The Wrong Prescription – A conversation with the writer Dr. Manoj Kapoor

The Wrong Prescription

Dr. Manoj Kapoor of the famed ‘The Wrong Prescription‘ has attempted to step out of the straitjacket with his tongue in cheek version of real life. The book discourses building up gradual sincerity for an issue the author seeks answer to, with hilarious examples.

The Wrong Prescription - BookHow would you define ‘The Wrong Prescription?’

It’s a fantastic book presented in a humorous fashion so that my fraternity does not feel offended. I have just touched the tip of the iceberg and much more wrong things are going on. After the book, Aamir Khans’ program Satyamev Jayate highlighted it, there was a lot of hue and cry but no answers were provided to the malady which my book has put forth.

From doctor to writer, how was your journey so far, personally and professionally? Which moment in the book remains closest to your heart that you would like answers to?

The book has helped me mentally and it was great to receive response from all age groups. I realized that truth and honesty pays in the long run. As I have mentioned that the result of my honest practice is showing when actually the need of that success (read money) is not so attractive. Both my sons have opted out of medicine as a career as they saw our struggle. I am now sought after as a versatile person and an honest guide and council. People come to me for the medical part and the guidance part. So the doctor- author and author- doctor journey has become complimentary and synergistic. Answers to only one question—Is the doctor and the establishment needs to be a 5 star facility to treat the masses successfully and why is glamour now become a vital cog to portray success. Why is marketing more important than the quality of the product?

It’s very akin to the concept of sugar-coated medicament’s perhaps.  To let people know the crude form, first their attention needs to be captured. Hope we get, answers from a wider readership to your question. How do think young startups can be encouraged? What is the present scenario when an amateur enters any field?

The wider audience may end up giving an answer. The problem is not hiding the bitterness of a medicine by sugar when the bitter product is known to be the best. Here the quality is there but the bad taste is to be camouflaged for the acceptance. We are talking of no quality but business acumen and a swank aesthetic look dictating the patient inflow. In the long run quality which may be bitter and not sugar coated matters. It is like giving a beautifully shaped placebo in a lovely packing knowing well that the medicine will never work but the gullible patient says wow what a medicine.

Startups should first know whether they are entering the profession because of the social value, the earning potential or because they can buy a seat or whether it is dynastic rule and a seat needs to be occupied. Secondly, there are no short cuts in this field and like all other fields there is no alternative to hard work. Thirdly hard work in this field does not mean books and theoretical knowledge. The patient is the best teacher and time spent in wards and with the patients pays the maximum dividends. Fourthly, the eyes will see what the mind knows, so, clinical judgment is far more important than the new modality of investigation leading to a diagnosis. If they rely on the investigation to lead them to a diagnosis it will be disaster once in a while. It does not mean ‘no’ investigation. It means relevant investigations supporting the clinical judgment rather than the other way. Finally, if you do not know what it is, tell the patient!! You may lose him then but he will come back to you for your honesty. Be transparent. Be candid. Do not look at the patient as a money-making proposition. Look at him as a long term investment. Money is important but not earned using wrong means. Don’t be god or think that you can compete with him. Be humble and let God look after you so that you can look after his subjects.

You have highlighted the issue, what do you think can be the solution to it?

We should take away the capitation colleges and not medical education is a commercial venture. The students wanting to enter the profession should be counseled before they decide on their final destination. They should be made to understand that the non-tangible gains in this profession far out stretches the cash gain. Job satisfaction and respect is far more than any other profession. The money earning should be a byproduct of genuine services. A campaign has to be launched that the noble profession should not be turned into a business. The lop-sided government insurance policy of medical claim which has resulted in corruption should be revisited and rethought off, as it has exploited the doctors, which in turn has made the doctors exploit the company. Many other things which will make this paper very long but the essential crux is presented.

What are your favorite browsing site/sites? Which technology compliments one best?

Very fond of Wikipedia and read the contents of anything I want to learn about. For my medical needs I use different sites after Google for things I want to learn about. I am not very computer savvy. I do have a Facebook, LinkedIn account but normally do not browse it.

It was lovely having a conversation with you sir, any advice for amateur starters?

