DiveeUp – A convenient way to plan and share expenses for your group excursions


Whenever you’re planning to organize an event it is very crucial to plan ahead of the time. By using the unique app Who Paid It, you are able to maintain a record of all your expenses, and who is paying off what during the entire event. However, it might so happen that you have spent so much during the trip, that at the end of the trip you are running out of cash. Thus, the most important aspect of any event is to gather all the valuable information and planning the budget neatly to avoid hassles in the future. Majority of people around the globe prefer to appoint a party planner these days as the best possible alternative option, to organize an event and enjoy the fullest of it.

Now, my point is why would you waste a huge sum of money hiring a professional planner? Instead you could use the same cash for the event and make it grander! You must be wondering about the professional hand you need to manage everything skillfully? Well, here is the simple solution for your problem: DiveeUp.

DiveeUp is a free online tool, which enables you to plan an event, organize the ideas, and share the expenses equally among all the members of your group. Whether it is a simple outing plan or a big celebration, you can start planning easily via DiveeUp: the most caring and organized hand that enables you to fit your plan within your budget by sharing all the expenses evenly.

You can start with three simple steps:

  • Create an event, and invite your friends to take part in the group activity.
  • Collect funds for the shared expenses from your friends.
  • Browse for amazing ideas, cheap deals, and suggestions to plan your event in a grand manner.


Thinking of your next trip? Head onto Diveeup, it’s easy to plan, play and share excursions with your friends.

Gazettr – Share your unique travel stories with friends

Every place around the world has its own unique history. For a passionate traveler in love with unveiling the mysteries of places, it is very interesting experience to pen down his personal experiences. After all, each of us feel eager to share our impressions, with somebody, especially when we are deeply aroused by the charm and mystery of a place. We cannot control the temptations to describe the amazing journey in our own words, and recommending people about the place. If you are one such dedicated traveler, longing for an opportunity to shape your ideas and contribute in the field of travel writings, here is the perfect destination for you: Gazettr.

Gazettr is web based app that helps you shape up your ideas and share your version of reality about the places and locations all over the world which appears appealing to you.

It might be so that you don’t intend to become a professional writer at all, but you want to fulfill yourself spiritually by sharing your experiences with people. Be it an amazing journey or the worst one, this cool app assists you to redefine and refresh your travel stories, to share your unique experiences with friends, family members as well as the other readers.


Here are three primary things; you can use the app for:

  • To pin down your stories right onto the map.
  • To know more about the road maps and the places you want to visit.
  • To share your unique suggestions, and tips about the locality or the place that you’ve visited earlier.

Are you an enthusiastic writer? Now you can kick start your professional travel writing career with Gazettr.

Artery – A better place to sell your digital content


You’ve just returned from Africa with a bunch of amazing high resolution photos. You think your photos are worth getting paid for but how do you sell them? A site of your own to sell a few photos? Nah, that would be an overkill. Worry not! You do have a marketplace – Artery.io.

Artery is designed to be your canvas to sell downloads, no matter what you create. Digital Art, E-books, music videos, WordPress templates, high resolution photos, recipes, music chords and tutorials are a few examples.

What makes this marketplace really appealing is there’s no fee for free downloads, they don’t require exclusivity, the fee sharing is simple, you can split the payments with others automatically every time your content sells and what’s more it is synced with Dropbox. So anything you put on Dropbox can be sold. Also, you get a short link for your content which you can share on the social media to get the word out. With Artery’s neat interface, your work looks appealing.

Artery - Sell or share anything digital

Co-founded by Matt and Bryan, Artery is a great marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Though, what I would have liked to see is a chat option for help or feedback. The current options only include an e-mail and a twitter handle.

It’s time you make some money for your cool digital work. Sign-up now and make the most of this digital marketplace.

The Old Reader – A better social RSS reader

The Old Reader

I‘m sure we all miss the old Google reader, but who doesn’t likes transformations, that too when it’s an improved and better version of the original RSS reader. Missing those hours of browsing for the latest chit chat?

