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Foundersync – An entrepreneurial match making platform helping you find potential co-founders for your startup

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What clicks in your head when you hear about match-making sites? I know the most obvious answer to prior line would be matrimony, but now disbelievingly you have FounderSync, an online board connecting you to the missing links of your team. Yes, it is a platform made for you to find co-founders for your startup and give it a very potential backbone.

You have the thought in place, your concept is ready to roll, but you need a support. FounderSync is that niche, which puts people together while striving to provide the fundamental tools and resources which is needed for a successful project.

The online application works best at ‘entrepreneurial match-making’, as the tool becomes a savior while it serves to bring out the potential in every project. Starting with social media signup option not only makes it super simple to join but it also eases your entry into a vast abyss of your prospective team mates.

The tool has a very visual appeal to it and makes the profile development cooler, with three word definition of self, as you go on to mention about your needs. The website gives you the freedom to build up efficient networking, through social plugins, while facilitating you to locate anxious entrepreneurs not much different from yourself.

At the core, it has a very effectual pairing algorithm that goes beyond the general search keywords. It has highlights like soft skills, phase of venture, personality etc.

While the site may seem limited, the team more than fills up for it; further they say, “We are in Beta and our intention is to rapidly deploy new features over the next few months as our experiments run their course. Instead of building tools that no-one will use, we have chosen to engage with our users and have them ‘tell’ us what they want to see.”

FounderSync Board

Now there’s a better place for you to find your perfect co-founder, or even an entire team!

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