Yes. Whatever you are doing is probably your passion, always follow your passion. Do not see the obstacles. Do not feel scared treading a path which has never been walked upon. [highlight]If you are passionate and honest in what you do, the fear of success or failure will never be the deciding factor of what you ultimately achieve.[/highlight] Its failure initially which leads to glorious success later. Hope this message reaches masses and more readers benefit.

HushHush – The future of all online shoppers


Since the last decade, e-commerce has exploded the global markets, and most of us are well aware of the endless benefits that online shopping brings in. But what is fueling up the massive growth of the online shoppers? Well, here we enlist the plethora of benefits in short:

  • Round the clock services 24*7
  • Easily portable rather than driving all around the city
  • Comparing the prices of the online shops, and grabbing the best deals
  • Unlimited stocks
  • Increase of security of products, and easily exchangeable facility

In the present scenario, considering all the factors, an intelligent shopper would definitely go for online shopping rather than travelling all the way to the market places or malls since he finds rare time to visit the shops owing to the hectic schedules. These shopping sites also offer a great deal of gifting ideas and exclusive range of customized products to make any occasion all the more special for your near and dear ones. With HushHush, it is all the more simple to grab the best deal available online, which fits perfectly within your budget.

HushHush is an exclusive online departmental store that is designated to offer you voluminous savings on every single item you purchase. There are huge collections of products that cater to any occasion along with the ones that are vital for your daily requirements. From essential home wares, to fashionable accessories, beauty and skincare products, pets, foods they have it all.

Negotiating the best deals with the top notch brands of the country has never been an easy task! The founder and entrepreneur of HushHush, Mark Pearson is a popular personality across UK for assisting people to avail amazing discounts while shopping with his tremendously successful website: MyVoucherCodes which accumulates all the best deals and discounts from all across the web and places them at one single destination. In HushHush, you can always be sure to avail the best discount rate from the suppliers across the country even though it might take a slightly longer time than the traditional shops (usually within 14-21 days). But then, a little delay is worthwhile!

The online shopping habits of people have been affected largely by the social media in the few years. With the social and super interactive shopping website like this, you can now connect easily to the thousands of buyers and access the product reviews and suggestions. You can also assist others by saving your favorite brands or products using the cute heart icon and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Take part in the thrilling shopping experience online and familiarize with the ongoing fashion trends. Online shopping was never so fun!

GigBasket – Helping you get your next dream job


Have you ever wondered why a job search is a complicated process? If only it can be as easy as shopping or pinning yummy photos on Pinterest – adding jobs to your cart or pinning them on your personal board for tracking. Or even better put yourself up for auction ala IPL style and let the employers bid for you. GigBasket is the way to go then.

GigBasket is an online service that helps you organize your job search. You can save job opportunities to GigBasket with one click from virtually anywhere on the web, track their progress, add interview information – the whole deal. Thus bringing order to an otherwise scattered process and thus making it less stressful.

This works well in tracking all the information at one place and remembering all the information. As most of our search is quite scattered with job information and names scattered on email, on our LinkedIn profiles, offline referrals and more.  The site lets you login with LinkedIn thus instantly making accessible your existing professional record. You can schedule job interviews in GigBasket and have them automatically placed on your calendar, which can be easily subscribed to on your phone or computer, making sure you don’t miss out on any interviews. The bookmarklet makes saving jobs as easy as click and drag.

The coolest features are gigbasket scanning your LinkedIn network to find 1st and 2nd level connections in the companies whose job opportunities you’re tracking and also the auction feature where you can create an anonymous auction on GigBasket with your skills and experience and let companies and recruiters bid on you. The design on the site is neat and the navigation is easy. And yes it’s free and secure.

Gigbasket still in beta phase is a silicon valley startup and Edmundas Balcikonis and Eugenijus Radlinskas are the brains behind this novel venture. So, if you’re looking out for jobs, I would strongly recommend GigBasket.

Dèzquare – An online platform that matches you to a designer you’ll love


To kick off any venture, may it be starting a new line of post cards or mobile apps, you need designs. To get from a range of classics to graffiti you need designers who understand your perspective of the startup. Hunting for compatible designers cannot be an easy experience. Dèzquare is changing the game of graphic designing with a personal urban vibe.

The site is set apart with a mix of fun and finish so as to say, it runs you by a game very akin to truth or dare. Caught your attention, right? The note explains Dèzquare well, which stands for offbeat designs that will spark off new communications as it maps your taste and matches you to a compatible graphic designer.