Not anymore, coz we have The Old Reader, a better place where you are free to share your own notes or just comment on friend’s post. Just in case you were you using some RSS reader previously, you need not worry, as The Old Reader has an extension to import your feeds and feel homely. Tadang!

Exploring into the social phase, it also lets you find and add your Facebook and Google contacts helping you find your friend’s interests.

What I found really interesting is that The Old Reader is very specific and manageable; you get two different set of folders:-

  • Shared: that stores the posts shared by you.
  • Following: that stores the posts shared by your friends.

To add on, The Old Reader also equips you with a handful of keyboard shortcuts which helps you save some extra-time while you navigate through the article and of course it also aids you with action buttons such as “like”.

So are you still missing the original Google reader?  Just head onto The Old Reader – its same, easy and better.

Flowformer – A focus app to get one thing done (or not done) each day


You log on to the Internet to prepare for that important presentation at the office and decide to check FB and Twitter for five minutes before starting. The next thing you know, half your day is over! Or the day when you are fasting or dieting and you forgot that the yummy choco mousse in the fridge is forbidden. This could happen to any of us with the abundance of distraction in our daily lives. What would be perfect is someone, who could remind us of that important presentation without nagging and also keep track of the time. There is a simple focus tool which does just that – Flowformer.

Flowformer lets you enter a single task as a short sentence that you agree to complete (or avoid) over a 24 hour period. The timer begins and everything in Flowformer is locked down and there’s no backing out. You will have 24 hours to succeed or fail.

Every time you visit Flowformer over the 24 hour time slot your task will be displayed as a fullscreen reminder with a count-down timer on the top-left corner. No signup or registration required. You will fall in love with the simplicity and the design.


This is quite different from other reminder productivity apps that require listing tasks. Gavin the co-founder says “Having a singular goal per day let’s any consequential tasks flow around it and therefore you don’t need to list them”. Currently, the team is working on a mobile version and plan to release more useful features soon.

Now, there is no stopping you from becoming your most productive self. Set your goal for the day now!

Fitsby – An app that motivates you to go to the gym


How many times have you made those fake promises to yourself, about your gym routine? No, you just don’t need to think of excuses, to feel guilt free; it’s totally fine, you can admit it in here. In general, it’s very difficult for any individual to stick to his gym routines without any failure.

Want to get back your regular exercising habit? Then check out this cool application called Fitsby; which promises to inspire and invoke the users to continue their workouts at regular basis. It’s not just a set of motivating guidelines but a game portal, where you get to challenge your friends for being the most regular gym-goers.

Fitsby AppJoin or create your own game, set the amount of the wager, and there you go. All you need to do now is keep your routine regular. But make sure every time you start your workout at gym, you press “check in” button and “check out” when you leave. This is necessary in order to keep a record and thereby decide the winner or you may say the most regular person to workout.

The innovative idea of our young men – Daniel Gaeta, Brent Hronik, Kevin Yun and Zack Chan, is to excite people about being regular to gym, making it more fun and happening.

Just in case you think you’re clever enough and can manage to defeat your friends without sweating, you’re wrong, as these young entrepreneurs are not only intelligent, but sharp-witted too.

To make sure that the bet is fair and clean, here are few things to note:-

  • You need to be at a verified gym, when you check-in.
  • You need to spend minimum of 30 minutes before you check out.

The app is still in private beta, but you can download the Android version here and get a better picture of it.

[highlight]Update: 5-01-2013[/highlight]


Fitsby App is now live on Google Play. It seems that the team has re-branded themselves, by changing the app’s logo. Give it a spin now.

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitsby”]

Who Paid It – Easily track shared expenses


Finance is undoubtedly the most sensitive issue in our life and hence, is very crucial to approach your friends at the earliest opportunity, ensuring a clear perception of each other’s financial responsibilities for an upcoming event or a party. However, dividing all the expenses can turn out to be a hectic and complicated task. Moreover if you are planning to travel with someone, whose expenses vary immensely from you, you are certainly going to have a tough time throughout the trip.

