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DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochures

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Companies waste tons of paper and money in printing brochures, pamphlets and data sheets. These sheets ultimately find their way to the waste paper basket in the offices or their customers’ houses. Exhibitors do not achieve the result they desire and end up spending their funds and time uselessly. Versant Online Solutions has brought an endless solution to this problematic situation by introducing DigiBroc.

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochuresDigiBroc has been created with one motive in mind- to bring a change in the methods of distribution of product details, company information and other collaterals by the exhibitors among the clients. Previously this information was passed on in the form of printed material such as pamphlets, handouts, etc. The rates of printing and distributing such materials were sky-high. And when the handouts did not serve their purpose it made the entrepreneurs more agitated.

The basic procedure of using DigiBroc is extremely simple. Just sign up with them by providing some basic information about yourself (You can also sign up using your twitter or facebook account). Upload the necessary brochures or sales collaterals that you want to distribute. Next you will be able to acquire requests from leads efficiently and reply to them on an immediate time range.

DigiBroc provides two subscription plans, one Basic and the other Professional. In the Basic plan you need to pay only $49 per month and you get immense facilities. You will be able to upload 3 collaterals, get instant tracking reports and the plan is valid up to 12 months. The Professional plan comes for $99 per month, wherein you can upload up to 10 collaterals and receive instant tracking report. The plan is applicable up to 18 months.

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochures

DigiBroc is doing the work of transporting brochures and catalogs to clients after customizing the information in the manuals. The entire venture is formed to help you in reducing your startup production cost by decreasing the printing charges and also ensuring your target clients go through the information related to their requirement.

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