Starting an enterprise needs logos, flyers, backgrounds, icons and tons more, in turn it needs – a Designer. Whatever one can think of now has to be graphic and visual, as these mini pixels that come together to form an image have more power than any other tool or app to hold the zapped attention. Dèzquare is a tool which connects you to the designer that will understand the sheer quintessence of the idea and hit the bull’s-eye.

The tool helps you escape the tiring hunt of portfolio’s to find that one delirious designer that you are looking for. The smart algorithm analyzes the pattern via the game. Dèzquare is a rendezvous for those who believe in reaching out in a vivid and colorful way.

It is not only about ‘who’ needs designers for their projects but is also about the designers who want to showcase their terrific skills online. You just have to send in a portfolio and you’re all set to roll.

Dèzquare is set to get your line of work all designed and get pepped up instantly.

The Beta Family – A beta testing service for iOS and Android applications

The Beta Family - Community

The mobile app space is witnessing fast pace of innovation with increasing specification and perfection day by day. Now the question is, where do these some of the smart mobile apps, with so much of point to point detailing, are coming from and how do they get on board of iOS and Android market? Here check out the TBF guys who are at right time and at right place.

The Beta Family provides a fantastic platform where developers can showcase their mobile applications and users get to apply for testing and reviewing these cool apps even before they hit the Mobile App Markets. Yes, the startup I’m talking about is a beta testing service for iOS and Android apps.

The Beta Family - ProcessIt’s more of a symbiosis between a developer who wants his application to get beta tested and people who are eager to try latest apps. During the process, the user who takes out that extra time to help the developers, by checking out their innovations, gets rated (and sometimes rewarded too).

An add-on for the developers lets the app get promoted in the newsletter; provided the budget of your beta testing is $100 or if it gets selected as the “favorite indie app”. Apart from a vivid range of categories, which lets you browse and find apps relating from Books-Business to Sports-Utility and Travel, its like KindCritic, but precisely focused for mobile apps.

So, if you have your app ready and want to get crowd sourced feedback, TBF is a good place to play around.

Nearbox – An app to know what’s happening around you

Nearbox - Know what’s happening around you

You were down with fever and so you missed an outstanding Dance Flash mob at a nearby mall. And now, you’re feeling super jealous, as you see your friends posting status on Facebook or discussing about it in a group chat. Oh! You must be feeling so left out.

Time to cheer up, as I’m up with an amazing mobile app – Nearbox, which helps you to  subscribe to places where you hangout generally, and you will never miss any topic next time.

Nearbox is a location-based message board, in fact not just a message board, more of a discussion portal. You can post about what is happening at the venue, get updates, and ask questions. Basically anything and everything you want to know about the place.

There are certain essentials too:

  • You need to have an account on Facebook and connect it there.
  • Not more than 240 characters in a single message  (keeping it short and simple).
  • Only one mailbox in every 10m range.
  • You can leave a message only when you are within a range of 400m

No mailbox at your favorite spot, then how about creating one by yourself. It’s more like, find a Nearbox on the map, or simply place one, and you are all set to have endless happenings with locals. From the developers, “If Facebook is a social graph, Twitter is a trend graph then we want Nearbox to be a local graph telling you what’s going on around you from people around you.”

Often compared to Twitter and defined as “Hyperlocal Twitter” and “Geolocation Twitter” – will it really put up some serious competition? Instead of following a person, try following a place and the discussion going on there, and let your friends know what’s happening around you.

[googleplay url=””]

CookDen – Start discovering and sharing delicious recipes


The yumminess of chocolates, cookies, sorbets and what not has now been defined. Want to make a delicious cider sorbet or classic chocolate chip cookies, but the correct recipe is missing, wait no more, get your batter bowl and other things that complete your kitchen armory because the recipe is now available at CookDen.

CookDenIf you have the desire to bite into a variety of cuisines then you would also want to pass on sacred family recipes among all loved ones. CookDen is an easy way to share recipes with the people you care about. From your family thanksgiving or New Year eves’ to your weekly dinner party with friends, the free platform enables you to share and collaborate your recipes with friends, family, and fellow foodies.

