invites on Imlee and stay connected over long distances. What are you waiting for? Create your family tree and remain in touch with your loved ones.

Markup – Introducing the era of paperless grading for teachers

Markup – Introducing the era of paperless grading for teachers

We are living in an age where technology has in the real sense taken over mankind. Large companies and other educational institutions are aiming for a paperless world involving lesser or no use of paper at all. Books that have been said to attract a number of readers is also losing its reliability and novelty with the emergence of e-books that have entirely bewitched the hard covered books. A paperless world will definitely mark a new beginning in the lives of humans making work easier, swift and on the click of the fingers.

However, inspite of the hype around a paperless world, teachers are still unable to derive maximum benefit with the dawn of diverse technologies. Correcting thousands of assignments week after week becomes hectic and robs them of their time. With the help of Markup, the teachers can now grade their assignments using an ipad. Gone are the days when the teachers spent their time grading and correcting papers which ultimately hampered the teaching-learning process to some extent. Markup will enable them to transfer all their work on the ipad. Time to keep away those pen and papers!

The teachers (Users) are given a unique email address and any document sent to it will be directly synced to their Markup. The students will then have to send in their assignments to the given email address. You can also use the ‘Open In App’ functionality if you have documents in other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Mail Safari and the like. The files that Markup supports are PDF, Microsoft Word docs and excel spreadsheets.

This project was started by San Kim with a mission to achieve a paperless world making life simpler, faster and hassle free. Markup will definitely prove to be fruitful for teachers in the long run considering its easy accessibility and effectiveness to handle tedious tasks.

A casual talk with the co-founders of Ayojak, Mr.Santosh Panda and Mr.Ashok Kumar

A casual talk with the co-founders of Ayojak, Mr.Santosh Panda and Mr.Ashok Kumar

Before the advent of online ticketing venues had to rely on “outlet presence”–or retail and kiosk sales–as the only means of allowing customers to purchase tickets at multiple locations. Traditional outlets require training, upfront hardware costs, and have limited hours of operation.

The Internet forever changed the face of ticketing by enabling a “virtual” ticket outlet in every home. The popularity of smartphones further spread this reach to an outlet in every pocket. Customers have the option to purchase tickets from anywhere at any time, allowing for a virtual box office that’s never closed.

Talking about the online ticketing options in the Indian scenario, we have personally been using Ayojak for our Blogathon series. It was recently, when I thought of calling up Ashok and willing to hear the story of Ayojak from the team. So here we go!

How did the idea of ‘Ayojak’ strike you? What was the primary motivation?

Santosh PandaI was listening to radio and there was an ad looking for an event manager for an event. That is when the idea came to mind on what’s happening in this event industry. We launched Ayojak as a venue & event listing portal but found out that several event organizers are asking for a simple ticketing and event management solution. That’s how we pivoted and launched Ayojak in its current avatar in Sept 2009.

In the initial years of your startup, how difficult it was to introduce ‘Ayojak’ in the event industry of India?

We hardly had few customers and it was kind of begging the customers to use the service for free. We had several payment gateway issues, which our customers thought, are due to Ayojak. Like RedBus, we had to do several training and coaching to convince organizers and users about how to use payment gateway.

How have your goals and values changed since starting the venture?

When we started the venture, we had several ideas which got validated and some were moved from the roadmap. We also did several mistakes before we found our mojo.

What do you consider as a major breakthrough for ‘Ayojak’ since its inception?

Ashok KumarThe major breakthrough came during May 2010 when we transitioned the product to a sleek UI and faster performance. That is when we got word of mouth vs our competitors. Also, we got big events like Bryan Adams Live in Concert 2011 and World Series Hockey 2012, these two events made us stand out among the competitors and also made us understood the in-depth problem in the market.

How has the market for your product grown in the past 4 years? Do you still consider this market as ‘niche’?

Our product has evolved nicely as market matured over the last few years. Our customer could foresee pain points and help us create better product. The market is no longer niche but building capabilities and delivering to perfection is going to be key in coming years.

What is your company’s competitive advantage?

The company’s competitive advantages come from its finest product, excellent customer support and having good set of investors and mentors.

Recently, Ayojak has raised funds from different investors. How do you plan to use it? Any major focus areas?

