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Markup – Introducing the era of paperless grading for teachers

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We are living in an age where technology has in the real sense taken over mankind. Large companies and other educational institutions are aiming for a paperless world involving lesser or no use of paper at all. Books that have been said to attract a number of readers is also losing its reliability and novelty with the emergence of e-books that have entirely bewitched the hard covered books. A paperless world will definitely mark a new beginning in the lives of humans making work easier, swift and on the click of the fingers.

However, inspite of the hype around a paperless world, teachers are still unable to derive maximum benefit with the dawn of diverse technologies. Correcting thousands of assignments week after week becomes hectic and robs them of their time. With the help of Markup, the teachers can now grade their assignments using an ipad. Gone are the days when the teachers spent their time grading and correcting papers which ultimately hampered the teaching-learning process to some extent. Markup will enable them to transfer all their work on the ipad. Time to keep away those pen and papers!

The teachers (Users) are given a unique email address and any document sent to it will be directly synced to their Markup. The students will then have to send in their assignments to the given email address. You can also use the ‘Open In App’ functionality if you have documents in other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Mail Safari and the like. The files that Markup supports are PDF, Microsoft Word docs and excel spreadsheets.

This project was started by San Kim with a mission to achieve a paperless world making life simpler, faster and hassle free. Markup will definitely prove to be fruitful for teachers in the long run considering its easy accessibility and effectiveness to handle tedious tasks.

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  • abbasl7

    Unless the UX is amazing and extremely user-friendly, I’d rather stick to Gmail (Personal or Google Apps) with a Filter created to label the mails sent to username+assignments@domain.com. To make it simpler, I could automatically move those attachments a specific folder in my GDrive using a script in Google Spreadsheet.

    The tech is always there. It’s just distributed across multiple services. We need best way to integrate them or a new solution that incorporates best of all required and relevant worlds!