Most of the times, a recipe becomes a memory. Guess, you were planning on a risotto but ended up with a gelato as you spoke over the phone discussing the basil essence your mom puts in, her special touch which you wish to imbibe in your dish. CookDen helps you to save and cherish all the lip smacking techniques and then share it with people you want to have it.

The platform ensembles secret spices in a very visual fun and spicy way. It not only includes the particulars of cooking but also tells you a lot more about baking, icing and plating.

To begin, you can simply sign in with your own account and start spicing up your lives more. Find friends and foodies to share and discover more with.

Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy cooking!

WikiPaintings – An easy way to know more of paintings and history


For the art frenzy out there who have an urge to share, see and appreciate paintings and artifacts but who have to pull the plug for the lack copyrights, you have now – WikiPaintings as a new cynosure.

It is tough to put your words across if you don’t know how to be particular and precise but paintings make the job incredibly easier. Painters, in the eras gone by, have brought to life master pieces with strokes of brushes on a canvas. But this has not been well-versed to the public eye. Since an image is worth much more than mere words Wikipaintings presents both public domain art works as well as those protected by copyrights.

The Visual Art Encyclopedia, is a well structured repository of fine art, that can be treasured, without crossing any rights or rules. The organized form of paintings and the idea of stowed information has been an elusive concept. The online startup attempts to acknowledge the purview and maintain the resource contents for critics, lovers and admirers altogether.

WikiPaintings, runs on a wiki-principle of free filling and content editing. The surprising asset of the developing project seems its ad-free space that has a very friendly interface which can quickly translate every letter to five different languages.

If you are an enthusiast and want to contribute, head right over to the contribute section which is efficient in its plaid form.  The platform has also made visual arts mobile with its iOS app. The collection is wide with a whooping 75000 paintings!

With a cup of coffee, you can now savour the delight of classic-historic-paintings.

[app url=”″] – Create gorgeous, mobile optimized sites in minutes


In today’s world, web presence of any business or even an individual who dreams to be an entrepreneur is very important. Agree? Now you would want to create a webpage, but you lack the obvious knowledge about website designing, java programming, or those numerous snippet codes. Praying to God, for some extra light?

Here’s the ultimate solution, no code or experience required; all you need to do is check out As soon as you register your email address, you’re good to start. It has everything to serve your webpage for:

  • Business or Project
  • Personal Branding
  • Portfolio

Trust me it would just take 30 minutes and you’re done with your very own website. Moreover, people can easily search your page over the web as the platform does the SEO optimization. To add-on, you also get to share your webpage on any social platform you want to.

The most alluring part of is the beautiful and attractive gallery with numerous options, which guides you to enhance your landing webpage in a creative style. In fact your page automatically gets responsive and looks great on any platform or device.

Connecting to your users directly by adding a contact form or email collector sounds great with your web page. Oh yes! You also get to know when you actually go viral, as helps you to keep a track of your visitors. Team

College time friends, David Chen, Dafeng Guo and Teng Bao, came up with when they couldn’t find a better way to build beautiful websites in less time. Based in San Francisco Bay area, its a relief for those who want to build their online presence with a light weight and simpler website.

Betterific – Share and discover ideas


Have you ever felt that you’ve this ultimate brilliant idea which would add five stars to an already established and successful device or website? Like adding an “Unlike” button on Facebook or a feature that would play YouTube videos in the background of your phone.

Don’t worry if your friends don’t pay heed to your one in a million ideas; as we have a startup that encourages idea heroes. Betterific, a platform which helps people to put forward their ideas and suggestions that might help a product, company or an event to improvise. It’s more like a digital suggestion box, which allows you to give a “Better if suggestion” for the items listed in the tons of different categories.

The interface is dead simple, just login and post your ideas or just comment on others. Plus you also get ranked, depending on number of likes and dislikes your idea fetched, helping you turn-on your genius calculator to know how innovative you actually are. Just in case you have started admiring someone because of their mind blowing ideas, you can simply hit on “follow” tab to get all their creative suggestions.

Without socializing our life seems so incomplete, therefore Betterific also allows the users to optimize their suggestions by sharing it over the leading social networking sites. Additionally, you can keep a special track of all the ideas posted by your friends and social contacts via “My Friends” section, which then collects all posts by your contacts at one place (Think about Facebook Wall).

Although, Betterific has already made its place in the market, we have a new competitor coming up shortly – coWonder (currently in beta process).