The funds are getting used to scale the operation, launch new product line and for brand promotion and marketing.

Ayojak has come a long way since its inception and in a very short period of time. What do you think led to this growth of the company?

We focus on customers satisfaction and ensure that they get best service. I believe, this alone has created good word of mouth. Also the continuous product iteration has helped us ensure that we are taking feedback instantly onboard and solve pain points.

Apart from being a passionate entrepreneur, what interests you as a hobby?

I love to travel a lot, going to new places, discovering the local food and history keeps me healthy and happy. I am also a big time hindi movie goer.

Any message you would like to give to the young entrepreneurs of India?

Every idea is powerful but just go in-depth, analyze every part of the industry your idea belongs to, talk to customers and focus on retaining customer.

Trovebox – Organize and preserve all your precious photographs under one roof

Trovebox – Organize and preserve all your precious photographs under one roof

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. A single photograph is able to convey a wide range of detailed information, which is practically impossible to share in words. If the image quality is superior it can enhance your credibility and thereby boost up your confidence manifold in the professional field especially if personal contact is not possible. In today’s fast paced life, it is not always possible to organize our photographs and preserve them properly all the time. This way, many precious moments are lost or deleted. If you are facing the same problem, Trovebox is here to ease all your pain!

Trovebox – Organize and preserve all your precious photographs under one roofTrovebox is a free web app, which allows you to gather all your scattered photographs under one roof. With the popularization of the social networking websites, it has become a common practice to capture and share your valuable moments instantly, and later we find ourselves too lazy to collect and preserve them. After signing up in Trovebox, you can easily grab all your beautiful photographs from different websites, mobile phones or other devices, and even from others and store in Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, CX and DreamObjects (whichever you prefer). Switching between your storage accounts is also just a click away.

Trovebox have been designed to assist you in preserving your valuable photographs in convenient and user-friendly manner. Now you can easily access and share all your photographs anytime via iPhone, Android or simply any browser. So what are you still waiting for? Try this amazing web app today and cherish your wonderful moments everyday!

Download Android App

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trovebox.android.app”]

Download iOS App

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/app-for-trovebox-formerly/id511845345″]


Conference Badge – An online tool for event organizers to create and print name badges in minutes

Conference Badge – An online tool for event organizers to create and print name badges in minutes

Event organizers – just breathe a sigh of relief! Here is an online tool to manage a task considered to be the most grueling and unexciting but significant enough that one cannot ignore it. Any guesses? Yes. You got it right – Nametags and Badges for your guests. Sending invites, Collecting funds from sponsors, building a team to serve delicacies are tasks conspicuous enough to top the list of planning; But what about nametags for the attendees?

Though, it seems to be a small and easy task but quite an important one for any event. It is one of the ways to make your esteemed guests feel special and important. You can either do this by printing the list of the attendees on an excel sheet or word document (which is utterly boring and orthodox) or make stylish and elegant badges for your guests by using an interesting tool provided by Conference Badge. This online tool is created by Philippe-Antoine Lehoux. The website is completely compatible with Eventbrite.

Once you connect your event with Eventbrite, you can print personalized, trendy and colorful badges for your guests. They have number of themes for you to choose from. The online editor, apart from the name of the guests, lets you design and add your company name and logo; any personalized text, any conference or event image, and for the uniqueness and security of each badge – provides you with feature of Bar code/QR code. The Live demo gives you the complete idea of how simple, easy and fun the tool makes it for you to design your badges and see a PDF example in the end for you to order the final one.

Conference Badge — Name badges. Easy and fast.Conference Badge not only helps you print classy nametags and badges for any event but it does so at a price which is very light on your pockets too. There are two ways you can order your product. For name badges print-ready PDF files, it costs $0.25 per badge. This one is print-ready compatible for any print shop or home printer and it is compatible with wide range of name badge kits. Or you can ask for printed name badges which costs $3.00 per badge. In this, they provide double-sided print badges on industry-standard paper, inserted in flexible and anti – glare plastic holders and also provide basic neck straps or premium quality lanyards. It offers you three different types of Avery product badges – Hanging or Pin badges, Adhesive Badges, and clip badges with different sizes. The badges are available only in the landscape format. The variety of the sizes and portrait of the badges seems to be an area of concern.

