Flipboard accuses Treemo’s new app Flowboard of infringing its trademark

Flipboard accuses Treemo's new app Flowboard of infringing its trademark

On April 23, 2013 Treemo had applied to trademark the term “Flowboard” and the logo for its newest and most engaging app without any opposition whatsoever from anyone. However, Flipboard has filed a lawsuit against them lately pressing Treemo with the charges of imitating the former’s name as well as the remarkable logo of the company.

Flowboard is the recent application developed by Treemo. It is an interactive “storytelling” app that has been newly launched in the market. Whereas, Flipboard is an online news collector that gives a chance to its users to create their own interesting magazines using very simple basic steps. Flipboard has complained that Flowboard is using a similar name to confuse and violate its trademark. This can puzzle their users and directly hamper their trade. According to Flipboard they are aware of how grievous the infringement can be and they are extremely dedicated in protecting their own trademark rights. In spite of talking to Treemo amicably, it produced no solution. Instead, Treemo went and filed a complaint against Flipboard.


Treemo founder and CEO Brent Brookler explained how they wanted to discuss the matter in a peaceful way with the Flipboard team but as an alternative they were threatened by the news aggregator company that legal action would be taken against Flowboard. Therefore, the founder said that they had no other choice but to defend themselves. They filed a complaint asking for “a declaratory judgment of non-infringement of trademark rights”. Treemo justifies that the F logo is nothing but a proper representation of their new app and uses the first letter of the term “Flowboard”. It has not been copied and most certainly not influenced by Flipboard. Treemo also argues that the two companies are distinct in appearance, matter as well as the type of the products they have to offer to people and using the suffix “board” means nothing but following the ongoing trend.

Where Flipboard is relying on the jury to deliver justice to their intellectual property, on the other hand Treemo awaits Flowboard to be cleared of all the trademark infringement charges. The court’s decision remains pending.

MoozUp Lite- Complete event networking solution on your mobile

Moozup Lite- Complete event networking solution on your mobile

Here is some great news for all the event organizers. Mera Events brings you yet another innovative and mind boggling application that will bring a 360 degree change in the functioning of the entire events industry of India. This is an application backed by Versant Online Solutions.

After the success of Mera Events, the team has come up with an eco-green application called – MoozUp Lite. The mobile app is a lighter version of MoozUp (primary segment).  Aiming towards engaging the scattered market of events in India, the app focuses on providing an all-in-all mobile event guide  for the industry.

Go Green (Moozup Lite)Now why do we call it an eco-green app? Yeah, the same question made us take a glance at deeper levels to find the answer. Firstly, the app eliminates the need of piles of papers required in any kind of event in the form of brochures, pamphlets, or documents. Secondly, the complete event updates are done over the cloud – right from educational workshops to theater classics, the attendees can be informed about the venue and other details from one single source. This certainly reduces the hassle caused due to the last minute decisions.

The app provides a complete interface for delegate’s to access entire event information like the agenda, speakers, sponsors and exhibitor profiles thereby giving an instant ability to engage into conversations. Additionally, organizers have an option of  adding different layouts for their events making it more personalized according to their website interface.

Looking at the ‘money-part’, the service has three pricing plans – Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The Standard plan offers you with 10-100 attendees, branding and logo, and a limit of 200 SMS and 300 Emails in just $49. The Premium plan offers 100-500 Attendees, Branding and logo, Training and support, Website Integration and a limit of 1000 SMS and 2000 Emails in just $99. Whereas, the Enterprise plan gives you 500-2000 attendees, branding and logo , training and support, website integration and a limit of 2000 SMS and 5000 emails in just $199.

MoozUp Lite is definitely the next generation event guide providing a green approach, playing a huge role for the benefit of environment. It provides the event organizers not just tremendous cost savings but also helps them create a sustainable green event. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and experience a clean approach of organizing your events.

