Bunch of startup advices you never thought of

Being a startup, is not even an ounce of ease. But then we do have the mighty Google to help us cope up, and there are always advices. There are few pointers by “once upon a time, startups” that will make your job easy.

Basically, what startups need is an active and healthy environment to think over something peacefully. The best possible way to achieve it is by personalizing your workspace. You need to keep your workspace clean and also decorate it with your belongings. One needs to interact with their teammates to achieve a comfort level and create a bond of trust. You can sometimes adopt the minor and multiple roles to mix up with your employees.

You can also work out before you began working. It’s been proven that on average such people are more efficient in completing their job than others. They seem to be more focused.

You can also make championship belts and award it to your employees, as a way to show that they have done something worth being valued, for the company.

As a startup, one creates an example for the others to follow. Keeping that in mind, you should encourage daily siestas i.e. a catnap. After heavy work there is an energy drain, so the best way to rejuvenate is having a 20 mins catnap, post lunch. You can also take up an initiative to help other startups establish. It’s a great way to come across different people and understand them. But always remember to take one step at a time, and not get overburdened.

And one most important thing, never live with your co-founders. They have an amazing ability to make you bite their head off. Keep distance!

Well, at the end of the day, what matters is how well you can handle your employees and your position. Because that’s what will define you and will make you stand out from a crowd of startups.

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