A company that won over with its transparency – Evernote

A company that won over with its transparency - Evernote

Evernote, the company that has more than 20-million users out of which one million of them pay about $5 every month to become the premium ones. The service is available in about 30 languages. Quite an achievement for a startup that was about to get bankrupted a few years back. Yes, you read right. Evernote was on the verge of bankruptcy and was about to be sold. To know more about the success story of this amazing startup let’s first get acquainted with what exactly is Evernote.

EvernoteThe purpose of this startup is to take down people’s notes and make it available across many different platforms. That means you can access the notes from windows, iOS, Android, etc. All your information is synced to the cloud. It can store text, audio, video, as well as pictures. Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, has never given up his positive attitude and hardworking spirit.

Evernote ran into a great deal of financial crisis in the year 2008 and all of its activities were halted for quite some time. The company was about to be shut down. However, like an angel, a faithful user of Evernote, mailed Libin to express his appreciation towards the company and said he will be ready to help financially in any way that he can for the progress of the company. Thus, a skype conversation was set up, conditions were discussed, agreement was signed and Evernote was saved from its doom by a fan.

Evernote has a strange Smile Graph to depict the usage of the service. In the initial months the user uses the service at a high rate. As time goes by the usage decreases. However after few months the same user gets more habituated and uses the graph at an equal high rate.

Libin believes in being transparent and open to his customers, employees, the press as well as the board members. His reason behind this is he doesn’t want to keep any secrets from anyone because at the end all the details come to the forefront and he doesn’t believe in depriving anyone of the truth. For the very same reason the ardent Evernote fan could help out the company when it was needed.

The company has a distant goal to reach. It wishes to become the second human brain where people can store all the important information related to their life. This amazing company with its wonderful policies will surely do well ahead.

Innovate Delhi – An academy to groom entrepreneurs

Innovate Delhi – An academy to groom entrepreneurs

Ever felt like getting admitted to an elite business grad school but did not have the chance, time or money to apply? The opportunity has finally arrived to learn everything that is available about entrepreneurship. Innovate Delhi is one such academy that aspires to groom and polish budding entrepreneurs. The best part is that you need not spend years of studying to gain the expertise. It is just a three-week long program specially designed to encourage people in India to take a further step towards the world of startups.

Innovate Delhi – An academy to groom entrepreneursThe summer academy is supposed to be held from June 1 to June 22, 2014. It has been efficiently divided into three basic modules that will be covered in the three-week duration. The first thing to be done is to teach the students the entire process of building a startup, launching products and making the venture successful. Professors and entrepreneurs take the responsibility of educating the students about the market situation and how to analyze it, the best way to design the product,etc.

The next module is practically implementing the lessons learned into real-life situations. Innovate Delhi gives the students chance to work on team projects so that they can develop their skills. Lastly the ultimate motive of the academy is to make their students create something of their own. The best creations are rewarded grandly.

The entire program will be held at IIIT-Delhi and it has been funded jointly by SEED Institute at Stanford GSB and Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi. The online applications are free of cost and the only cost to be paid is for materials and technology i.e. a sum of Rs 3000. Other expense related information can be obtained from their official website. Teachers from Stanford University, IIIT-Delhi and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley will deliver lectures to the students.

[alert style=”yellow”]Innovate Delhi aims at providing the proper technology, knowledge and tactics required to make the best entrepreneurs out of young people. The last date for the submission of online applications is December 15, 2013. A maximum of 300 applicants are allowed to take part in the program. There is no need to worry about accommodation issues. You can apply to stay inside the campus for a meager amount of Rs 11000.[/alert]

If you want to climb the entrepreneurial ladder of success in a swift manner apply quickly for Innovate Delhi. After completing the program you will be enriched with not only knowledge but also a network of friends and colleagues with similar experience as to yours.

Campus Diaries – An amazing magazine embracing the storytelling culture

Campus Diaries – An amazing online magazine embracing the storytelling culture

When readers like us look for entertaining or informative articles to go through they have to surf net and look for specific things. And even after that there will be innumerable articles available and we might have to go through the first paragraph of each article to judge if the entire thing is worth reading. This is time consuming and ultimately makes people lose the essence of good reading. If only there was an online community that would bring together the best write-ups on a variety of topics and categories, it would be heaven for all the hungry readers.

The happiest moment has arrived for all of us. Campus Diaries is an online community that is linked with the publishing and the storytelling work, bringing to us each month an amazing collection of stories, articles, poems, and travelogues to devour upon. It is indeed an exciting news. It combines the dosage of good stories along with magnificent pictures.

