Frostbox – One stop backup for your social media accounts


With the advent of social media, people are increasingly spending more time online. Consequently, your social accounts are one of the most valuable assets of your online identity storing tons of data which is at least as important (if not more) as the data on your hard disk. Important documents on Gmail, pictures on flickr, Instagram, Facebook, professional contacts on Linkedin and the list goes on. But have you thought; what if someday you login into your favorite social media site and all your data is lost! The threats are many: phishing attacks, hackers, malware, virus, and may be an Ex who has your password!

If you are one of those people, like me, who have lost your night’s sleep over Gmail’s data disaster or worried when LinkedIn passwords got hacked, then you now have a solution that promises a more peaceful sleep. Continue reading “Frostbox – One stop backup for your social media accounts”

SyndiFeed – An easy way to stay updated with your favorite sites

SyndiFeed [1]

There is so much content on the World Wide Web and not many ways to efficiently consume it. You need a simple and easy way of reading the latest updates from your favorite sites and blogs, sharing them and may be even book marking them for later reading. That simple and easy way to keep up with all your favorite sites in one place is brought by SyndiFeed.

The SyndiFeed site looks great with a clean interface and is pretty convenient to use. The site also incorporates responsive design. Meaning the site adapts itself for viewing from different devices like desktop, phone and a tablet. Continue reading “SyndiFeed – An easy way to stay updated with your favorite sites”

Devoted Monkey – Get an interim CTO for your web startup

Devoted Monkey

In recent years the number of tools available to help you document and design your web site has just exploded. It seems that we all need a wire framing or prototyping tool at our fingertips (at least in the design arena). However, there has always been a need for developers and coders to build a project.

Looking at larger scope, you probably won’t know everything about the development part in the beginning. All you’ll have is an ‘idea’. Umm, let me make it more simple – You’ve an idea and want to project in front of investor(s) to get an initial seed fund. But, Hey! You gotcha need a working module to showcase your project on the investor’s table. Is there a way, where you can get a prototype built for your idea without having any programming skills? Indeed my friend, we’ve Devoted Monkey.

What is Devoted Monkey?

It’s a service oriented platform that helps entrepreneurs to put in their ideas and get functional web prototypes built within 20 Days for $5K and 5% in equity for development. Continue reading “Devoted Monkey – Get an interim CTO for your web startup”

Campayn – Newsletters made simple


Newsletters are an excellent marketing tool as they can be used to promote the products and services provided by a business. A good newsletter plays an important role to increase business and broadcast your product or service to millions of potential customers.  A company newsletter can also be an integral and important part of a communications strategy that keeps everyone on the same page.

There are dozens of prominent players which provide email marketing services for businesses all around the globe. Two of the most popular are Mail Chimp and AWeber.

Disrupting this sector of “Email Marketing”, we’ve a kickass startup on our desk- Campayn. A Canadian based startup, Campayn provides affordable and simple email newsletters service. What makes it more interesting is its ′Free for Life′ account, which in turn gives you the power of ‘First Try and Then Buy’ service. Continue reading “Campayn – Newsletters made simple” – A better approach to Indian Crunchbase


The growth of startups in India can be very much credited to the promising technological garden all around the world.

Startups can improve their odds for success when expanding into internet market, by networking with right-people and establishing a known set of team and product. The answer lies in how the company’s core team learns about marketing themselves and building the grand value. A mixture of this approach can start with registering on LinkedIn, Angel network and Crunchbase.

These platforms not only help the early bird startups to be recognized as a potential company, but also help them get indexed by popular search engines. Walking on the parallel lines, we’ve Startuppo, a Pune based startup, which provides a platform for early stage Indian technology startups to list their generic details (e.g. Team members, Product details, Location, etc). Continue reading “ – A better approach to Indian Crunchbase”

Namemesh – A smart tool that suggests .com domain names for your next business

NameMesh Featured

Advertisements flood the TV, radio and internet, hyping the latest product introductions and solidifying a brand’s status in the consumer hierarchy.

As a society, we’ve trained ourselves to find importance in brands, even creating identity around the brands we purchase, wear and consume. Not convinced? Examine these two buckets of brands:

  • First bucket: Mercedes, BMW, Audi
  • Second Bucket: Suzuki, Honda, Toyota

Regardless of the outcome, you created an image in your mind of the person who owns the above brands. And that’s exactly what these companies want you to do. Continue reading “Namemesh – A smart tool that suggests .com domain names for your next business”

Mailsync – The easiest way to sync your user data with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

Mailsync Featured

Synchronizing your website user data with the email marketing providers has always been a cumbersome task. Primarily, you needed to export the user data to CSV or Excel files, and then upload the same to your mailing server.

