Scoopinion – A tool which analyzes and delivers the news based on your interests

Scoopinion – A tool which analyzes and delivers the news based on your interests

A read-o-holic like me, spends a lot of time drifting and scrutinizing the web pages looking for something worth reading. Most of the time, it’s more disappointment than data; which you find. Do you have the idea that data journalism is almost extinct? If so, then you just might be in for a treat.

Scoopinion is an online app that provides you with all up-to-date stories, which are priorly verified. All the news and headlines comes from a range of very well reputed sources and channels. It delivers to you substance over catchy headlines. But what after you have a plenty of good well-sourced data? You cannot go through every article. Well, Scoopinion has a solution to this. The online tool delivers a feature story to you, only when it is sure that it’s worth your read.

There also exists Scoopinion browser plugins (Firefox and Chrome) which follows the readers engagement and analyzes behavior of like-minded people, thereby adding brilliant filtering options for your preferences.

The tool not only serves readers but has the frame to provide site suggestions to journalists as well. Scoopinion gives the platform to freelance journalists to be published, by providing knowledge about upcoming channels.

You can fetch curated stories from The Guardian, The Daily Beast, Harvard Business Review and more, all in one go. Apart from being your own personalized magazine, bringing to you all the information you want from different papers that tends to your taste and needs, it add more value by highlighting the content as ‘Top Scoring’, ‘Favorite Authors’ and ‘Just In’.

What are your future plans? I asked Ville Sundberg, CTO at Scoopinion. “Our future focus is on connecting readers and journalists in a better way.” Looking at the journalist’s side, Scoopinion plays an efficient role in Audience Analysis, which has already been proven especially useful to freelance journalists. It gives the reporter an idea of which other publications their audience reads. In these uncertain times for journalists, freelancers are constantly on the lookout for new channels for their stories.

There are two types of site suggestions we can give:

  • Sites that the journalist is aware of but didn’t think they’d attract readers there
  • Sites that the journalist was completely unaware of but that hit pretty close to what they write about, says Ville.

Audience Analysis of Nick Bilton by Scoopinion

So if you are hunting for news feed from dozens of different sources, here is an elegant tool that visualizes your ‘media fingerprint’, showcasing your favorite sources at one stop.

For data junkies who want to discover more about data journalism, another strategic option is the Data Journalism Handbook.

Hike Messaging App – Interview with Kavin Bharti Mittal, the man behind the show

Hike Messaging App – Interview with Kavin Bharti Mittal, the man behind the show-001

From the utility of your month expenses to the whimsy of organizing the next office event round, it seems like there is an app for just about everything. But in the minds of the most adventurous app developers, this is just the first generation of technologies that we will wonder how we ever lived without.

When most people think of mobile app development, the first apps that come to mind are usually productivity apps such as Dropbox, Mail, and Evernote, games such as Angry Birds, Cut the rope, and Doodle Jump, or social apps like Facebook, TweetDeck, and Foursquare. All of these apps are constructed to slip into the cracks of our busy lifestyles, aiding us in some form or fashion. Catching up on Facebook while in line at KFC. Entertainment while waiting for a friend to arrive. Checking in to a restaurant while walking through the door. Although mobile apps like these are becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives, there is still an entire sea of uncharted waters left to explore.

As technological innovations such as location based services, augmented reality, the accelerometer, etc. open new doors daily, apps are slowly starting to reach out and take advantage of all these new features and create truly unique experiences. Recently one of my friends referred me to download this app called hike, a free messaging tool. “I already use WhatsApp, why should I download this?” I asked her, and to my surprise, I instantly received a SMS from her saying “coz it gives you free messaging!” And believe me, without wasting a second more, I downloaded the app. However, it took me few days to realize the benefits of the app, when I could send my friends (who didn’t had smart phones) free SMS right from my mobile, and now it’s on my list of “most frequently used app.”

hike - Homepage

It was a pleasure to interview Kavin Bharti Mittal, the idea hero behind hike, and its upcoming success.

How would you introduce hike?