Do you have dozens of ideas, just start thinking wouldn’t it be better if…?

Backstitch – Makes your personal web more organized and connected


When you register or sign up on a website, at first you enjoy the notifications, but as time passes it becomes more pesky because of the unwanted notifications. Agree? Like those photographs, which have no connection to you, you weren’t even miles close to the place, but you are tagged.

It’s you who understands better what you want to share, read or post. Backstitch – my startup for weekend, automatically aggregates all you data and services into a consistent user friendly interface. It’s more like a personal planner, where you keep all your favorite data bookmarked at a single platform. Be it your social profiles, blogs, newsletters or websites, you have it all served in a systematic way on your table, and all you need to do, is consume.

Guess what? Backstitch helps you translate all your content into articles, photos and products; this format makes your information look more descriptive and appealing at the same time. There’s more to come, to increase the extent of detailed personalization, Backstitch allows you to put-in:-

  • Location search
  • Price limits
  • Social filtering

From your favorite photos across the world to news articles from various websites, information today is totally fragmented, and the layouts are inconsistent. Websites being isolated with no communication, Backstitch helps by bridging these gaps and helping them to work together under an unified experience. As they say on their homepage “It’s your personal web.”

Co-created by Jordan and Stefanie, both BS in Computer Science and Mathematics, from Lake Superior State University, Backstitch is a great effort to convert complicated web content easy-to-consume, readily available and manageable.

Resocious – All new social network to redefine your interests


With the globalization of the world, the concept of social networking has gained widespread popularity. Social networking initially was meant only to boost up social relationships. It meant initiating a date, pastimes of people, party announcements and a host of things. However, the key factor behind the increasing popularity of the social media today is for its power of arresting attention, on the basis of the varied interests of people. Apart from serving merely as a platform of interaction and personal communication, these websites function largely as online promoters and enhances the visibility of several brands.

Today, the social media marketing forms an indispensable part of the small scale businesses. The social networking sites tend to construct a public profile of an individual. It accumulates a list of people who share a connection, and can be linked with each other on the basis of their common interests and habits. Thus, the strangers too can connect with each other and share their common views or interests on a particular thing via these sites.

The changing trends offer a wide range of choices in interests and practices as well. Resocious is a brand new social network, which focuses mainly on the likings and developing interests of people. During the procedure of signing up, you begin by putting in your interest lists. If there is any discussion on your favorite topic, it immediately pops up in your news feed. Resocious encourages you to expand your world, and to rediscover your interests by uploading and sharing multiple photos via bookmarklet or uploader, tagging them as interests and sharing them with all your connections. There is a trending bar, which showcases the most active interest at a point in time. You can easily add it up in your profile and take part in all the interesting discussions around you.

Founded by Richard Aberefa, the innovative startup Resocious tries to figure out which related topics and discussions will arrest your gaze, so that you are always updated about the interesting happenings in and around you.


If you are brand freak, or a fashionable youth, Resocious is just the place for you. Quickly connect yourself with several people or a wide range of brands and products of your choice, always stay updated about the latest trends, best deals and coupons offered by your favorite brands!

Shoplocket – Sell easily by embedding your product anywhere on the web


E-Commerce sites revolutionized the way we buy and sell by moving shops from brick-n-mortar to websites on the Internet. It really opened up avenues, but for a seller there still is a need to set up a website. Sites like eBay and Shopify solve this problem either by providing a ready online market place or setting up a site for you. In either of these cases, there is a need to drive traffic to your site for a successful sale. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sell not from these online storefronts but simply publish and sell at places where you already get visitors like your blog, Facebook page, Pinterest board or Twitter deck. That is what Shoplocket intends to do.

Shoplocket helps decentralize online sales by helping you sell individual products from any website. Thus making it as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Customers can buy directly from the place where your product is embedded. Add to that, no upfront fees or monthly fees so it is risk-free and no commitment required.  You pay only on a sale. Signing up takes only a click. There are seven different templates for displaying the product. The only drawback is the payment options. The only ones available are Paypal and Stripe (only for US and Canada).

Katherine Hague, is the founder and Andrew Louis, the tech brain behind this Toronto based startup. While this may be all that is needed to sell their products for small players, it may serve as a customer-funnel for the bigger ones with offerings on their own sites.