Campus Diaries - September IssueCampus Diaries is a boon not only to passionate readers but also to budding writers, designers, photographers, poets, cartoonists, etc. It is a wonderful platform to showcase one’s creativity and gain experience thereby. The entire concept of this online magazine is extremely positive and encouraging. It has been designed in such a manner as to improve the form of storytelling in the present time.

The content of the magazine is oozing with individuality, originality and artistry. The subscription plans of Campus Diaries are varying in form to suit the needs of its readers. For a subscription of three months the plan is of Rs 100, Rs 150 for six months and Rs 250 for 12 months. Inexpensive and efficient are the terms that define the Campus Diaries’ monthly issues. Sign up with their community and enjoy the wonderful experience of diving into some beautiful content writing.

Paletly – Like a Look? Make it Yours!

Paletly – Like a Look Make it Yours

The last time you saw Victoria Beckham wearing an amazing outfit, you kept looking for clothes resembling that color or cut but were unable to find the right thing. You will be surprised to know that finding outfits on the basis of style, color and budget is no more a big deal. Paletly has brought to shopaholics like us a wonderful way of shopping directly from celebrity and street style images.

Paletly’s image recognition algorithm is able to identify the apparel items worn in a celebrity fashion or street style image and generate matching products from over 1000 global brands. The company is presently connected to Asos, Target, Neiman Marcus, Yoox, Bloomingdale’s among other popular retailers.  With products ranging from premium to economy, users are essentially shopping for celebrity fashion within their budget.

Whereas most other online shopping portals offer a clinical shopping interface, Paletly enables users to shop by celebrity and street style images giving them the option to emulate entire ensembles within their budget.

Palet.ly - Jessica Alba announces the nominations for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

The website also features applications that have not been seen on typical fashion shopping sites – the most interesting being an ‘Online Fashion Stylist’ app that puts products together to create fashionable looks.  The ‘Shop by Color‘ feature allows users to search for products by a particular hex value making it the most accurate color search in the market.  Shoppers looking for an apparel item in ‘my kinda peach’ will surely find this feature useful.

Blogathon - India's First Blogging Hackathon seriesPaletly recently partnered with the Blogathon initiative and presented a cool blogging widget that transforms images on a blog into shopping windows.  By converting static blog images into interactive shopping windows, Paletly is targeting fulfillment at the point of desire.

Paletly has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Kae Capital, Mumbai Angels and Blume Ventures.  The company is presently focusing on refining the core product offering and building a presence in the global fashion discovery space.  Headed by Founder & CEO, Suma Mandagiri, Paletly’s team of image recognition experts and app developers are working towards making online shopping relevant and engaging.

Microlancer – Fast and affordable digital services

Microlancer - Fast and affordable digital services

Internet has made a wonderful path for the enthusiastic people to get work easily and without any worries. There are many clients who need certain work to be done and the freelancers apply to serve these clients. Microlancer made this wonderful concept of connecting freelancers with their clients simpler.

Microlancer was founded in April 2013 with one immediate motive to give freelancers a platform through which they can meet and serve clients who need their services. Being an extremely transparent and hassle-free process, it has received good response from everyone alike. It brings forth a wide range of digital service to choose from such as branding, business card design, photo editing and retouching, blog and website enrichment and social media graphics.

This site not only connects the clients with their providers but also give the service providers enough freewill and autonomy to give service on their own terms. Complex services such as website customization is also provided. Microlancer’s built-in messaging system is a wonderful method of communication between the clients and the freelancers.

The messaging system helps the providers work on the given project with proper feedback from the clients. These are not the only ways in which Microlancer maintains transparency in its business model. The payment options are clear-cut on both the sides. The freelancers set the price of the service but there is a limit to each pricing to maintain healthy competition between the service providers. Also when a project is assigned by a client, he pays the price to Microlancer, who keep the money with themselves until the assigned task has been completed. This ensures that the money is paid only when the work is done thus, keeping both the client and the provider happy.


A contract is given by the client that states his requirement, the price, the deadline for submission and the allowed number of reviews the client is willing to do. This keeps everything simple and clear in front of the freelancer. Microlancer also provides the clients an option of previewing the work. This keeps them updated on the work being done.

Microlancer Digital Services is the true example of transparent business. It makes a complicated process simple and effective and maintains the proper relationship between the client and the provider.