[alert style=”green”] A newly updated feature also lets you import the list of attendees from an Excel sheet. [/alert]

Nevertheless, in such a short span of time Conference Badge has already started bagging appreciation from its customers. So, organizers make your event stylish with services offered by Conference Badge.

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

From capturing moments to uploading pictures on Facebook to keeping it stored on your hard disk to the highly talked about Instagram, we have come a long way. Instagram because of its easy accessibility and unmatched picture quality has become the new favorite for most of us. In fact, one has to Instagram a picture to decipher the mood, setting or the place. We often wait for the best picture to be clicked, for that perfect moment or expression that we could forever store and cherish. Instagram, as a matter of fact, is a collection of beautiful images and probably the only place where pictures describe a story. Trying to print pictures often gives appalling results and is a waste of time and money. With the help of StickyGram, converting your Instagram into magnets becomes authentic. Bet you didn’t see this coming?

Decorate and design your fridge/room or anything that attracts magnet with pictures uploaded on Instagram. Surround yourself with myriad images without much drill. You don’t have to go anywhere to order your set of handpicked magnets. Just connect with Instagram and choose the picture you would want as magnet. Offering free shipping worldwide, each Stickygram appears to be approximately the same size as it appears on your iPhone and comes in packs of nine. The magnet is flexible yet durable and undergoes a unique process which captures the original image. Team StickyGram ensures that the magnets shipped are in top-notch condition and hence each pack is hand checked by them.

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

StickyGram was started as an experiment by Kejia Zhu and the team at Mint Digital and ultimately with the insertion of Instagram, the idea of creating physical objects from the web came into being. If you’re not happy with the way your magnet has turned out, the team at StickyGram works hard to fix your problem. If for some reason you’re still not satisfied, they guarantee to return your money.

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

The realness of the magnets, its stability and the precision with which it is shaped makes it really appealing and inviting. Don’t just Instagram those moments but transform them into little magnets through StickyGram.

23snaps – Capture and cherish your child’s precious moments with the ones you love

23snaps – Capture and cherish your child’s precious moments with the ones you love

No parent wants to miss out on those special moments and milestones in their child’s life. You want to capture the child’s first step and treasure for life all the other experiences that follow. You even wish to cherish those precious moments with your extended families. Well, your desires have been fulfilled. Here, is a simple yet beautiful free app designed by parents, for parents. 23snaps assures you an entirely safe and secure way to save and share photos and videos of your children with your loved ones.

It enables you to capture memories on the go, through your mobile and create a wonderful living album of photographs, thoughts and videos of your children, along with weight and height updates. In case you do not possess a smartphone, you can simply use their website to do so and revisit every memory through a simple scroll down your timeline.

You and your spouse can possess a shared account and this will allow both of you’ll to add photographs and videos to your child’s timeline. Your photographs and updates get automatically sorted by date and you can enhance those pictures using various filters, giving it a vintage or retro look. You can even give it that extra edge and make them appear exceptionally beautiful by using frames.

Capture and cherish your child’s precious moments with the ones you love

Your extended families and friends get to leave their comments and nudge you for updates. If you like, you can even get real time updates on your mobile or through emails. 23snaps.com even has a very efficient support system, extending a hand and helping you out in case you face any problems.

There are 23 chromosomes that carry all your child’s genetic materials, which set your child apart from others and make your child unique. Thus one chromosome, just like one photograph, will not be able to convey the whole story. So do give this app a spin and share your thoughts.

Download the app for your Android device:

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snaps23.android”]

Download the app for your iOS device:

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id526481189″]

LiveTweetApp – Interact smartly by displaying live tweets


Communication. Just a word but it sums up the whole of our diurnal quotidian. The day can never be complete without sharing your views and learning about others. You try to search for never-ending ways to interact in a more efficient way by coming up with the current buzz to stay in limelight. Keeping yourself updated with all the latest news and being the first one to share it defines you as cool! No wonder networking is in demand and it serves you right as per your needs.

Twitter is one such place where you find people from all over the world and nothing can beat the regular updates you’ll find in there. The counterchange of information is mainly using hashtags, mentions, retweets and direct messages. At times it becomes strenuous to find tweets that are relatable to you and can be broadcasted to your followers and rest. What do you think about an app that provides you to share the tweets of your preference at one instance? Yes, that’s LiveTweetApp.

