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Boxopus – Download files from torrent websites straight to your Dropbox

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Millions of people spend hours online downloading their favorite torrents every day. The most common issue experienced during downloading files using popular torrent clients is to keep the client running until the files are downloaded. Today’s startup – Boxopus helps you to download torrents directly to your Dropbox bridging the worlds of BitTorrent and cloud storage, without installing a torrent client on your computer or having to download files yourself. Interesting? Here’s how our improved and tech savvy octopus works.

Boxopus uses the Dropbox API, which means you can link both the services using your Dropbox credentials without having to worry about the confidentiality of other files stored in your account. Once the authorization is complete, you can add as many torrents as required, and the mighty octopus (What I figure out from Boxopus) takes care of all your downloads.

Best part for the users – they can add torrents to their Dropbox from anywhere, be it work, college, school or on the road. Another feature worth highlighting is that it makes downloads easier and faster with just one click on the Boxopus download button, which then instantly starts the download process.

In addition, there exists a Sync feature, that avoids downloading the same files on multiple computers, and leave torrent downloads in the cloud, accessing and downloading them as needed. “Cloud Storage is an emerging trend; it’s obvious that sooner or later everything will be in the cloud. That’s why we decided to unite Dropbox and BitTorrent as easy as one click, without even using a BitTorrent client”, says Boxopus founder Alex.

Boxopus plans on keeping this service free and unlimited till its beta period. Later the service will add limitations for free users. Never before has downloading torrent files been this easy and user friendly, Cheers to @Boxopus.

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