For Android users:

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.versant.moozup”]

For iOS users:

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/moozup/id545570698″]

Trovebox – Organize and preserve all your precious photographs under one roof

Trovebox – Organize and preserve all your precious photographs under one roof

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. A single photograph is able to convey a wide range of detailed information, which is practically impossible to share in words. If the image quality is superior it can enhance your credibility and thereby boost up your confidence manifold in the professional field especially if personal contact is not possible. In today’s fast paced life, it is not always possible to organize our photographs and preserve them properly all the time. This way, many precious moments are lost or deleted. If you are facing the same problem, Trovebox is here to ease all your pain!

Trovebox – Organize and preserve all your precious photographs under one roofTrovebox is a free web app, which allows you to gather all your scattered photographs under one roof. With the popularization of the social networking websites, it has become a common practice to capture and share your valuable moments instantly, and later we find ourselves too lazy to collect and preserve them. After signing up in Trovebox, you can easily grab all your beautiful photographs from different websites, mobile phones or other devices, and even from others and store in Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, CX and DreamObjects (whichever you prefer). Switching between your storage accounts is also just a click away.

Trovebox have been designed to assist you in preserving your valuable photographs in convenient and user-friendly manner. Now you can easily access and share all your photographs anytime via iPhone, Android or simply any browser. So what are you still waiting for? Try this amazing web app today and cherish your wonderful moments everyday!

Download Android App

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trovebox.android.app”]

Download iOS App

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/app-for-trovebox-formerly/id511845345″]


23snaps – Capture and cherish your child’s precious moments with the ones you love

23snaps – Capture and cherish your child’s precious moments with the ones you love

No parent wants to miss out on those special moments and milestones in their child’s life. You want to capture the child’s first step and treasure for life all the other experiences that follow. You even wish to cherish those precious moments with your extended families. Well, your desires have been fulfilled. Here, is a simple yet beautiful free app designed by parents, for parents. 23snaps assures you an entirely safe and secure way to save and share photos and videos of your children with your loved ones.

It enables you to capture memories on the go, through your mobile and create a wonderful living album of photographs, thoughts and videos of your children, along with weight and height updates. In case you do not possess a smartphone, you can simply use their website to do so and revisit every memory through a simple scroll down your timeline.

You and your spouse can possess a shared account and this will allow both of you’ll to add photographs and videos to your child’s timeline. Your photographs and updates get automatically sorted by date and you can enhance those pictures using various filters, giving it a vintage or retro look. You can even give it that extra edge and make them appear exceptionally beautiful by using frames.

Capture and cherish your child’s precious moments with the ones you love

Your extended families and friends get to leave their comments and nudge you for updates. If you like, you can even get real time updates on your mobile or through emails. 23snaps.com even has a very efficient support system, extending a hand and helping you out in case you face any problems.

There are 23 chromosomes that carry all your child’s genetic materials, which set your child apart from others and make your child unique. Thus one chromosome, just like one photograph, will not be able to convey the whole story. So do give this app a spin and share your thoughts.

Download the app for your Android device:

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snaps23.android”]

Download the app for your iOS device:

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id526481189″]

JAM with Chrome – Play music virtually with your friends

JAM with Chrome – Play music virtually with your friends

Music breathes life into out restless souls. What if there was no music? What would we do in times of despair or happiness? The hollow that music fills cannot be described by mere words and the exclusion of music from our lives is appalling. People who create music spent hours searching for the perfect lyrics, tunes and dedicate their lives to music. Music resides within us and even if we aren’t musicians, we do love singing and jamming with friends. Time becomes a hindrance and most of us with our busy schedules are unable to squeeze some time out for such jam sessions or hangouts. What if I say you can now invite your friends for endless Jam sessions online? JAM with Chrome, is one such striking experience.

Seeking help from several web technologies and Google products, JAM with Chrome, a collaborative live music experience in your browser allows you and three of your friends to jam together, just like you would in real time. Choose your favorite instrument (Be it an acoustic guitar to drum kits to keyboards), invite your friends located in different places/cities or countries and get ready to experience a real time Jam session.