Hike Apphike is a cross platform messenger that aims to make communication simple and personal again. With a beautiful user experience and emotional emoticons, there hasn’t been a better and more simple way to express yourself to all your friends. With hike you can message all your friends. hike to hike is free globally and one can also message friends who don’t have the app installed for free, as making SMS messaging pretty seamless.

How was the idea conceptualized and developed? Any specific inspiration?

In India, given the low penetration of data enabled smartphones, there is fragmentation in messaging. Mobile users have 4-5 apps that keep them in touch with their friends. Over time this becomes very tedious to manage. We asked ourselves is there an app that combines the real-time, free nature of IM with the openness and ubiquity of SMS? We couldn’t find one so we built hike.

How is the feedback that you are receiving about the app’s growth in the market?

The feedback has been amazing. We’re seeing great number users come onto hike on all platforms including the S40 app we just recently launched.

Five years before AppSpark, did you know you would go with the stream of online enterprise?

Five years before AppSpark, I think I was just about to enter high school. I’m a big F1 fan and I won’t be surprised if back then I wanted to be involved in F1 in some way. Short answer is no.

WhatsApp has taken the market by the storm, how do you think that hike will bring a change in the scenario?

IM market globally is a very fragmented market. We have WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, KakaoTalk and each have between 50-150M users. As a matter of fact half of the overall smartphone users still don’t really use a messaging app like so. There are big players but the market is still early.

You are a young entrepreneur, how has the journey been so far? Any ups and down you came across?

Being an entrepreneur one always has ups and downs. There are days when sky is the limit and others when you’re up till 6 AM figuring out what went wrong with your servers. It’s been a fantastic journey. One of great learning. I’ve learnt more in these last 3-4 years than I have in my entire life.

You were all set in UK, how did starting a venture in India comes up as a thought?

India is a big market. The potential of building something that could impact 1B people that access the internet from a mobile device was too exciting of an opportunity to pass up on. That said, if it wasn’t for AppSpark, I don’t think I would’ve been in a position to run BSB.

According to you, what has made the investment worth it?

It’s still early days. Ask me that question in a year.

What were the risks as a starter for you? And now, what risks are you willing to take for ‘Hike’?

Risk was not taking the usual route of getting a job or joining other business in the group and starting from scratch. Honestly speaking that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I don’t care much for what people think, I do what I do, because I’m extremely passionate. hike is one of the most beautiful, well built products out there in the market and we’re going to do whatever it takes, so that it’s around for years to come.

According to you, what will be the future of mobile app industry?

Apps are a great form of distribution. There are people who build apps for the sake of apps and then there are those who get their services across users in the form of apps. We fall in the latter category and I hope more people follow.

There is no doubt in my mind that this has become and will remain a great source of distribution for years to come.

Any message that you would like to impart to young entrepreneurs out there?

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou have to be passionate about what you do. Building a company from scratch isn’t easy. It comes with a lot of hard work and constant worrying. Any sane person would walk away. So it’s extremely important to be passionate about what you do.

Download hike app for Android:

[googleplay url=””]

Download hike app for iOS:

[app url=”″]

Iconify – An elegant way to create your professional portfolio

Iconify – An elegant way to create your professional portfolio

Even today many students get confused between a resume and a professional portfolio, while others are still unaware of the benefits of the latter. A professional portfolio is primarily a collection of documents, which bears the testimony of your entire career history relating to your educational qualifications, skills, assessments of personality, and recommendations from people, appraisals of your performances, psychometric evaluations, and personal validations along with verifying of backgrounds, whereas a CV merely embarks your skills and qualifications.

For those people who are engaged in creative fields like photography, art, designing and web development, portfolio plays a major role for fetching job opportunities and freelancing work. It is also very vital to gather all the necessary data pertaining to your skills and interests as this will be the valid evidences to show what you’ve accomplished. Adding references and recommendations from friends, lecturers and other known circles is also a good idea, as it will make your portfolio more effective.

If you are a professional photographer wandering how to create your portfolio, and maximize the benefits out of it, here is the one stop destination for all your professional needs – Inconify

Iconify is a free web app which allows professional photographers to create folders for their pictures and display them online to everybody which makes the sharing more easy. There is specified location for the upcoming photographers to update their personal details, along with a map to their physical location.