Just Eat – India’s largest online food portal

Just Eat - India's largest online food portal

The conventional method of going to a restaurant, waiting in a queue to book a table or calling up the restaurant during its peak hours to order your favorite dishes only to be replied in a hurried nonchalant manner is slowly dissolving in thin air. It is giving way to digitized and online methods, which are being used by almost everyone in the country. JustEat is such an online food ordering and table reservation portal.

Foodies like us who are extremely busy and cannot find time to make a call or wait for hours to retrieve a menu and place orders will definitely like the options provided by JustEat. It is a one-click ordering system, which is presently offering services along with 2500 restaurants, 52 cuisines and 3 lakh dishes. The headquarters of JustEat is situated in Bangalore and there are branches in Mumbai, Delhi and other smaller cities. There are 3.5 lakh registered users of this reputed portal.

Just Eat – India’s largest online food portal

So why exactly are people relying on this online food portal. The reasons are clear and simple. No one likes waiting endlessly to place orders or book tables in restaurants. Ordering via JustEat is faster and easier. When placing orders via telephones there is no menu available in front of us. There are chances of making hasty and erroneous orders. JustEat ensures that all the update versions of every restaurant’s menu is available online and reduces the chances of making any mistake while placing orders. The best thing is that even before visiting a restaurant you will get to know what others, who have been there, think about it. You can check the reviews and ratings of each restaurant. Also JustEat gives enormous chances of discounts and loyalty rewards to its clients. Considering every aspect, JustEat only makes you a winner while you are “just eating”.

The procedure of placing an order is extremely basic. Choose whether you wish to order food or book a table. Once you have selected your preference you will be asked to choose the restaurant, this can be filtered as per various options. Suppose you are ordering food then you may go forward and choose the dishes of your choice and the quantity that you want. The entire order details are displayed clearly. If you want then you might add any personalized instruction such as “Do not add peanuts or pepperoni”. Next comes the choice of delivery type “Home delivery” or “Pickup Order”. You can either pay online or choose the mode of Cash on Delivery. Do not forget to give your contact details. Also mention if you have any voucher code as that will fetch you discount on the total billing amount.

Ritesh Dwivedy, CEO founded JustEat on July 26, 2006. And in just a few years it has achieved the stage of being the sole market dominator in the sphere of online food ordering trade. Recently JustEat has been launched on Android, iPhone and Windows 8 platforms. It has expanded in countries like Canada, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Brazil, etc. The parent company is situated in United Kingdom.

So foodies grab the best offers and save yourself time and worry and “Just Eat”.

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochures

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochures

Companies waste tons of paper and money in printing brochures, pamphlets and data sheets. These sheets ultimately find their way to the waste paper basket in the offices or their customers’ houses. Exhibitors do not achieve the result they desire and end up spending their funds and time uselessly. Versant Online Solutions has brought an endless solution to this problematic situation by introducing DigiBroc.

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochuresDigiBroc has been created with one motive in mind- to bring a change in the methods of distribution of product details, company information and other collaterals by the exhibitors among the clients. Previously this information was passed on in the form of printed material such as pamphlets, handouts, etc. The rates of printing and distributing such materials were sky-high. And when the handouts did not serve their purpose it made the entrepreneurs more agitated.

The basic procedure of using DigiBroc is extremely simple. Just sign up with them by providing some basic information about yourself (You can also sign up using your twitter or facebook account). Upload the necessary brochures or sales collaterals that you want to distribute. Next you will be able to acquire requests from leads efficiently and reply to them on an immediate time range.

DigiBroc provides two subscription plans, one Basic and the other Professional. In the Basic plan you need to pay only $49 per month and you get immense facilities. You will be able to upload 3 collaterals, get instant tracking reports and the plan is valid up to 12 months. The Professional plan comes for $99 per month, wherein you can upload up to 10 collaterals and receive instant tracking report. The plan is applicable up to 18 months.

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochures

DigiBroc is doing the work of transporting brochures and catalogs to clients after customizing the information in the manuals. The entire venture is formed to help you in reducing your startup production cost by decreasing the printing charges and also ensuring your target clients go through the information related to their requirement.

eShack – One pretty destination for an alcohol lover

eShack - One pretty destination for an alcohol lover

After one wild and crazy party in Bangkok, Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh, students of Jindal Global Law School were struck by an awesome idea. They were inspired by the drinking accessories available in the party and found them so cool that they wished to implement those amazing accessories into the Indian market. The young to-be-entrepreneurs skipped law school summer internship and launched their venture soon enough.

eShack - FoundersThus an amazing startup was born. Like most other entrepreneurs they established the business because they did not want to work for other people in legal internships. Sood and Singh Ventures has brought forward the most remarkable and outstanding party and bar accessories to the country. Notably these products are available at the best market prices and are of utmost quality. Their only motive is to change the way people party in India.

