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iAccelerator Program – Accelerates your chances of building an incredible startup

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Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) set up at IIM- Ahmedabad has brought forward an initiative that serves the purpose of assisting and nurturing new startups that are technically able and come under the Internet and Mobile related startup domain in India. iAccelerator, the program started by CIIE has been playing its role of a mentor efficiently since the year 2009 and has mentored 34 startups till now that have found their way successfully in not only India but also the global market. It does a significant task of setting up well developed, technically efficient and financially flourishing businesses in the country.

iAccelerator Program – Accelerates your chances of building an incredible startup

It is a 3-month based residential curriculum that using its expertise and extensive network grooms the startups in such a manner so that they can satisfy the customer requirements and evolve to be a profitable organization. iAccelerator will commence from 2nd September 2013 to 30th November 2013. The chosen startups are required to shift their base to CIIE at IIM-A for those three months and undergo meticulous training with regards to infrastructure, business model as well as investment. After these three months on the last day, which is called the demo day investors, young entrepreneurs, mentors and media, are present. Thus CIIE provides a great launching platform for the startups where the entire business plan needs to be presented in front of everyone.

CIIE assists the entrepreneurs financially by providing 5-6 lakh rupees for investment. Office space and infrastructure are allotted during bootcamp. From designing user interface to obtaining the confidence of customers to creating prodigal business models CIIE trains them in all aspects. Individual mentoring and tutoring is done in terms of sales, marketing, technical areas, innovation, legal liabilities, etc. This initiative helps in producing remarkable products. In case the products have already been developed this program teaches the entrepreneurs to perfect them and build a thriving customer base.

The last month mainly revolves around the lessons on venture capital investment, grooming for the presentation for the demo day and meetings that take place with prospective investors, etc. The final demo day brings with it enormous opportunities of securing a lump sum amount of funding from investors.

iAccelerator Program – Accelerates your chances of building an incredible startup

iAccelerator is a potential chance for all technological startups related to Internet and Mobile domains to uplift their possibility of flourishing in the market. All that is required is an innovative design, a dream in your eyes and a desire to succeed. The rest of the aspects of a startup will be taken care of by CIIE. The last date of applying is 15th July. Come forward and apply for the iAccelerator program and accelerate your chances of building an incredible startup.

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