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The web is already the home to many communities where users can find the answers to specific questions. But what about those open-ended questions or those difficult-to-solve challenges where there is more than one definitive answer or a number of doorways to be explored?

While thinking like this, you’ll notice opportunities for micro-business projects everywhere you go. Sometimes, ideas can pop-out when you visualize inefficiency in the marketplace, new technology or an opportunity in a changing sector.

Do you therefore want more idea possibilities for the next big thing? Of course you do; the more apples in the basket the better, right? How about this, would you like a supply of free ideas for anything that’s going on your mind?

Well there is coWonder – an Istanbul based startup with an integrated community that encourages its users to share ideas and challenges by asking for and giving help without giving out their identities. In short this takes the joy that we all get from the simple act of sharing.

Started by Fermin, coWonder is an innovative concept that could bridge the gap between traditional Q&A forums in a more interactive way. The service is currently in closed-beta with an email invitation access.

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