JAM with Chrome

Using HTML5 features like Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas and CSS3, JAM with Chrome is built with precision along with different Google Cloud PlatformS such as Google App Engine and Go Programming Language. You don’t have to be an expert while using this online app. All you have to do is select the ‘easy’ mode and those of you who have a general idea of music can switch on to the ‘pro’ mode.

JAM with Chrome offers exclusive help to people who perform in bands specifically because the different instruments help you play and create music virtually. For instance, guitarists can select the kind of guitar they’re used to playing with and so can the other members of the band and together they can start jamming . The instruments pop up when they’re selected and different settings appear that assist you in changing the settings (Rhythm, tempo, metronome and the like).

When you play the instruments, your browser will inform other user browsers regarding the various notes that should be played and the steps to animate the user interface. Jamming has never been this easy and interactive. All thanks to JAM with Chrome.

Met – Attach annotations to users on Twitter

Met - Attach annotations to users on Twitter

How cool do you think it is to read a note written by you for people regarding your connection with them every time you browse? It’s entertaining together with being emotive, isn’t it? Looking backwards to your life, you will always know how you met that particular individual, what is the story of you and him, and a choice of other notes you wish to make. It’s a surprise given to you by yourself when you suddenly come across these annotations. And Met helps you make this dream come true.

‘Annotate, Remember & Discover’ as the tag says it all, this app helps you search for the people on twitter with its specialized browser plug-ins for you to make notes, remarks on them. That was the first step of three –to ‘find’ people followed by adding annotations and then to browse through their web application to see those people stand out on your list.


Attaching your observations to people not only reminds you later of your ties but also strengthen your relation with them. In the long-run it’s only the memories that last and what more could you desire that you can add on bit by bit to your treasure. All the precious people about whom you write remarks or make notes come marked by a symbol of blue coloured bubble on the bottom right of their display picture to individuate being your annotated users. And I’m sure that will undoubtedly naturally bring a smile on your face!

You have to register yourself so that you can enjoy this service for the years to come. There’s just one catch that you can tag on only to the users on twitter as designed by the founders.

Keep aside your pens and papers, and give it a spin to create everlasting memories for lifetime.

Picggy – Single piggy bank for all your photos

Picggy – Single piggy bank for all your photos

It is rightly said, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. We’re living in an era where memories are lived and then re-lived only when we have with us myriad pictures that we can flip through whenever, wherever. It’s perfectly natural to create bountiful memories but what’s the use if the pictures are lost with the lapse of time and they ultimately lose their charm and novelty?  Assembling the pictures together in one place with easy accessibility is a demanding task. Although, storing pictures in your desktop is one such solution. The problem arises when you need to access those pictures when you’re NOT using your PC? Scratching your head? Well, the quick fix lies with Picggy.

Picggy, an inexpensive private cloud automatically resizes photos and syncs it across your iPad, iPhone and your PC. There is no limit to the number of photos that you store since Picggy uses Asymmetric Sync for optimized storage. Unlimited pictures can be put at an ultra-low flat rate. Users will face no problem in uploading multiple photos as they are instantly uploaded to the cloud.

In order to sync all your pictures, you have to install Picggy iOS app and Windows Client and then sign in using the same account. After getting Picggy’s free iOS app from the app store, you have to run the program and you will further be introduced with a basic setup guide. For users, adopting Windows Client to run Picggy, all you have to do is download Windows Client and conform to the installation wizard.

Managing the photos systematically becomes all the more easier as Picggy provides its users with multiple choices like edit, rename and merge. You can also tag your favorite pictures and filter photos by the tag. Organizing pictures using Picggy becomes effortless as you can tag the pictures while browsing.

Pictures are no fun if not shared by our loved ones. Sharing becomes super-easy as all the pictures are uploaded in a jiffy to the cloud. If you want to share a single picture while browsing through your collection, just click on the share button. In case you want to share a galaxy of photos, click ‘share’ in the photos view, then ‘share photos’. Pick the photos you want to share and then click on share again. Picggy will generate a link to the selected photos and a menu will let you decide which course of action you would like to take. The similar steps can be applied when an entire folder has to be shared.