This effort has further lowered the barrier to entry into e-commerce, thereby making selling possible for anybody and ensuring an ever-greater variety of products for buyers. This is a quite unique concept. But now with latest developments, you can embed your entire Shopify storefront into pretty much any page on the web! How things work out and in whose favor? Let’s wait and watch.

Apptrace – An app discovery tool with added perks


Are you busy hunting the latest apps? Are you the one who sweeps through the App Store or Google Play more often to see what next app will spice up your phone? Well the answer is phenomenal as we all love to flaunt about, being the first one in the group to use the top ranking apps. Quite obvious with today’s tech loving youth, isn’t it?

Lately, I stumbled upon a startup called Apptrace, an app discovery tool which helps you save your time and still remain the app guru of your group. Thinking how this is going to help you, the answer is you don’t need to spend hours checking and experimenting various apps from the same categories to get the top five, and that’s not all, you even get the worst five of that category.

Different yet simply amazing, Apptrace is one stop destination for all App Store analytics, without any hassle. From most popular of the week to daily global ranks, it has all served on one plate, which you get to review based on detailed reports for every application.

I know what’s on your mind; you must be thinking whether it’s reliable and would help you shine? Oh yes, it will. The tool generates the list of the top five apps based on the real-time statistics. Apart from the hardcore algorithm, the people behind this starup are themselves developers of prominent apps, so they know the market in and out.

Plus when we’re talking about time saving, how could I forget to mention that Apptrace is the fastest app tracing online tool present. To add-on, you also get an additional review of the competing apps, which just helps you shine brighter.

What are you waiting for? It’s not just free; it’s free forever.

Notism – A tool to discuss visual content with your team


As per Thomas Friedman (of “The World is flat” fame), one of the enablers of globalization 3.0 are the workflow software’s. They make collaboration easier in a distributed work environment, where people are scattered throughout the world and emails and IMs are not sufficient as means of communication. This is truer in case of UX design & development which require constant feedback, interaction, back-and-forth discussions and a series of brain storming sessions. This requires software tools and software with capabilities beyond the already existing tools. This is exactly where Notism fits in.

Notism is a team-communication tool where you can upload and review visual projects and designs with others. The app takes a lead-by-example approach when it comes to design. The design is very neat, clean, and extremely user-friendly. The best features include being able to create interactive prototypes via hotspots, categorization for notes and groups of people, ability to review and approve designs online making iterations simpler, project customization, Reply to comments via email without logging into your account and ability to assign and track to-do items thereby eliminating the need for spreadsheets for project management. With instant online access to the project, all the members are on the same page, hence eliminating the need for constant status update emails.


Brains behind the venture are Jan Riecke and Hannes and the tool is still in the public beta phase. The offering is unique with the only notable competitor being ZOOcore. The team is open for feedback and the features under discussion currently include adding a way to discuss video and audio and a way to connect Notism to Dropbox.

If you are a web designer, logo designer, ad agency guy or anybody who works with visual designs, you have to try this!

CV Maker – Create your professional resume in minutes for free

CV Maker

Job hunting is a daunting task and more so if you don’t have the right tools. Of these, your curriculum vitae is the most important tool and still far too many people struggle to write a decent resume that could hold the interest of their potential employers. But there is a silver lining to every cloud, in this case it is the CV Maker.

CV Maker is a free online tool that lets you create, maintain, publish and share your professional resume. You can create your resume in 16 different languages within minutes and export them in PDF, plain text and HTML formats. You can also maintain them in different languages independent of your global language preference.

The templates are simple and if you don’t wish to include a section, just leave it blank. Alternatively, you can add a new section or rename and reorder the existing sections to suit your needs. The CV Maker is also available on the chrome webstore.

This is the most elegant and time-efficient way to create an attractive resume or a bio-data within minutes. Only thing missing seems to be the export/download to doc format option. Till date, 348,557 resumes have been downloaded and the number is growing. The easy to use interface is an advantage over the other existing online resume tools.

Are you hunting for jobs? Head over to CV Maker now for a resume that could give you a head start over the others.