The sharing tools of Iconify are also very convenient and user-friendly, by the aid of which the professionals can share their work on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler or simply via email in just one click. The best part is however, the downloading option, which allows the users to download the professional portfolios as an app for glancing on mobiles or other portable devices. All you need to do is to click the download icon from any mobile or the device to avail this portfolio.

An elegant way to create your professional portfolio

Iconify looks appealing for the potential clients, but its simplistic design makes it usable by even a novice person.

So if you are an amateur photographer seeking for an opportunity to display your skills, start building your portfolio with Iconify.

Dealotto – A daily deals site where your luck decides the price you pay


It’s a dream of every shopaholic – Discounts and Group deals!

Who wouldn’t want to win prizes? But wouldn’t it be twice the charm when your luck proves an extra bit for you? It obviously will!! The happiness one feels in anticipation of winning a prize is heightened when luck deals in.

Dealotto, as the name suggests, is a website that combines daily deals and the game of lotto or luck cum probability.  It provides a platform to sell products – for sellers and even a grander one to buyers who can get magnificent deals in terms of discounts or tools and apps totally free.

Every product we use, we wish to share it with our friends. It is always crazy to share an app or a website that’s amazing and be the cynosure for introducing it in your circle. Dealotto, make this sharing even more fun. You can earn real money by inviting your friends over to dealotto.

Dealotto works with a very easy to use interface and has a one click registration process. You signup using a normal Dealotto account and enter the room of wondrous deals for a range of products.

Dealotto - Daily Deals for the Lucky

The variations and availability of tools and apps and themes are incredible. This includes, but not limited to, WordPress themes, hand-drawn vectors, icons, plug-ins, textures and more.

The tool provides instant and secure download after the payment. And you pay only the price you have won. The icons and textures become a must have for budding designers and developers.

Be lucky!

Silk – Easily helps you to filter data from the mass information


There is a mind-boggling amount of information online. And this is a wonderful thing. A good search engine is like an oracle: you can ask it any question you like and be sure to get an answer. The answer might be exactly what you’re looking for, or it might be, well, oracular—difficult to interpret and possibly incorrect. But what if you are searching for some specific data-related questions?

Well let me tell you an incident. Recently I was doing a research paper on “Global entrepreneurs below 20”, and like most of them would do, I started with Google search, which listed few relevant and other irrelevant results. I managed to copy the information and save it in a word file. Then I moved onto Crunchbase, but now it seemed like I was swimming in an ocean with trillions of fishes, and was trying to catch only the golden-colored breed. And believe me, I couldn’t ever complete my project – Not because there was no information available there, but only because all the information available was too scattered and time consuming, so as to put it down on one single sheet.

So coming down back to the question, have you ever spent hours digging up Wikipedia for information about a topic, opening up page after page to compare different information? If yes then you’ll surely like this startup called Silk.

Silk is a free-to-use online application that helps you collect, sort and view the information that you need without making you sweep through the data yourself. Think of it as an expert who knows everything about a given subject and can deliver that information to you with minimal effort.

Silk - Easily helps you to filter data from the mass information

Once you sign up, you can start browsing the data page by page, just as you would on CrunchBase. But what makes this more easier is that allows you to filter and search the data with specific parameters. This not only drills down the information quickly, but also saves your time without extensive searching and comparing the information. Ah, I still wish if I had known about this earlier.

Other than letting you access information available on other sites, you can even seed your data about your own company or startup, which then can be used as an internal research tool for your employees or team members. This information will then be indexed by search engines, giving you an added advantage of more exposure.

Co-founded by Salar al Khafaji and Lon Boonen, the ease with which Silk allows you to manage data is inspiring for anyone who has to do research for their jobs or studies. The ability to visualize that data in charts and graphs, is something the core value of Data Journalism. – Express yourself with your voice message


Won’t it be exciting if we could just use our voice to convey our thoughts instead of writing an email or sending a text? Being recognized by our name, picture or updates is quite common on social networking sites, but using our voice to convey our thoughts is entirely different and at the same time exciting! That’s what app does – Opening the doors to a world where the motto is to be identified by your own unique voice.