The users are in for a treat as Picggy keeps the services free from a week to a month if only an actionable and detailed feedback is given while being signed in. Reward will also be given in the form of free service for an entire month  if you invite your friends. Sign in now to create your very own photo bank.

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picggy/id570339732″]

SellanApp – Do you have a great App Idea, but don’t want to hire or become a developer

SellanApp – Do you have a great App Idea, but don’t want to hire or become a developer

Aren’t we all fascinated and intrigued by new apps that keep hitting the App Store every now and then? Most of them work wonders for us while others fail to make an impression. At the end of the day it all boils down to the Idea of making an App. Wouldn’t it be a great deal if your app idea is featured on the App store? If you have a good idea then, SellanApp, a crowd funding platform for iOS apps, will help you turn your App idea into an App store reality.

A one of a kind App, which through crowd funding matches App ideas with real developers. SellanApp connects innovative App ideas with developers worldwide whereby the app loving community of potential users fund the development. The pledgers, pledge funds on the App idea that interests them the most in order to get them developed by the developer. Rewards are given by the producer to the pledger which is a share in the revenue the App will generate or both. During the funding period the total amount pledged grows. The developers, can then select the App ideas which they want to develop against the total amount pledged.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″]http://www.vimeo.com/40877870[/vimeo]

SellanApp will then submit and maintain the developed App in the App Store and the revenue earned will be directed to the producers and pledgers (Pro-rata their pledge). The pledgers are then charged based on an ‘All or Nothing funding’ only after the App idea is selected by the developer. With the help of an advanced and free iPad App offered by SellanApp, you can easily create playable mockups which can further be uploaded and shared on the web platform.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″]http://www.vimeo.com/28992691[/vimeo]

Design and edit your App, make some last touches (Don’t forget to think out of the box!) and begin crowd funding. Showcase your app, enthuse and excite the people by creating word of mouth about the idea behind your App, thereby raising money to attract international developers to develop your app with the money pledged at that point of time.

Founded by Aernoud Dekker, SellanApp aims at simplifying the whole experience by investing in getting the platform stable and supporting other platforms like Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile.

Pitch in your App ideas without having to worry about funds, resources or market access because SellanApp will help you transform just a simple idea into an effective yet efficient mobile App.

Hopflow – Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Hopflow – Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Imagine a situation – You’re sitting by the window, sipping your favorite cup of coffee when you’re stuck by a brilliant idea for the story you’ve been working on, but failing repeatedly due to lack of constructive and effective lead. The next thing you do is jump out of your bed and share it either on Facebook or Twitter (Been there, done that). But have you ever realized that not many people are interested or even moderately impressed by the idea you yourself are awestruck with? You tend to question your competency and judge your ability by the number of ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ you get. The problem here is not that your idea is uninteresting or very common, but it is that you’re not adequately associated with those people who hold a considerable amount of respect, passion and efficiency to understand, appreciate or criticize your area of expertise. To cut the story short, you need to hang around with like minded people to get the credibility you deserve.

Whether you are a budding writer, musician, photographer or a voracious book reader, here’s a good news for you all. With the help of Hopflow you can now discover new content, share ideas, explore and connect with people who love what you love the most! Hopflow, apart from being a dynamic and innovative platform, also, makes it easier for its users to choose from a wide selection of choices solely based on their field of interest either through mobile app or the web. You no longer have to post tweets or update your facebook only to get unnoticed by users. All you have to do is share your content online by signing up.

When you ‘like’ a hop , Hopflow finds out what you find interesting and automatically tailors only the relevant content that fits your parameter, thereby avoiding excessive ‘noise’ or uncalled traffic. It helps you connect better outside of your social circle with people who share the same interest (cooking, reading and other) by just clicking on ‘Rehop’. You can then comment, engage yourself in endless conversations and at the same time enhance your knowledge of the things that inspire you the most.

