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In recent years the number of tools available to help you document and design your web site has just exploded. It seems that we all need a wire framing or prototyping tool at our fingertips (at least in the design arena). However, there has always been a need for developers and coders to build a project.

Looking at larger scope, you probably won’t know everything about the development part in the beginning. All you’ll have is an ‘idea’. Umm, let me make it more simple – You’ve an idea and want to project in front of investor(s) to get an initial seed fund. But, Hey! You gotcha need a working module to showcase your project on the investor’s table. Is there a way, where you can get a prototype built for your idea without having any programming skills? Indeed my friend, we’ve Devoted Monkey.

What is Devoted Monkey?

It’s a service oriented platform that helps entrepreneurs to put in their ideas and get functional web prototypes built within 20 Days for $5K and 5% in equity for development.

How does it work?

Pioneered by Jean (Founder of Devoted Monkey), the team includes developers and mentors from London, Montreal, New York and St.Petersburg. The process is quite simple. You go to Devoted Monkey with your idea and engage in a brainstorm session on what is the ultimate goal for the prototype. The team agrees on the features you want to see in the prototype that would fit in a 20 man-days schedule. Once approved from both the ends, the project is initiated. The dashboard gives you the ability to track the development and stay in touch with the developers.

Devoted MonkeyIn short, Devoted Monkey is a great solution to build prototypes for start-ups that don’t have technical resources to do so. The service is still in private beta, but expected to be public by early 2013.

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