The app is extremely simple as it helps to communicate in a more personalized manner with just three simple steps – Push, Speak and Share. A single click to copy the URL and you will be all set to send your voice note to anyone over the web. Great isn’t it!

Apart from its apps for Android and iOS platform, the team has also published an open API which serves a great tool for web developers as they can use it to build their own web-based apps to converse with their audience.


Co-founded by Protik, Srinivasa and Shefali, the startup aims at making communication faster, friendly and easier by adding a new dimension to the world jammed by text and pictures. It shows a better picture of how people can express themselves with a personal touch.

Now there’s a better way to wish someone #HappyBday – Just croak it!

Download it from Google Play:

[googleplay url=””]

Download it from App Store:

[app url=”!/id525958948?ls=1&mt=8″]


Wikibrains- A tool for brainstorming and mind mapping


Craving to do something different but finding yourself out of ideas. Are you? When you start thinking of making a niche in the world, it suddenly seems that everything has been attempted. More than often we run out of ideas. To be different, we need to think out of the box, so goes the saying. But what if one cannot locate the box? Now that’s a googly.

Wikibrains is a very visual app, which answers to the immense and endless possibilities in creative sectors. It is a platform that enhances creative thinking in a very dynamic way by smart brain-storming.

New ideas can never be far, when friends are close. This at-a-glance interface gives an ability for people to share their thoughts and connect online to get a vibrant range of fresh new perspectives not bound by preconceived notions and limitations.


Brainstorming is a classic tool that has helped transform ideas into forums, blogs and more. The capacity of brainstorming is not limited but has exponential potential. Wikibrains is a tool that creates an online space beyond the social walls of institutions and organizations which have always hindered its full usage, thus delivering instant and relevant information to a specific search. Users can search for what they are looking for, and in return get much more, in the form of other related brainstorms creating more variations with a widening horizon of new ideas.

Co-Founded by Jishai Evers, Gilad Manor and Elisha Evers, Wikibrains is a growing database structure of semantically linked knowledge and information to help smart crowd save their time spent on their research projects.

Brainstorm - Wikibrains

So for all the creatives out there – Happy brainstorming!

UseTheFood – Lets you share and discover recipes by ingredients


A sprinkle of mustard seeds, add some cumin and cloves and lo! Behold, most of the homemade dishes are ready to be served. But isn’t that what everyone does? The privilege to know what to do differently with the same spices and conjure, the most marvelous of dishes is a feat in itself. For this you do not need a giant recipe list rather an internet connection would suffice, because UseTheFood is here to assist you do something different.

You were preparing some whipped cream mousse for a kitty party in the evening, but you realize to your dismay that you added salt for sugar in your whisked eggs. Do not panic, UseTheFood provides you with ways that can work magic on your spoiled mousse batter and you can end up making a velvet pancake with molten chocolate.

UseTheFood is a free to use online tool, without signup cliches yet an available option if you choose to, which reduces food wastage incredibly, at the same time allowing you to share your ‘batter-spices-and-essence’. The online app has a very systematic search option which creates scrumptious dishes from regular ingredients, by looking it up, in a zap.

UseTheFood - Homepage

The free app has not only delicious visuals but also a rather intriguing blog, which emphasizes on the usage of food or what’s left of it, very true to the what the site has been christened.

UseTheFood is open to public and works its charms for our fellow foodies, who can share their awesome-touch online and get the chance to invite their friends. More recipes can be found at CookDen, another startup by fellow foodies, for foodies very much like you and me.

Lets slurp some coffee with great relish – #BonAppetite

StickyMoose – Plan and manage your events efficiently


When was the last time you organized a party, a get-together or a reunion? I’m sure you must have experienced the mess after you posted the event on Facebook and tried broadcasting the message over WhatsApp and BBM. Oh, I can imagine it pretty well, your notifications flooding, and your phone continuously pinging.

Here’s an end to your nightmare with a super cool tool called StickyMoose; which not only helps you organize your event invitees, but also helps you get votes and suggestions for the extra details regarding your event.