There hasn’t been an easy way out to sync your user data with the popular mailing services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor – until now! Mailsync a Bulgarian based startup by Georgi, allows you to sync user information right from your database and the corresponding lists in Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor in just few clicks. Whoaa! Continue reading “Mailsync – The easiest way to sync your user data with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor”

Open Learning – Where Facebook meets Wikipedia

Open Learning

A healthy social learning community needs to be nurtured and actively managed. The best way to be successful is to be open to learning: Based on this simple theory – We have Open Learning on our deck today.

Open Learning is a budding startup for people to teach and learn online. It’s social like Facebook, collaborative like Wikipedia and available to anyone in the world.

Open Learning

Looking from the user’s aspect, they can learn for free and actively get involved in the available courses. The platform allows users to decide whether they want to learn or teach. The Australian based startup is just a few months old with a core team of five people.

Based around the principles of student autonomy, diversity of learning materials, openness of resources and social interactivity – Open Learning encourages students and teachers alike to aggregate, remix and repurpose learning resources within a course, to create a rich, motivating and constructive environment in which meaningful learning experiences are stimulated.

According to Adam Brimo (co-founder at Open Learning), the platform promotes the engagement of the community members where students can earn Karma points when another person likes one of their comments, forming the basis of a qualitative assessment of a person’s contribution to the community.


This reminds me about Function Space, which is working towards the same concept of making world a better place for learning.

On the other side, teachers can create Public (free) or Private (Paid or Restricted) courses – to distribute their knowledge and expertise to the global student community. The course content supports elements like video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, programming assignments and documents – making it more flexible and convenient to use.

So, if you’re looking out to build or learn a course – you gotta give it a try. Yes its Free!

Worldcam – The easiest way of finding out what’s happening right now, anywhere on the planet


Ever since the Facebook takeover of Instagram, there is an accelerated growth of new applications and startups being built around its API. With its simple pitch – “a picture is worth a thousand words”, Instagram has made a new market for global entrepreneurs.

Last night, I had Worldcam on my deck. What’s Worldcam?

Umm, it’s a platform that helps you search instagram pictures from specific location. Searching pictures has never been an easy task! Though there are several prominent players on the field, but what makes Worldcam a perfect picture search tool – is its awesome design and super fast results. Continue reading “Worldcam – The easiest way of finding out what’s happening right now, anywhere on the planet”

Function Space – A community for Math, Physics and Computer Science

Function Space

The typical Indian classroom was once characterized by students sitting through hour-long teacher monologues. Now, technology is making life easier for both students and educators. Schools are increasingly adopting digital teaching solutions to engage with a generation of pupils well-versed with PlayStations and iPads trying to make the classroom environment more inclusive and participatory.

Function Space, a Mumbai based startup is building its prototype to provide a well-defined content for three primary subjects (Math, Physics and Computer Science) with the help of an educational networking service (connecting teachers with students), iOS and Android based applications and books. In addition to knowledge forums and Q&A sessions, the community will serve high quality content in the form of video lectures, interviews, articles, research papers and simulations. Continue reading “Function Space – A community for Math, Physics and Computer Science”

coWonder – A community that helps you share ideas and get answers

A community that helps you share ideas and get answers

The web is already the home to many communities where users can find the answers to specific questions. But what about those open-ended questions or those difficult-to-solve challenges where there is more than one definitive answer or a number of doorways to be explored?

While thinking like this, you’ll notice opportunities for micro-business projects everywhere you go. Sometimes, ideas can pop-out when you visualize inefficiency in the marketplace, new technology or an opportunity in a changing sector. Continue reading “coWonder – A community that helps you share ideas and get answers”

WeekWill – Email alerts via SMS


As a primary mode of communication, Emails have always been playing an important role in almost every individual’s life. No matter there has been an increasingly rise of the social web – Emails are still the key access to most of the services over the internet.

WeekWill Concept

There have been many services like Google SMS Channels, Way2SMS and few others that provide SMS mail alerts to your mobile phone, but there seems to be much development space for this kind-of-product yet. Continue reading “WeekWill – Email alerts via SMS”