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The typical Indian classroom was once characterized by students sitting through hour-long teacher monologues. Now, technology is making life easier for both students and educators. Schools are increasingly adopting digital teaching solutions to engage with a generation of pupils well-versed with PlayStations and iPads trying to make the classroom environment more inclusive and participatory.

Function Space, a Mumbai based startup is building its prototype to provide a well-defined content for three primary subjects (Math, Physics and Computer Science) with the help of an educational networking service (connecting teachers with students), iOS and Android based applications and books. In addition to knowledge forums and Q&A sessions, the community will serve high quality content in the form of video lectures, interviews, articles, research papers and simulations.

Function Space -The Process


Adit Gupta, the Founder of Function Space, marks his startup as “Educational networking community uplifting the learning system with apps developed for Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.”

As of now, the product is in development stage and will be launched during the early January, 2013.

Time will tell how productive this platform can be beneficial for students. Until then, keep a watch on this dice for more updates from Function Space.

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