Common mistakes you should never repeat

Today’s generation works hard and is not at all willing to take up the conventional career choices. They want to do things on their terms and as per their wish lists. Rigorous 9-to-5 jobs, a boss who keeps nagging, mindlessly working on boring projects are something that they hate. Today’s generation prefers getting what they want and if they don’t get it then they better start everything anew their way. No wonder most younger people are starting their company. However most startups fail because of innumerable inevitable reasons. It’s better not to repeat the following common mistakes.Common mistakes you should never repeat

Do not be over enthusiastic about your work. If there are small issues that require attention but are not too urgent then let them wait. You do not need to immediately mail your team or call a meeting for a petty thing. You’ll only be overcrowding their already filled up inbox. Keep your messages and instructions short, curt and responsive.

If you are planning to open a large office space for your company to impress your prospective investors then do not do it. Investors would get the impression that you aren’t much of a planner and you cannot handle large amounts of money. Honestly this can be devastating. If you can work from your house or any coffee shop, then don’t waste money on acquiring large areas.

Common mistakes you should never repeatDo not make unnecessary and over-the-top promises that are difficult to keep. If you promise stuff to your customers and don’t keep them then your customers will not be too happy with you. They will get angry and dissatisfied. Instead if you are honest with them right from the beginning and let them know each term and condition and the problems as well as the advantages then you will get trusted customers who will be able to comprehend your working situation.

[alert style=”green”]Too much of growth in a short span of time can be harmful for your company, especially if that happens at the cost of your budget. If you want to extend the market of your company then reassess your resources, ask yourself why you wish to grow the startup and most importantly see if your startup’s mission is getting sacrificed. Never forget why you started the company, what is the purpose of your service or products and strive to live up to them instead of pointlessly growing your company.[/alert]

Planning is a good thing but planning to an extent that your real activities take a back stand and all you do is plan then be aware, you are doing a mistake. Too much of planning and procrastinating the present work is extremely harmful for your startup. Instead of thinking all that you could do, just do them now and make all your plans happen. There will be no lack of achievements once you have made your mind to do things the right way.

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