Hopflow - Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Having a number of followers is way too old school now because when using Hopflow, you do not have to worry about your follower count as it shares your content to every reader who’s a part of the Hopflow network. Founded by Erez Pilosof, a serial entrepreneur, Hopflow is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Start hopping in your ideas!

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hopflow/id491044397?ls=1&mt=8″]

Hike Messaging App – Interview with Kavin Bharti Mittal, the man behind the show

Hike Messaging App – Interview with Kavin Bharti Mittal, the man behind the show-001

From the utility of your month expenses to the whimsy of organizing the next office event round, it seems like there is an app for just about everything. But in the minds of the most adventurous app developers, this is just the first generation of technologies that we will wonder how we ever lived without.

When most people think of mobile app development, the first apps that come to mind are usually productivity apps such as Dropbox, Mail, and Evernote, games such as Angry Birds, Cut the rope, and Doodle Jump, or social apps like Facebook, TweetDeck, and Foursquare. All of these apps are constructed to slip into the cracks of our busy lifestyles, aiding us in some form or fashion. Catching up on Facebook while in line at KFC. Entertainment while waiting for a friend to arrive. Checking in to a restaurant while walking through the door. Although mobile apps like these are becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives, there is still an entire sea of uncharted waters left to explore.

As technological innovations such as location based services, augmented reality, the accelerometer, etc. open new doors daily, apps are slowly starting to reach out and take advantage of all these new features and create truly unique experiences. Recently one of my friends referred me to download this app called hike, a free messaging tool. “I already use WhatsApp, why should I download this?” I asked her, and to my surprise, I instantly received a SMS from her saying “coz it gives you free messaging!” And believe me, without wasting a second more, I downloaded the app. However, it took me few days to realize the benefits of the app, when I could send my friends (who didn’t had smart phones) free SMS right from my mobile, and now it’s on my list of “most frequently used app.”

hike - Homepage

It was a pleasure to interview Kavin Bharti Mittal, the idea hero behind hike, and its upcoming success.

How would you introduce hike?

Hike Apphike is a cross platform messenger that aims to make communication simple and personal again. With a beautiful user experience and emotional emoticons, there hasn’t been a better and more simple way to express yourself to all your friends. With hike you can message all your friends. hike to hike is free globally and one can also message friends who don’t have the app installed for free, as making SMS messaging pretty seamless.

How was the idea conceptualized and developed? Any specific inspiration?

In India, given the low penetration of data enabled smartphones, there is fragmentation in messaging. Mobile users have 4-5 apps that keep them in touch with their friends. Over time this becomes very tedious to manage. We asked ourselves is there an app that combines the real-time, free nature of IM with the openness and ubiquity of SMS? We couldn’t find one so we built hike.

How is the feedback that you are receiving about the app’s growth in the market?

The feedback has been amazing. We’re seeing great number users come onto hike on all platforms including the S40 app we just recently launched.

Five years before AppSpark, did you know you would go with the stream of online enterprise?

Five years before AppSpark, I think I was just about to enter high school. I’m a big F1 fan and I won’t be surprised if back then I wanted to be involved in F1 in some way. Short answer is no.

WhatsApp has taken the market by the storm, how do you think that hike will bring a change in the scenario?

IM market globally is a very fragmented market. We have WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, KakaoTalk and each have between 50-150M users. As a matter of fact half of the overall smartphone users still don’t really use a messaging app like so. There are big players but the market is still early.

You are a young entrepreneur, how has the journey been so far? Any ups and down you came across?

Being an entrepreneur one always has ups and downs. There are days when sky is the limit and others when you’re up till 6 AM figuring out what went wrong with your servers. It’s been a fantastic journey. One of great learning. I’ve learnt more in these last 3-4 years than I have in my entire life.

You were all set in UK, how did starting a venture in India comes up as a thought?

India is a big market. The potential of building something that could impact 1B people that access the internet from a mobile device was too exciting of an opportunity to pass up on. That said, if it wasn’t for AppSpark, I don’t think I would’ve been in a position to run BSB.

According to you, what has made the investment worth it?

It’s still early days. Ask me that question in a year.

