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GetDavai – A drug discovery and comparison engine to find alternative drugs based on the same composition

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When I was born, I was injected with vaccines so as to prevent germs from attacking. Medicines may have been cheap two decades down the line, but now, with diseases on the rise in numbers and complexity, so, is their prices.

Getdavai is a drug discovery and comparison engine.  How many times have you had to flee from one medical store to the other because of unavailability of medicines? The agony of seeing the condition of a loved one worsen because of super expensive medication is painful.

Getdavai is a tool that makes the search simple, easy and definitely cheaper.  This medicament search engine provides the details of alternative drugs, with the same composition but with varying prices.

Yes, one same drug, manufactured by different companies is sold at different prices. Getdavai covers it all and more. It has a very lucid display that caters to a wide range of medicines which extends from a disprin, aspirin to generic medicines.

Getdavai - Drug Discovery & Comparison Engine

This tool proves very beneficial while dealing with life-saving drugs, which are very expensive. The process is simple to task. It does not even barricade users by asking to sign up. The step simply asks for the name of the prescribed medication and then beholds the price list for alternative drugs. The advanced functionality includes an accuracy selector. This provision has been made to provide nearest substitute of the drug being searched.

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Even the book ‘The Wrong Prescription‘, has touched on the pricing of generic medicines. In short, Getdavai is a free-to-use online tool which attempts to make such medicines affordable and available to the common man, in turn making them ‘life-saving’ literally.

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  • aishmishra

    Any idea about the promoter(s)/founder(s) of this company

    • http://www.startcup.in/ Niranjan Yadav

      I guess the founder’s name is Rohan Dey. He contacted us with their media kit but no personal contact details. However, you can get in touch with him by sending a mail to getdavai@gmail.com

    • Jersey Jackson

      Rohan Dey and some US Based co-founder who was from PayPal

  • http://twitter.com/seshkanuri Seshu Kanuri

    Cherry, Good coverage of this great search tool. Kudos for a good job.