PlagSpotter – Helping you get rid of all issues related to duplication of content and plagiarism

PlagSpotter - Online Duplicate Content Checker Tool

Internet provides a wide range of smooth options for upcoming writers to steal content from the existing websites, and use them as their own content. Plagiarism is exercised rampantly. Often, writers put in loads of hours and efforts to research and write an article or important papers. The entire process is time consuming, and it requires a high dedication for someone to make the content more in-depth and reader friendly. On the other hand, noobs find it easy to copy-paste the good content from the numerous blogs, editorials and various online sources. At present, all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc deal with this issue very seriously. They don’t even hesitate to ban your website or charge you a lump sum amount as fine.

While creating a website, always ensure that you’re not using a duplicate content for it. The most common tendency pertaining to duplicate content usually occurs during writing the urls, product descriptions, meta descriptions, title etc. Using the same title tags throughout the entire website is also considered to be duplicate content. There are several free tools available online to check plagiarism, but it is needless to say that none of them are efficient. Being a SEO content developer, I myself have suffered immensely by trial and error methods trying to figure out which one is better. If you are also suffering from the same problem, here is an efficient tool you can completely rely upon: PlagSpotter

PlagSpotter is an easy-to-use online tool to detect plagiarism. It enables bloggers, journalists and writers to scan their posts and web pages, thereby preventing internet copyright infringement and enhancing SEO. At present, the service offers free unlimited individual URL checks, along with three exclusive subscription plans.

After getting in touch with Laura May, Project Coordinator at PlagSpotter, the startup plans to include an improvement in the duplicate content checking algorithm to make sure that it is quick and accurate. In addition, the company is also seeking to implement a set of new features to further precipitate meeting its customer’s needs in their search for duplicate content across the Internet.

Are you serious about the content on your website or blog? If yes, know more about your website’s content at PlagSpotter.

FeedGrabbr – Display stories from any RSS feeds on your website


Are you fed up of hunting different sites every day for info? Does your mailbox get cluttered everyday with messages from various sites? Do you want the latest feeds from all the blogs you follow, but without too many mails in your inbox? Then I would say, “FeedGrabbr is the solution for you”.

How does the idea of having served up on a platter sound. If I can guess right, the option is very appealing. The idea of having news from all over Internet, without going all ballistic seems to be serving my purpose. FeedGrabbr is a site that has come up with a widget that can be a part of your site, and deliver, to you, all the info you wanted.

But sometimes having an external widget on one’s site might worry. It would worry me, until, I got to trendify it and make it a part of my page. What interests me at FeedGrabbr is that I can customize the app intensifying the content value of my page. The procedure is simple and it tailors the app to exact – what I want.

The sign up is quick and easy to roll onto a two step process that makes the layout and appearance of the widget cool. But the surprising element that I found at FeedGrabbr was that they even give an option for removing their branding!!

Other things that make it a definite try out are zero maintenance, its WordPress compatibility and the usage being free. No ‘branding’, no ‘cost’. Not much of hassle to make your website more content-oriented. So if you own a website and want to publish breaking news about stuff that matters to your users, give FeedGrabbr a spin.

Mouthee – Share and discover word of mouth recommendations

Every time, I check in some new app to get the best and true reviews about various POIs (Places of Interest), and think of trying out the one with maximum number of stars, or best rated, as you may say; it has always turned out to be a blunder. Had the same experiences? Well I can understand how it feels when you plan up something; and it turns out to be a mess.

Finally my search came to an end with Mouthee, a mobile app that helps you get real world recommendations not only for POIs but simply anything, be it a song, a book, a movie, a place, or a new recipe.

Hold on, did I tell you that Mouthee is not like those usual apps where you follow the ratings of strangers, no not at all, in fact all the recommendations sent to you, are by your friends and your very own contacts. This is done by combining various review sites and social networks, and bringing all of it to one place.

As soon as you log in, you start receiving recommendations at once on each and everything, on your activity feed. Just in case you want recommendations only on a specific item, then simply click on that particular unit, to fetch all the possible details about it.

Not to forget, as you get recommendations, you’re also welcome to make recommendations by simply hitting “Rec it”, Bingo! Other specifications and details is Mouthee’s super secret mechanism, to make sure that your recommendations are helpful to others.

Mouthee Dasboard

David Pritzker and Chad Silver, the longtime friends and founders of Mouthee, have now given a better way to get and give recommendations from friends without sifting through scores of Facebook walls, random Yelp reviews and those endless Twitter remarks. So, how about planning a perfect unforgettable date for your love, based on suggestions by your friends? Rec it!

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