What were the risks as a starter for you? And now, what risks are you willing to take for ‘Hike’?

Risk was not taking the usual route of getting a job or joining other business in the group and starting from scratch. Honestly speaking that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I don’t care much for what people think, I do what I do, because I’m extremely passionate. hike is one of the most beautiful, well built products out there in the market and we’re going to do whatever it takes, so that it’s around for years to come.

According to you, what will be the future of mobile app industry?

Apps are a great form of distribution. There are people who build apps for the sake of apps and then there are those who get their services across users in the form of apps. We fall in the latter category and I hope more people follow.

There is no doubt in my mind that this has become and will remain a great source of distribution for years to come.

Any message that you would like to impart to young entrepreneurs out there?

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou have to be passionate about what you do. Building a company from scratch isn’t easy. It comes with a lot of hard work and constant worrying. Any sane person would walk away. So it’s extremely important to be passionate about what you do.

Download hike app for Android:

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bsb.hike”]

Download hike app for iOS:

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/hike-messenger/id568038211″]

Croak.it – Express yourself with your voice message


Won’t it be exciting if we could just use our voice to convey our thoughts instead of writing an email or sending a text? Being recognized by our name, picture or updates is quite common on social networking sites, but using our voice to convey our thoughts is entirely different and at the same time exciting! That’s what Croak.it app does – Opening the doors to a world where the motto is to be identified by your own unique voice.

The app is extremely simple as it helps to communicate in a more personalized manner with just three simple steps – Push, Speak and Share. A single click to copy the URL and you will be all set to send your voice note to anyone over the web. Great isn’t it!

Apart from its apps for Android and iOS platform, the team has also published an open API which serves a great tool for web developers as they can use it to build their own web-based apps to converse with their audience.


Co-founded by Protik, Srinivasa and Shefali, the startup aims at making communication faster, friendly and easier by adding a new dimension to the world jammed by text and pictures. It shows a better picture of how people can express themselves with a personal touch.

Now there’s a better way to wish someone #HappyBday – Just croak it!

Download it from Google Play:

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.croak.android”]

Download it from App Store:

[app url=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/croak.it!/id525958948?ls=1&mt=8″]


Nearbox – An app to know what’s happening around you

Nearbox - Know what’s happening around you

You were down with fever and so you missed an outstanding Dance Flash mob at a nearby mall. And now, you’re feeling super jealous, as you see your friends posting status on Facebook or discussing about it in a group chat. Oh! You must be feeling so left out.

Time to cheer up, as I’m up with an amazing mobile app – Nearbox, which helps you to  subscribe to places where you hangout generally, and you will never miss any topic next time.

Nearbox is a location-based message board, in fact not just a message board, more of a discussion portal. You can post about what is happening at the venue, get updates, and ask questions. Basically anything and everything you want to know about the place.

There are certain essentials too:

  • You need to have an account on Facebook and connect it there.
  • Not more than 240 characters in a single message  (keeping it short and simple).
  • Only one mailbox in every 10m range.
  • You can leave a message only when you are within a range of 400m

No mailbox at your favorite spot, then how about creating one by yourself. It’s more like, find a Nearbox on the map, or simply place one, and you are all set to have endless happenings with locals. From the developers, “If Facebook is a social graph, Twitter is a trend graph then we want Nearbox to be a local graph telling you what’s going on around you from people around you.”

Often compared to Twitter and defined as “Hyperlocal Twitter” and “Geolocation Twitter” – will it really put up some serious competition? Instead of following a person, try following a place and the discussion going on there, and let your friends know what’s happening around you.

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.sigmapoint.nearbox”]

Mouthee – Share and discover word of mouth recommendations

Every time, I check in some new app to get the best and true reviews about various POIs (Places of Interest), and think of trying out the one with maximum number of stars, or best rated, as you may say; it has always turned out to be a blunder. Had the same experiences? Well I can understand how it feels when you plan up something; and it turns out to be a mess.

Finally my search came to an end with Mouthee, a mobile app that helps you get real world recommendations not only for POIs but simply anything, be it a song, a book, a movie, a place, or a new recipe.