It offers accessories such as Beer bongs with a single funnel that gives a wonderful drinking experience to the partygoers. There are reusable American drinking cups that look stylish and serve as the perfect glasses for serving beer, ice shot glasses to sip on your chilling drinks with pleasure, beer helmet if you are a slow drinker, beer belt, whiskey shot, portable beer pong table, etc.

eShackeShack also offers cool and funky looking t-shirts that reveal how much you love a glass of whiskey or beer. With messages such as “Beer Pong”, “Keep calm and drink on”, “Beer Mash up” the t-shirts are a must have for every alcohol lover. Wear them while you are heading to a house party or bar.

And if you think these are the only things that eShack has to offer then you are wrong. They have enough great combo offers for you that bring an assortment of funky drinking accomplices that will turn your farmhouse parties to the talk of the season.

Their team of employees gives efficient and praiseworthy service and ensures timely deliveries of each and every order that has been placed. All the orders are delivered within 3-5 days and the packaging is done securely. The payment options are extremely flexible. You can pay by credit or debit card or if you wish to then you might avail the option of Cash on Delivery.

Now the parties that you throw will no more fall short of standard and they might cross the level of craziness that the parties in Bangkok and other such countries have to offer.

Compare fonts on the Web using Tiff

Compare fonts on the Web using Tiff

There are hundreds of fonts that can be used in the standard computer and all of them have their own distinctive features. However most of the times we tend to get confused between some similar-looking fonts. One very fine example of such analogous typefaces is Helvetica and Arial. An amateur eye will never be able to point out the subtle differences between these fonts. Then how do we distinguish between them?

Tiff has brought an easy way in front of us to find out the slight distinctions between two fonts. The term ‘Tiff’ can be wittily split into two words: type and differentiation. It is a type-differentiating tool that displays the contrasts between two named fonts and gives us a visual solution efficiently.

Compare fonts on the Web using TiffTo operate this app you need to type in Font A and Font B and also input the letters that you wish to see in different formats. For example comparing Helvetica to Futura, just type in the names and hit the display button. Every little visual difference will be showcased flawlessly. To get a better view click on each letter and the view will be zoomed in on the designs.

Tiff is a lightweight tool that is one purely web-based application for comparing two fonts that are available on one’s computer. It also evaluates fonts that are present in the Google Fonts library. There are two main benefits of using Tiff. It effectively aids in recognizing the visual design contrasts between two specific typefaces. Moreover, it is a utility function to compare and understand fonts on the Internet.

No extra effort of making an account or confirming personal details makes Tiff the most desirable online tool. This app is a gift to each and every computer user all over the world and being free of cost and hassle-free it is the best option accessible to anyone.

AfterShip – Now track your shipments via this amazing app

AfterShip – Now track your shipments via this amazing app

The last time you had ordered a book from Amazon, you were waiting impatiently for the package to arrive. Everyday you missed the hangouts with your friends and stayed back at home because you were not sure of the day of the shipment’s arrival and you were scared that if no one was home the package might be sent back. Online shopping was supposed to be making your life easier but it clearly was not making so in your case. Right before the law entrance test my admit card did not arrive by the deadline and I started panicking. Eventually it did arrive but quite late. Had I known about AfterShip then, my worries would have reduced to dust.

AfterShip – Now track your shipments via this amazing app

Many a times the packages sent by various companies get lost on the way due to inevitable circumstances. Although they provide an instant replacement delivery to their customers but it costs a fortune to them to act out such replacements. AfterShip aids the companies by tracking the problems and reports immediately to them as well as the customers. AfterShip, a Hong Kong based startup, helps you track every order free of cost, presents them all at once and helps one find out undelivered shipments before it is too late to recover the losses.