LiveTweetApp - Live tweet wall tool for event and conferenceIn just three simple steps- to aggregate, moderate followed by display it cuts down your laborious task to give you a timeline with the most valuable tweets stored and posted. Once you register yourself with LiveTweetApp, you can select the set of people you want regular updates from so you are always updated with new tweets. There’s another feature exclusive to this app that you can review the post and to the information displayed, mark ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ as you please. As soon as you approve the tweets you can display those chosen tweets in a form of slideshow or a poster to make it all the more exciting and attractive. This will of course make your timeline look any day cooler than earlier!

[youtube width=”603″ height=”350″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYDP9Quv3vY[/youtube]

Helping you in professional front are these live tweets that can be displayed during conferences, fair trades, concerts and many more. Giving you an option to integrate ‘Picture in Picture’ for televisions and concerts to display your material in an easy way calls for a quicker approach to use LiveTweetApp.

LiveTweetApp - Live tweet wall tool for event and conference

So, get started with the live tweets immediately

Picozu – Edit and transform pictures using this HTML 5 image editor


A wee bit of brightness, a whiff of extra color, a dash of creativity, sketching or retouching can unconditionally redefine a simple looking picture into a piece of art. All of us are familiar with thousands of photo-editing tools either on our mobile phones, Computers or ipads and are to a certain extent dependent on them to make our pictures look appealing and original. A notable image editor Picozu, instigates the creative bug inside you and lets you edit pictures as per your requirements.

An online drawing and photo retouching application which is based on HTML5 and CSS3 provides the users with myriad options to edit their pictures. Not just this, you can also import Adobe Photoshop PSD files and edit them. Explore different options such as color, magic eraser, cropping and the like. Here, we are not just talking about editing but also drawing something/anything using the different brushes Picozu has to offer. If you already have a sketch in hand, just upload it on Picozu to add the finishing touches. As soon as you’re done drawing or uploading a picture, start editing by choosing from among 120 filters available.

Edit and transform pictures using this HTML 5 image editor

The fun doesn’t stop here as Picozu through its multiple export options allows you to share your artistry with loved ones on social media websites (Facebook, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Flickr and many more) or you can keep it discreet by saving them on your computer.

Started by Marius Stanciu, Cristina Stanciu and Alexandru Iga, it is designed with expertise and dedication to give the users an experience of a lifetime. Go ahead arouse the imagination in you by using Picozu.

Report says – Involve in Social Marketing or Lose Out

Involve in Social Marketing or Lose Out

The new epoch of social media has made marketers conscious of a significant reality, that is, it is the customer’s perception and responses that create your brand and not what you deliver about your brand. Successful social brands have realized that the need of the hour, is to influence this conversation, with the development of an effective strategy, indicating how their efforts will lead to the accomplishment of their organisational goals. As astonishing as it may appear, only 43% have claimed to possess a strategy, with a clear understanding of how to achieve its specific business goals, while 70% believe their social media efforts meet business goals.

The major hindrance, to the road of social marketing success, is treating social media integration as a separate entity, rather than alongside advertising, events, web, email, in-store promotion etc. To enable integration, marketers have increased their budgets from 7.6% to 18.8% over the next five years. However, less than 7% CMOS feel, their companies have done a good job integrating social media along with rest of its marketing operations.

In order to organize social media integration into your inclusive marketing strategies, you will require to structure your company’s operations and resources differently, to ensure that it fits perfectly within your company’s policies and procedures. Linking your social media strategy in direct alignment with your key marketing and business objectives, by creating awareness and generating leads, in order to maintain a continuous conversation with customers, will amplify the reach and impact of the various other marketing efforts.

There are enormous ways to organize social media for business. However, based on Wildfire’s experience of interviewing clients, the “hub and spoke” emerges to be the best for company synchronization and accountability. In this model, the “hub” includes social marketing strategists who support an array of “spokes”. Spokes are teams that represent different product lines and regions that are active in social media. Companies must utilize a hub and spoke organizational model, to effectively manage social pages across various regions and product lines. 63% of advanced companies employ a hub and spoke method.