Hold on, did I tell you that Mouthee is not like those usual apps where you follow the ratings of strangers, no not at all, in fact all the recommendations sent to you, are by your friends and your very own contacts. This is done by combining various review sites and social networks, and bringing all of it to one place.

As soon as you log in, you start receiving recommendations at once on each and everything, on your activity feed. Just in case you want recommendations only on a specific item, then simply click on that particular unit, to fetch all the possible details about it.

Not to forget, as you get recommendations, you’re also welcome to make recommendations by simply hitting “Rec it”, Bingo! Other specifications and details is Mouthee’s super secret mechanism, to make sure that your recommendations are helpful to others.

Mouthee Dasboard

David Pritzker and Chad Silver, the longtime friends and founders of Mouthee, have now given a better way to get and give recommendations from friends without sifting through scores of Facebook walls, random Yelp reviews and those endless Twitter remarks. So, how about planning a perfect unforgettable date for your love, based on suggestions by your friends? Rec it!

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mouthee/id515426714″]

Fitsby – An app that motivates you to go to the gym


How many times have you made those fake promises to yourself, about your gym routine? No, you just don’t need to think of excuses, to feel guilt free; it’s totally fine, you can admit it in here. In general, it’s very difficult for any individual to stick to his gym routines without any failure.

Want to get back your regular exercising habit? Then check out this cool application called Fitsby; which promises to inspire and invoke the users to continue their workouts at regular basis. It’s not just a set of motivating guidelines but a game portal, where you get to challenge your friends for being the most regular gym-goers.

Fitsby AppJoin or create your own game, set the amount of the wager, and there you go. All you need to do now is keep your routine regular. But make sure every time you start your workout at gym, you press “check in” button and “check out” when you leave. This is necessary in order to keep a record and thereby decide the winner or you may say the most regular person to workout.

The innovative idea of our young men – Daniel Gaeta, Brent Hronik, Kevin Yun and Zack Chan, is to excite people about being regular to gym, making it more fun and happening.

Just in case you think you’re clever enough and can manage to defeat your friends without sweating, you’re wrong, as these young entrepreneurs are not only intelligent, but sharp-witted too.

To make sure that the bet is fair and clean, here are few things to note:-

  • You need to be at a verified gym, when you check-in.
  • You need to spend minimum of 30 minutes before you check out.

The app is still in private beta, but you can download the Android version here and get a better picture of it.

[highlight]Update: 5-01-2013[/highlight]


Fitsby App is now live on Google Play. It seems that the team has re-branded themselves, by changing the app’s logo. Give it a spin now.

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WalletMap: Track your expenses with geolocation


Managing expenses has always been a priority for most of the working-class people. There are tools and applications that flocked into this niche with various functions and extra parameters helping millions of us to keep a track on our bills and regular expenses. Moreover, from past few years as mobile platforms truly accelerated, hundreds of mobile applications have emerged to provide the service of – Managing and tracking expenses.

Few days back, when I pondered over the fresh startups – I had an opportunity to talk to Wojciech, co-founder of WalletMap – an app that helps you manage your expenses based on geo-tagging algorithm. Continue reading “WalletMap: Track your expenses with geolocation”

Function Space – A community for Math, Physics and Computer Science

Function Space

The typical Indian classroom was once characterized by students sitting through hour-long teacher monologues. Now, technology is making life easier for both students and educators. Schools are increasingly adopting digital teaching solutions to engage with a generation of pupils well-versed with PlayStations and iPads trying to make the classroom environment more inclusive and participatory.

Function Space, a Mumbai based startup is building its prototype to provide a well-defined content for three primary subjects (Math, Physics and Computer Science) with the help of an educational networking service (connecting teachers with students), iOS and Android based applications and books. In addition to knowledge forums and Q&A sessions, the community will serve high quality content in the form of video lectures, interviews, articles, research papers and simulations. Continue reading “Function Space – A community for Math, Physics and Computer Science”