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Won’t it be exciting if we could just use our voice to convey our thoughts instead of writing an email or sending a text? Being recognized by our name, picture or updates is quite common on social networking sites, but using our voice to convey our thoughts is entirely different and at the same time exciting! That’s what Croak.it app does – Opening the doors to a world where the motto is to be identified by your own unique voice.

The app is extremely simple as it helps to communicate in a more personalized manner with just three simple steps – Push, Speak and Share. A single click to copy the URL and you will be all set to send your voice note to anyone over the web. Great isn’t it!

Apart from its apps for Android and iOS platform, the team has also published an open API which serves a great tool for web developers as they can use it to build their own web-based apps to converse with their audience.

Co-founded by Protik, Srinivasa and Shefali, the startup aims at making communication faster, friendly and easier by adding a new dimension to the world jammed by text and pictures. It shows a better picture of how people can express themselves with a personal touch.

Now there’s a better way to wish someone #HappyBday – Just croak it!

Download it from Google Play:

Download it from App Store:


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