The best solution is probably to keep track of the expenses, and who is paying for what during the entire trip. It is much more convenient and hassle-free to opt for paying in turns rather than dividing and figuring out every single expense. After the trip you can easily figure out the total expenses and the amount paid individually, and then the one who paid less initially, can pay off the remaining amount if only it is possible to record the expenses effectively.

Looking at this aspect, I have Who Paid It on my desk, a simple and convenient online tool to track all your group expenses fairly. Started by Quinn, what makes it real simple and easy is its algorithm, which ensures that everybody pays an equal share.

Who Paid ItSo if you’re one of them who is struggling hard to maintain a record of your regular expenses, and sharing other’s financial responsibilities, you gotta try out this app – its fast, free and fair.

Quabel – An online text editor helping you write distraction free


Perhaps the most difficult challenge in writing – and working from home for that matter – is avoiding all the distractions that can easily throw you off course and steal hours away from your craft. It can be quite frustrating spending an entire day devoted to writing yet accomplishing little. In fact, between writing those first two sentences, I got up, retrieved a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator, made a phone call, checked my emails (I had none), and finally turned back to my desk.

Lately, I was on my secret hunt to find a better tool to increase my writing productivity and after sweeping massively through hundreds of online and offline writing apps, I came across Quabel, a tool which for sure will bring an end to all the distractions faced by you during writing. Quabel is an online writing application for your browser; making it easier to publish and share your write-ups with a single click.

Apart from supporting most of the formats like PDF/ODT/Latex/open document/MS Office and Markdown for writing, it has dozens of smart and innovative benefits, helping you:

  • Access your data and write-ups from anywhere in the world, by synchronizing it in online and offline modes.
  • Setting up goals to measure your performance, which in turn helps you increase the rate of your performance by streamlining your efforts.
  • Format all your writing content with easy-to-use commands.

Not to forget, it also has some exclusive optional features like night mode for a better vision in the dark, typewriter sound for keystrokes and fireworks after you complete your goals.


Started by Aaron Heinz, along with a friend at Economics and Business Informatics, Germany; Quabel is one of the best distraction-free writing tools I’ve ever come across.

Iconbench – Start customizing your icons in minutes


Wondering what the effect of a well-designed app icon will have on your app sales? You may be surprised to know that it’s actually hugely important.

Oh yes, it may not be the wisest idea to judge a book by its cover, but that’s what most users are doing when they purchase applications from iTunes or Google Play marketplace. Because really, that 57 by 57 pixel area is all you get to convincingly sell your app besides a short description (and an extra compelling, action-packed screenshot). Ever wonder why certain, seemingly obscure games just seem to explode into popularity out of nowhere? It’s likely partly because of an impressive icon design.

Walking through the same direction, I came across Iconbench, a web based platform that provides you with self styled icons. It enables you, as a user, to select from a wide palate of miniature graphic symbols and then try the customization option to creatively shade and shadow these icons with colors and special effects.

You can also download the icons up to a plate of twenty and here it gets better, for no charge and in multiple formats. The wide ranges of these icons, for sure, help you enhance your apps.

Iconbench Interface

Ultimately, finding a way to distinguish your app from the more than thousand different app icons out there is difficult, but it’s really the only way to get a sell. Emphasize your app’s uniqueness as much as possible by adding your dimensions, shadowing, and shine manually for a tailor-made effect.

So go ahead and style an icon for yourself. A styling instrument and your creative taste together at work, sounds exciting with Iconbench.

Slotted – The ultimate signup tool


Do you remember the last time you had a potluck dinner where everyone got different dishes? The usual mode of communication for planning such events is email or Facebook which however makes it more cumbersome to track the event as the number of invitees and items are dynamic. This is a very familiar problem for a potluck dinner or a volunteer workday.