Social Media Marketing

As social media begins to gain a wider base and grows, you must remember that employees who are closest to the brands are active on social media and even though they are brilliant advocates for your brands, there is also a possibility of tarnishing your brand’s reputation through their inappropriate behavior. Hence, to curb this risk, you need to establish a company-wide policy, which defines employee conduct and decorum while propagating your brand message.

Now coming to the core of  social media strategy: Social Engagement establishes vitally redefined relationships between brands and consumers, where brands communicate directly with consumers across social channels. Research shows that the more customers are engaged to a brand, the more likely they are to buy it and gradually are more likely to become brand ambassadors for the product itself.  A consulting firm, Bain & Company, found that “Customers who engage with companies over social media are more loyal and they spend up to 40 percent more with those companies than other customers.”

In order to discover the deeper insights of social engagement and developing multi-network social media download the The Road to ROI (By Wildfire) and take your first step towards a successful social media strategy accomplishment.

Mobilla – An amazing product for your next SMS marketing campaign

Mobilla – An amazing product for your next SMS marketing campaign

There has been a sharp rise in the number of mobile users across the country giving many large companies and organizations a new method to communicate to their potential customers by using mobile advertising. Customers hardly stop to read a hoarding but are very particular about the messages they receive on their phone thereby paying attention to the content of the message. Cut throat competition compels every entrepreneur to introduce new marketing strategies, inculcate different yet effective tools to improve their sales and at the same time keep their actual customers updated and informed about the launch of their product or service. Here, comes the need of SMS marketing. It is nothing but a process of sending short text messages in bulk that reach your target audience in no time. This is essential as reaching a million users at once is strenuous. Mobilla is an online software that allows you to create effective SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing campaign

SMS marketing is like a huge branch of a tree serving not just the companies but also musicians, retail shops, restaurants, schools and universities and different corporations that need to reach thousands of people concerning their work immediately. With the help of Mobilla, they can send messages to their customers situated in any part of the country. Every customer will be given a unique local phone number giving the users complete liberty to choose whichever keyword they want to send their message. Powered by latest web technologies, Mobilla is entirely cloud based and is inter-connected with over 60 mobile networks worldwide so that your message can be delivered without any delay to every one of your customers.

As compared to other forms of advertising, SMS marketing costs very little and the users are in total control of the process. You can decide when the messages should reach your customers and you will also be able to customize the content of  the message to make it more personal and user friendly. Founded by two entrepreneurs Michael Valera and Kamen Petrov along with a small yet passionate crew, Mobilla’s first priority are its customers. They ardently believe in customer satisfaction and making this software as customer centric as possible. By just signing up to Mobilla you can begin your SMS marketing campaign.

Online product startups – Few things to know before you insource or outsource

Online product startups – Few things to know before you insource or outsource

Cost plays a major role in deciding whether to use personnel from within your team or to recruit freelance personnel. These are the main points to consider when selecting whether to ‘insource’ or ‘outsource’ your online product.

Skills: Is there sufficient expertise in-house, or do you need to recruit outside specialists?

Internal vs external costs: Can existing team members be used at no cost to the product development, or will internal re-charging apply? If so, how will these costs compare with employing contractors (freelancers)? Will your team be office based or virtual, and will this affect your decision?

Start-up: Assuming they have the necessary skills, it is likely that existing team members could get ‘up and running’ more easily, due to their knowledge of your startup’s procedures and culture, or would freelance team members familiarity with product development mean they adapt more quickly?

Commitment: Who would be more committed to the project: existing team members who understand the values of your startup and might want the chance to learn valuable extra skills, or freelancers, who want to enhance their professional reputation?

Learning: Will any new skills learnt or new process developed during the project be lost when the team is disbanded, if the if the team consisted chiefly of freelance contractors? Or is the plan for evaluating the project sufficiently robust to prevent this happening?

Intellectual property: Do your freelance contracts make clear that the copyright of any inventions or new business process developed during the project belongs to the organization rather than an individual?

Politics: If using an internally recruited team is the best approach, members will need to be seconded from their existing teams to work on your product. Do you know how will you negotiate this? Are there any foreseeable barriers to internal recruitment, and how would these be overcome?

[alert style=”green”] Find the right balance between in-house team members and freelancers. [/alert]