FedExTo enjoy the vast benefits of this service one needs to create a free or premium account by signing up with his existing email id and a password. You may select the courier companies that you generally prefer. This helps detecting the courier service automatically when you enter the track number. AfterShip covers global couriers such as DHL, FedEx, Asian couriers, European ones as well as Indian companies Bluedart, India Post, etc. There is also an option of integrating API and shopping carts into your AfterShip account. If you have an online shopping portal then API can connect it to AfterShip. Using this you may insert tracking option directly into your store’s website and use it efficiently to follow the path of your shipment order.

Adding track button is also useful. This is the easiest way of tracking one’s packages without even leaving the corresponding sites. You can set up notification options and you will be alerted at different stages of the delivery- in transit, out for delivery, delivered, failed attempt, exception, etc. The details can also be displayed in a graphical manner on a monthly basis. This makes everything all the more easier for the customers. AfterShip has also developed various apps that can connect with your favorite stores such as eBay, Amazon, Spree, Magento, etc.

AfterShip – Now track your shipments via this amazing app

Now there will be no need to fret and get anxious the next time you are getting something delivered. Simply sign into AfterShip and leave your worries to them.

Gibbon – A smart segment in social learning platform

Gibbon - A smart segment in social learning platform

Remember the evenings and nights before the exams how you would revise your lessons as well as spend hours explaining topics to your friends or when you don’t understand something in the class lecture you would immediately ask your friend to teach you the portions your brain missed out. Well learning and teaching has been a mutual process for centuries. Gibbon has effectively brought this concept to the cyber world. Teaching a topic as well as learning something of interest was never this easy before.

Suppose you need to gather information and gain knowledge about a certain topic say “Web Technology”. Simply browsing about this topic over the Internet might throw to you multiple posts on that specific topic but how will you know which ones to read and which ones will be most useful to you. Now if someone who is an expert on the subject Web Technology already has a section compiled for you that has all those necessary posts you might require to study, isn’t your life made much easier?
Gibbon - A smart segment in social learning platform This is exactly what Gibbon does. It is an interactive platform that gives its users a chance to learn topics easily and also to propagate their knowledge by teaching others in turn. The sign up process is easy. Sign up with your Email id or Twitter account and start creating learning flow. Once you’ve decided what topic you wish to teach you can go ahead and collect learn drops, which are nothing but articles, books or videos that are a great help in learning the specific topic. Add matter and bookmarks to the topic and the only thing left is to invite people to read your notes. Finally you are an accomplished teacher.

If you start learning on a specific topic you become a student of the person who composed that entire learning flow. Here Gibbon also adds a fun element to this teaching-learning experience by introducing the age-old feature of competing. You will be judged as per the amount of posts you have completed reading and then awarded a rank accordingly. This would make you want to finish reading as fast as you can and complete more numbers of learning flows. Additionally, if you find the posts useful then you can let the author know that the knowledge-base was useful.

For all those who love to learn new things Gibbon is the right place to head to. And for all the budding teachers and experts start sharing your knowledge after all “In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to the others”.

LurnQ – One smart learning platform you should definitely check out

LurnQ - One smart learning platform you should definitely check out

Since the past decade, the very concept of learning has transformed rapidly with the advent of digital learning. Nowadays, there are several reputed institutes all across the globe, that offer distance learning programs through which one can achieve specialization and skills without being physically present for the classroom lecture. Thus, it is less time consuming as well as economical!

With several e-learning platforms, you can now polish your skills and knowledge. By installing the free e-learning apps on your mobile or tablets or by playing various educational games too, you can engage yourself in active learning process even while you are on the move. However, the learning process becomes all the more enhanced and exciting when experts are actively involved in the process making it more social. Looking at this segment, I stumbled upon LurnQ, a social learning online platform.

LurnQ - Learn things you are interested in

With numerous intelligent minds collaborating and exchanging their knowledge through blogs and forums, LurnQ is designed to make your learning experience more pleasurable and joyous. This educational app collects all the valuable contents from web, and filters them on the basis of reader’s preferences and develops a simple news feed of the relevant data and this way it offers the perfect reading solution for curious folks.

After looking at the previous online learning apps like Open Learning, Function Space, and few others; LurnQ is an open learning platform for people interested in expanding their knowledge about any topics. Learning is always fun in an interactive manner. With LurnQ, you can interact with different minds having common interest. Apart from getting the feeds from dozens of subjects available, one can also create lessons and explore them.  All you need to do is simply register yourself, and then you can start following the news topics that arrest your attention!

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and start exploring new dimensions of open learning.