Tim Scott created Slotted as a solution for this exact problem. The online tool helps you create a sheet with slots containing event details like date, place, time slots and also slots for items to be brought. Once you publish the invitation, the invitees can choose a slot they want thereby making it more visible for other to see the extra vacancies.

The sign-up is an easy process, also allowing you to sign in using Facebook and Google. Using the interface involves a learning curve, but once you get used to it, the process is very simple and friendly.

The best feature is the ease of tracking the invitees, with options like sending a thank you message to those who already slotted, nudging the ones who haven’t  signed up for anything and reminding the slotted ones just before the D-day. You can also create a public invite allowing anyone interested to sign up. An embed option, allows you to embed the sheet on your personal site.

Similar ones like Perfect Potluck are very specific and the ones like Meetup, too generic. The advantage of Slotted over another SignUpGenius is the interface-simplicity and ease of use. Slotted does only one thing and does it well.

With the holiday season ahead, I’m sure you are organizing one or the other community event. Try this out!

Scriptogr.am – Easily turn a Dropbox folder into a blog


Off late you’ll find dozens of sites and blogging platforms promising you to publish your articles, poems or stories with as much ease as possible, but do they really stand by their words? For a most of young writers, their write-up is a valuable asset for them, and they want them to be published through safe hands as easily and simply as possible.

Recently I stumbled upon a startup called Scriptogr.am, which seems to be a pretty simple way to start a blog with basically no hassle. Scriptogr.am is a light weight blogging platform that uses the Dropbox backend to create your very own elegant and static weblogs. Moreover it gives you the freedom to work from any environment or editor app; plus if you choose to work through Scriptogr.am partnered-app, you get a special vantage of publishing your write-up straight from your writing environment.

What makes this blogging platform even more innovative is that Scriptogr.am reads the Markdown file format thereby allowing you to customize text formatting, post titles, dates and tags as per your choice. There also exists a theme directory and just in case you aren’t satisfied, you can always edit the existing themes or create new ones too.

Additionally, you can use your favorite text editor and decide your own custom domain name to point the blog – making it truly a dead-simple tool to use.

Started by Andreas, Scriptogr.am is built by a seven-member team based at Stockholm, to make web publishing easier and help writers throughout the globe write more by doing less.

Enthuse.me – Start showcasing your expertise


Lack of focus is one of the most common errors people make on their resume, but a strong focus is critical to showing the employer that you match his or her needs. Your resume must clearly show:

  • What makes you valuable?
  • How you will help potential employers

And if you’re still not satisfied by posting your resume at dozens of networking sites, Enthuse.me will surely convert your resume to a cash machine. What makes it more interesting is its clean layout which adds more of an infographic touch than just being a plain and boring resume. Apart from being fully customized it is super easy to start.

To head on, you build your resume by adding your online work as portfolio items and then link your social profiles to it; thereby making it a one-stop place to showcase your work history, web presence and skills to the audience. Oh yes, it’s all for free.


What makes it even more alluring is that the platform is dead simple and easy to allow people sell their time, services and products directly to anyone.

Brainchild of Dan Jacobs, Enthuse.me is the one of best ways to get focus oriented web presence and promising job opportunities.

Zepo: Get your online store today


The Internet has opened a whole new world in terms of commerce. Now you can sell things to a diverse audience scattered around places. As a small business, though, going online is a daunting task especially if one doesn’t have the technical know-how or can’t afford to pay hugely for a nifty site online.  Alternatively, you could go to a marketplace like eBay but the charges like listing fees and selling fees may not make the deal worth it. Continue reading “Zepo: Get your online store today”

Stablish.me – A better way to get endorsed

Stablish Badge

In an era of technology where communication skills and social networking play a major role, do you believe that your resume is the only element that will stand out and make your talents visible? I doubt that, and I’m pretty sure once you check out Stablish.me; even you’ll have a different perspective.

