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Mobilla – An amazing product for your next SMS marketing campaign

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There has been a sharp rise in the number of mobile users across the country giving many large companies and organizations a new method to communicate to their potential customers by using mobile advertising. Customers hardly stop to read a hoarding but are very particular about the messages they receive on their phone thereby paying attention to the content of the message. Cut throat competition compels every entrepreneur to introduce new marketing strategies, inculcate different yet effective tools to improve their sales and at the same time keep their actual customers updated and informed about the launch of their product or service. Here, comes the need of SMS marketing. It is nothing but a process of sending short text messages in bulk that reach your target audience in no time. This is essential as reaching a million users at once is strenuous. Mobilla is an online software that allows you to create effective SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing campaign

SMS marketing is like a huge branch of a tree serving not just the companies but also musicians, retail shops, restaurants, schools and universities and different corporations that need to reach thousands of people concerning their work immediately. With the help of Mobilla, they can send messages to their customers situated in any part of the country. Every customer will be given a unique local phone number giving the users complete liberty to choose whichever keyword they want to send their message. Powered by latest web technologies, Mobilla is entirely cloud based and is inter-connected with over 60 mobile networks worldwide so that your message can be delivered without any delay to every one of your customers.

As compared to other forms of advertising, SMS marketing costs very little and the users are in total control of the process. You can decide when the messages should reach your customers and you will also be able to customize the content of  the message to make it more personal and user friendly. Founded by two entrepreneurs Michael Valera and Kamen Petrov along with a small yet passionate crew, Mobilla’s first priority are its customers. They ardently believe in customer satisfaction and making this software as customer centric as possible. By just signing up to Mobilla you can begin your SMS marketing campaign.

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