Snoox – Helps you see recommendations by your friends

Snoox - Helps you see recommendations by your friends

Tired of surfing the web for reviews every time you plan to buy a new book or try out a brand new restaurant? Exhausted of going through the papers every morning to decide whether you should go for the recent batman movie or the fun-filled romantic comedy? Confused by the vast range of fashionable attires and accessories available in the stores? Fear not, you can always ask your friends. After all a friend in need is a friend indeed. And this is where Snoox comes in. Imagine a place where all your friends post their recent and favorite books, movies, restaurants or products recommendations and all you have to do are just go through them and directly buy them or book seats. A wonderful idea indeed!

Snoox is an interactive platform where you recommend and your friends refer to that. A very simple yet engaging and helpful thought. Snoox lets you connect with your friends on social networking sites or simply via email and as soon as you join it you can post your own reviews. Remember that refreshing book you read in the summer, may be you could put that up in your “Collection”. Just write the reason why you find it awesome, upload a picture that would be suitable for its cover and entitle the category it falls under. Voila! You have a new addition to your collection. Now your friends can see it and benefit from the information.

Snoox - Helps you see recommendations by your friends

In this way you can add the last restaurant you visited with its necessary details, the new scarf you bought from an online shopping portal, a new baby lotion that is used by your niece, latest technological gadgets, games or amazing places to visit. You can beautify your collection by personalizing the background. Your friends are all experts in their own respective fields so why not add them as the specialists for future reference. Doing this you can check their recommendations directly and more swiftly.

The home feed lists the recommendations made by your friends, your friends’ friends, your friends’ friends’ friends’ et cetera. If you like a particular book or movie why not buy them at that very instant. Snoox collaborates with shopping portals such as Amazon, iTunes, Asos and more. It gives you the opportunity to buy, reserve seats, book tickets at one go. Isn’t this an enticing way to experience new things? So sign up with Snoox using your email id or simply via logging in Facebook and start recommending. Oh and don’t forget to recommend Snoox to your friends.

Flat.to – Helps students to find accommodation nearby their colleges

Flat.to - Helps students to find accomodation nearby their colleges

Searching for the right place, a home away from home, for a student in a new city is the most daunting and haunting task. With the disorganized and unstructured market of agents and brokers of the real estate sector in Mumbai, it becomes very difficult and expensive for the students to find the right broker and safe place to live. This task has also been simplified with the advent of technology. Now, you can find an apartment near your vicinity of college via Flat.to

Flat.to will search the flats best suited to you and find you a home. It makes the rental process easier for the students who are looking for flats for rent for the first time with no references in the city. The online platform provides you with its trusted brokers who help you find the right place nearby your university or college.

Flat.to - Helps students to find accommodation nearby their colleges

With the rising prices in Mumbai, one is juiced out in searching the perfect flat for oneself. Finding a place to live in Mumbai can be a displeasing experience. One might have to face many painful experiences and then end up in disappointment. Flat.to makes the search simple and gives you fruitful results. It not only finds you affordable flats in the area nearby your college, but ensures the quality of the flats. This online web app deals exclusively with the students but they entertain families too.

The house-hunting process begins with a broker showing you some flats, and then you can select the flat you like. With the finalization of the flat, the terms and conditions are discussed and agreed upon. The students would have to pay a deposit which maybe upto 1-2 lakh and a one month rent-equivalent as brokerage charge for a year’s stay besides the rent.

Flat.to - Helps students to find accommodation nearby their colleges

So, what are you waiting for? This online app not only gives you your perfect home but also eliminates the infamous painful house-hunting. Give an end to the stressful house-hunting process and try this smart solution!

Textcook – Amazingly simple tool to find recipes with the ingredients you already have

Textcook - Amazingly simple tool to find recipes with the ingredients you already have

Have limited grocery in your kitchen? Lazy to go to the market and too hungry for such a task with a craving for home-cooked food? Can’t think of a recipe that you can cook with what is available in the kitchen? Don’t worry, here is a respite to your problem – Textcook; a simple and serene web portal that enables you to enter the ingredients and as an output provide you with yummy dishes that one can gorge on!

Textcook solves the problem of figuring out what to cook with the groceries in your kitchen. It extraordinarily creates mouth-watering meal menus instantly, giving you an unforgettable experience.

Textcook - Amazingly simple tool to find recipes with the ingredients you already have

Needless to say, Textcook can be easily accessed by any visitor. There is no requirement of any kind of sign up’s from any visitor. The user can just visit the site and start the process. The ingredients, with which you can readily cook, can be typed line-by-line in the search box of the homepage resulting in a number of recipes that can be made using those ingredients.