With StickyMoose, you can plan your event in a very systematic way with just 3 easy-to-follow steps:

  • After signing in, just create your event (a party, reunion, a social event, family get-together) and spice it up with some description.
  • In the next step, you get an extra option of adding multiple questions related to the event, with an ability to set the deadline, ensuring that you won’t be receiving any silly queries from people who always tend to be a Late Kate.
  • Lastly, you get two auto-generated links, one for your personal use – to manage the event details, and the other – to share with all your friends.

Worried about last-minute changes, StickyMoose takes care of that too; it keeps all your guests updated by notifying them every time you make a change to the event.


Moreover, being the host, you can also moderate the entire conversation between members, and even delete the questions or any suggestions by invitees.

Founded by Wim Imans, Karel Vanheule and Bob Smolders, StickyMoose is currently in its private beta, with plans of going live in coming three months. Till then, start thinking about your next event –  You’ve a great tool coming soon!

Mail’ette – Helps designers to showcase their mockups, track approvals and save time


When it comes to creative decisions of the websites, majority of business owners tend to leave it on professional designers. While a professional designer knows perfectly what is attainable and what is not, no one can understand your business requirements better than you. Thus, the final product must combine both the hands in order give your ideas perfect shape.

If you possess creative skills, then all you need is to sharpen your skills in order to become a successful graphic designer. First of all you need to familiarize with designing software’s like Photoshop, Illustrator or others you find comfortable. Before you finally kick start your journey, and set up your own business, you’ll need to create demo business cards, mock logos and few other assets. Setting up your portfolio, and mock designs will enable you to approach potential clients more smoothly. For this purpose, you may try out the several designing forums that hosts thousands of content daily, but the best possible place to develop your skills is none other than Mail’ette.

Mail’ette is a simple web application, for the upcoming freelance designers or web developing agencies to send their mock designs via email, get feedback, and share it with the clients, ultimately getting approval for their work very fast. It is vital to decide the number of templates that you’ll need, what is the most important thing to be included in every page of the website, where should be the navigation and much more. Initially, designers used to sum up the entire task in a piece of paper before execution. With Mail’ette, you can simply attach your entire idea via email, with the link to your mock webpage and receive email confirmation once your designs are approved by clients. Its that simple!


This will surely help designers fine-tune their skills and boost up their income. So, if you are an amateur designer, hunting for an opportunity to pitch your creative skills, start with the basic plan of Mail’ette free account today, and get hired immediately!

Mailrox – Quickly build bulletproof HTML emails


If you have ever coded rich HTML emails by hand, you will know how painful it is and after putting in all your efforts, you still don’t know how it will end up on being displayed in different email clients. Sean Hinton, a London based web-developer, faced with this issue too and he ended up building a tool called Mailrox to make life easier for coding HTML email templates.

Mailrox is sort-of-WYSIWYG tool which lets you create an email template in three easy steps. Upload the image/design, define your layout and add the content. Adding the content requires knowledge and coding in HTML and CSS hence I used the term ‘sort-of-WYSIWYG’. The templates are compatible with ten different email clients including Lotus notes, Outlook, Gmail and others. The templates are reusable and a simple interface of Mailrox ensures huge time saving with no multiple rounds of testing. The finished templates can be also exported in a package for Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, or just a simple zip.


Some of the best features I found interesting compiles of a compatibility report which specifies whether your design can display well on all the clients, an ability to specify the prefix URL for downloading a zip file, an ability to add custom styles in text, prior testing by sending test mail and a snapshot preview in browser. Very well thought out features. The chopping tool in the layout definition step involves a learning curve but that is a onetime effort.

Mailrox is in free private beta mode right now, with an open invitation to access the platform first hand. Apart from other to-do things, templates with responsive designs feature is also on the list. One feature I’d like to see is an option to upload a PSD along with current JPG or GIF formats.

Mailrox Email Template

So, if you’re one of those who spend hours coding HTML email templates, now you can quickly build bulletproof HTML emails with MailRox.

