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Mailsync – The easiest way to sync your user data with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

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Synchronizing your website user data with the email marketing providers has always been a cumbersome task. Primarily, you needed to export the user data to CSV or Excel files, and then upload the same to your mailing server.

There hasn’t been an easy way out to sync your user data with the popular mailing services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor – until now! Mailsync a Bulgarian based startup by Georgi, allows you to sync user information right from your database and the corresponding lists in Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor in just few clicks. Whoaa!

Mailsync - Illustration

Well, let me show you a better picture about Mail Sync:

  • It works with your own users from your own database.
  • Works with the custom fields of Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.
  • Synchronizes the users data between your database and marketing lists with just ONE click.
  • Compatible with two of the most popular databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL.

What’s even great is – It’s a one-time purchase (14.95 USD) service and you can sync as many databases and lists as you want. Check out the live demo to see it in action.

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