Moreover, if a recipe must contain an ingredient compulsorily, then that ingredient should be followed by a ‘+’ sign (spaces not included). Whereas, if a recipe should strictly not contain any ingredient than it must be followed by a ‘-‘sign or simply a ‘no’. Textcook allows any type of measurement and abbreviations, giving recipes having ingredients of that amount or less.

This online platform is undoubtedly amazing, it saves you time and it has a clean, simple, and attractive interface. No need of the hassles of going to different recipe sites. This is a one place solution to savour your taste buds with your favourite ingredients and seasonings. So, if you are not sure what to do with the ingredients in your kitchen; Try Textcook, you’ll be thoroughly amazed!

Kloudless – Not another cloud storage service

Kloudless - Not another cloud storage service

Its been through the early internet times till today that most of us have been facing the problem of storing and sharing files online. Majority of the email accounts have limited file size, which turn out to be pain in the ___ while sharing multimedia files, which are usually of huge sizes. The online storage services then came as a  blessing for people. Once you save your data backup over the internet, there is no more pain in the ___ during hard disk crashes, and sharing files of large sizes with your peers.

Nowadays with the availability of several online file storage services and tools, it can be difficult to evaluate the best option that complies perfectly with your storage needs. Three things are very essential while choosing the proper online storage services: The actual storage needs, the type of files one usually shares, and the security of these confidential data. However, if you are looking for a convenient option to move your valuable data between the email inbox and your online storage services, Kloudless is probably the best option for you.

KloudlessKloudless is a web service, started out in 2011 with the sole aim of developing a secured connection among the numerous online storage service providers, in order to make the cloud storage services even more chop-chop. It works best with Gmail, Outlook, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive i.e. you can automatically transfer your email attachments to any of these cloud storages without any hassles or hazards. Let us explore the some of the great features of Kloudless:

  • Smart indicators that allow you to access your data from your cloud storage services (uploading, downloading and sharing files) even in a more simple and easy way.
  • You can share the data directly from your favorite online storage services by using Kloudless through emails.
  • It’s safe and secured to share your data via Kloudless, as the files can be shared via links with password protection.
  • Want to move your data to another online storage services? Kloudless will make it all the simpler for you.
  • Thus, no matter which cloud storage service are you fond of. Install the free Kloudless Beta for your chrome today, and enjoy sharing or storing your files more smoothly and securely.

So rather than shifting to a new cloud storage, Kloudless gives you a chance to make the best use of your existing service. Give it a spin, and let us know what do you think.

Coworks – Helps you find not the best freelancers, but the right ones

Coworks – Helps you find not the best freelancers, but the right ones

Are you hunting for trustworthy and skilled freelancers? One in every ten person in today’s global workforce is a freelancer. Who would be more trustworthy than someone your friends already know and trusts. I recently stumbled upon an online platform that could get any creative job done by great freelancers (recommended by your friends).

Coworks, a Swedish startup, allows you to quickly access the freelancers suggested by the community. It gives a seamless feel of online collaboration and virtual meetings to get your job done, and also provides you with the option of hassle free online payment. Additionally, it fast-tracks your search time to find that perfect freelancer who can get things done. If you are looking for a credible freelancer then Coworks is the platform you must check out. This online app is not only perfect for the people searching for dependable freelancers but also the freelancers who are hunting for the jobs.

Looking at the core working style of a freelancer, it’s all about one’s personality (the skill sets) and quality (things to be delivered). And with Coworks, you get a chance to show your personality and skills by building a profile (with portfolios and skill sets), for both the freelancers and the clients. At the center of this vertical, the platform has built a promotional tool which gives freelancers great collateral space which they can utilize to build their network. It does not charge commission but provides membership plans for the clients.

Coworks Find Freelance Jobs Online - Find & Hire a recommended Freelancer Today!

There are two pricing plans provided to the clients. The Premium plan costs the clients $69 per month for unlimited jobs with no commission charged. Whereas the Standard plan is free to the clients with a limit of 5 jobs per month and 8% commission charged. Similarly, two plans are provided to the freelancers as well. The professional plan includes $49 per month with unlimited job proposals and weekly payout and zero percent commission. Whereas, the standard pricing plan provides the freelancers with 5 jobs, 10 proposals and a scheme of monthly payout with zero percent commission.