Students today are enthusiastic and build their career to be a part of the next big thing; however the loophole drops in when there is no authentic platform to showcase one’s skills and competencies. This is where Stablish.me comes in action – a platform helping people identify their personality traits.


Primarily, Stablish.me is more like an endorsement on a social network where you make a profile, which is more like an authentic CV, integrated with your very own contacts over the web.

To start, just sign up and create a profile and let your friends, colleagues and contacts co-create your CV by giving you respective badges that highlight your talents and skills. This process surely encourages and impels people to find the right person and assemble teams for some new business ideas.

Moreover as you get endorsed over the period of time, you’re probably going to unlock more special badges that ensure you a higher rank during search results.

Co-founded by Dominic and Benedikt, Stablish.me is a four member team based in Zurich.

Are you still waiting to get your own credible skill portfolio? Check out Stablish.me

Offerchat – Start engaging your visitors with a better chat widget


Small business owners have always had the advantage of the personal touch. But online, this kind of interaction can be hard to recreate. Well for that I’m sure you would require knowing the popularity of your website as well as the feedback from the clients too. I am more aligned towards our startup for today called Offerchat – a dead simple chat tool that can be easily installed on your website thereby enhancing a better engagement with your customers. Not to forget, it’s full-featured and absolutely free. (This brings a smile on my face when I think about Olark). Continue reading “Offerchat – Start engaging your visitors with a better chat widget”

Convertable – A smarter contact form for your website


Bored of those typical contact forms which don’t really provide you with that extra inch information about your potential customers? Well then Convertable comes to your rescue, by giving you an opportunity to build your very own forms as per your needs and requirements. Oh yes, fully customized!

I’m talking about a cool startup called Convertable, a tool that helps you build a smarter contact form for your website. You don’t really need to be a computer geek or a master of java programming to make one. It’s just few simple steps, and you can build a form as per your requirements.

The simple interface makes it pretty easy to design your own forms with the help of an online form builder. Once you’re completed building the form, all you need is – Grab the HTML code, which then can be used on your website or blog.


What makes it more appealing are the extra options to fetch the source keywords, hostname, geo-location, and analytics to get better insights of the visitors. In addition to this, there is an amazing tool called Campaign Tracker, which gives you an in-built advantage of tracking down your leads and help you identify new marketing strategies.

Started by Chris, Convertable is a super simple form builder which allows you to attach the actual traffic source to each customer. No more aggregated metrics like typical analytics tools, I bet!

So, next time when you gotta track whose contacting you on your website, you should better give it a spin.

Frostbox – One stop backup for your social media accounts


With the advent of social media, people are increasingly spending more time online. Consequently, your social accounts are one of the most valuable assets of your online identity storing tons of data which is at least as important (if not more) as the data on your hard disk. Important documents on Gmail, pictures on flickr, Instagram, Facebook, professional contacts on Linkedin and the list goes on. But have you thought; what if someday you login into your favorite social media site and all your data is lost! The threats are many: phishing attacks, hackers, malware, virus, and may be an Ex who has your password!

If you are one of those people, like me, who have lost your night’s sleep over Gmail’s data disaster or worried when LinkedIn passwords got hacked, then you now have a solution that promises a more peaceful sleep. Continue reading “Frostbox – One stop backup for your social media accounts”

SyndiFeed – An easy way to stay updated with your favorite sites

SyndiFeed [1]

There is so much content on the World Wide Web and not many ways to efficiently consume it. You need a simple and easy way of reading the latest updates from your favorite sites and blogs, sharing them and may be even book marking them for later reading. That simple and easy way to keep up with all your favorite sites in one place is brought by SyndiFeed.

The SyndiFeed site looks great with a clean interface and is pretty convenient to use. The site also incorporates responsive design. Meaning the site adapts itself for viewing from different devices like desktop, phone and a tablet. Continue reading “SyndiFeed – An easy way to stay updated with your favorite sites”