So, if you’re hunting for skilled freelancers – there is no need to search and wait for a reliable team member. Try out Coworks and build your team with dependable and talented freelancers.

WIP Videos – The ultimate filmmaking is here

WIP Videos – The ultimate filmmaking is here

With the advent of video streaming  new possibilities and opportunities have opened up in the field of online marketing and film making. People tend to watch videos online for entertainment, as well as for gaining information. Today video streaming forms an indispensable part of the online activities all across the globe. While creating a video, all you need to do is to keep in mind two things: the quality (in terms of sound and pixel) of the video, and whether the video actually serves the purpose rightly. Be it a personal or professional video, the major part of satisfaction comes when you upload and “share” it with your friends to get the feedback.

Watching videos are always fun and more convenient than reading long boring articles. It is gaining a widespread popularity, as it is more engaging and can be widely used everywhere. If you are a budding film-maker, looking for an opportunity to connect with people, and share your video portfolio or creative videos and gather their valuable opinions and comments, WIP Videos is the best possible option for you.

WIP videos  a new way to share and review work-in-progress videos

The innovative cloud platform was brought by the eminent filmmaker Rollo Wenlock, who found himself defeated by the heap of emails when he tried to collaborate with his clients. Thus, WIP is designed to assist the upcoming filmmakers to manage their workflow and client feedbacks in a much smarter way: Upload your work-in-progress video in WIP, invite your collaborators privately for feedback, and avail the reviews directly on the video. Isn’t it simple?

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”350″]http://vimeo.com/61607356[/vimeo]

Well, WIP Videos is trying to make your job all the more simple by removing the major part of the admin and IT support functions, so that you can focus more in your project. They are planning next to introduce the scheduler and the options to upload reference images, videos and sound bites, to boost up your experience with clients all the more.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today or simply login using your Facebook or Google account and try out the innovative app that will improve your experience of filmmaking significantly.

Imlee – An online platform that helps you connect with your family better

Imlee – An online platform that helps you connect with your family better

In a lifetime, everything undergoes a transition. The only thing that remains unaffected and unharmed by the uncertainty of circumstances is the love and affection of family members. No matter what happens, they will always stand by you like a pillar ready to support and direct you to the right path. A family is more like a team which can function only with proper communication. Inspite of this, one often loses touch with them due to reasons that are uncontrollable. Imlee, an online family network bridges this gap and helps you bond with your family removing hindrances of time and place.

Log in to Imlee with your existing Facebook account or register with a new account. It is a secured and private network exclusively for your family to interact, just like you do in other social networking sites. You can share pictures with your family and at the same time get interesting family statistics. Through Imlee, you can keep a track of the various activities your family takes part in without feeling left out.

Imlee lets its users build a family tree by adding information about their family members. In addition to this you can also set up reminders for the birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones and be sure to be reminded of them on time. You no longer have to worry about not being in contact with your extended family situated in different parts of the world as you can easily send them invites on Imlee and stay connected over long distances. What are you waiting for? Create your family tree and remain in touch with your loved ones.

Markup – Introducing the era of paperless grading for teachers

Markup – Introducing the era of paperless grading for teachers

We are living in an age where technology has in the real sense taken over mankind. Large companies and other educational institutions are aiming for a paperless world involving lesser or no use of paper at all. Books that have been said to attract a number of readers is also losing its reliability and novelty with the emergence of e-books that have entirely bewitched the hard covered books. A paperless world will definitely mark a new beginning in the lives of humans making work easier, swift and on the click of the fingers.

However, inspite of the hype around a paperless world, teachers are still unable to derive maximum benefit with the dawn of diverse technologies. Correcting thousands of assignments week after week becomes hectic and robs them of their time. With the help of Markup, the teachers can now grade their assignments using an ipad. Gone are the days when the teachers spent their time grading and correcting papers which ultimately hampered the teaching-learning process to some extent. Markup will enable them to transfer all their work on the ipad. Time to keep away those pen and papers!

The teachers (Users) are given a unique email address and any document sent to it will be directly synced to their Markup. The students will then have to send in their assignments to the given email address. You can also use the ‘Open In App’ functionality if you have documents in other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Mail Safari and the like. The files that Markup supports are PDF, Microsoft Word docs and excel spreadsheets.

This project was started by San Kim with a mission to achieve a paperless world making life simpler, faster and hassle free. Markup will definitely prove to be fruitful for teachers in the long run considering its easy accessibility and effectiveness to handle tedious tasks.