Blogmate – Helps you to highlight, annotate and organize your web content


Although today we are accessible to tools like Instapaper and Readability, where we can easily pin up all the interesting articles from various blogs and websites, all at once place; I still find it pretty more cumbersome when I really need to do some editing with particular articles.

Try remembering those days right back, when we were limited to pen and paper. Do you remember that phase of your school days, when you used those fluorescent color markers to highlight important passages in your textbook? It was fun and helpful, both at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could add such real time activities to a reading website? Well that’s what Blogmate is all about; an online tool which not only saves all your web pages and online articles (as archives), but also helps you highlight and make annotations to all important passages in order to take notes, just the way you do it on a paperback notebook.

[highlight]”How does highlighting the text help me” must be the question on your mind, right?[/highlight]

Here’s the answer right from the developers of Blogmate – “We know that reading actively, e.g. highlighting or annotating while reading, can help improve your understanding and retention of the text. During active reading, your brain is deliberately creating rather than passively consuming.”

Just to make sure you get the best of both worlds, Austin Fonacier, Danny Banks and Ben Johnson, from California; have been working at night, after their regular day office-shift to build this online platform.


Even though, we’ve covered some of the best reading tools earlier – Old Reader, Backstitch, SyndiFeed; with it’s appealing features, Blogmate seems to bring in some serious competition in the game.

Now you can grab any content from the web and create your own personal archive of information and have a better reading experience.

Download the Chrome Extension of Blogmate here.

Recommendsy – Helps you spread the word of mouth via recommendations


For a small business owner or a freelancer, it is very crucial to adopt an array of online marketing strategies, to popularize their brands or services across the global market. The primary factor is to drive traffic to your business website, and spreading the news of your organization, to arrest the gaze of potential customers. Nowadays, by using recommendations and reviews of your products and services, you can effectively drive more and more traffic to your web page. This may appear to be a hectic and time consuming task, but once you are done with it, you need to worry no more about fetching visitors for your web page.

Over the past few years, the social networking sites have played immense role in online marketing and popularizing brands or services. Looking at Facebook and Twitter itself, there are more than 800 million already existing users engaging themselves in liking a post, tweeting, sharing, posting, and much more throughout the day. If you are thinking how to make the opportunity of sharing testimonials or reviews about your services on these social sites, here we have probably the best solution: RECOMMENDSY.

Recommendsy is a free widget that provides your potential customers a platform to gather more information about your organization, products and online services and recommend them over Facebook and Twitter (pretty similar to the mobile app Mouthee). Likewise, if the existing customers are satisfied with your services, they can recommend it to their socially connected friends with a single-click. Signing up in Recommendsy is just a matter of few minutes. Thereafter you receive a code, which then can be pasted to your website to start the magic – Spreading the word like a wildfire!

RECOMMENDSY, the recommendation marketing tool

You can even set up a list of frequently asked questions along with answers and recommendations pertaining to your web page or products as default. There also exists a customization tool which helps you decide the position of the widget and select your favorite color shade to comply perfectly with the existing color patterns of your web page. Thus, you can use it yourself without any assistance from your developer. Isn’t that great?

Get your products recommended today by utilizing this free, fast and powerful tool!

Lectrio – A classroom community for students and teachers to stay connected


Are you one of those students or teachers who struggle with assignments, submissions, up to date time table, lectures and increasing courses? Most probably yes, because these days it is becoming difficult to cope up with the pressure of achieving target, completion of work tasks, keeping records, attending lectures on time and many more. So here comes Lectrio an innovative E-learning environment to our rescue.

Lectrio, the web-application helps to conduct any course online and connect with each student worldwide. Every course is distinguished by its unique set of features making the learning interactive as the students – teachers can get together simply by setting up a discussion. Thus, the Q&A, queries can be easily solved. What makes the Lectrio more convenient to use is that all the lecture materials, presentations can be shared just by linking the content to the web like any other social networking site.

The teachers will find it friendly and easy too as they can keep track of the grades, attendance on each lecture, workshops together with writing special remarks and notes for every student. In each course the past grades are displayed together with the present to stimulate the results making student evaluation easier. With the latest LMS edition it’s handy to create different student groups, manage enrolments, broadcast assignment dates and other laborious tasks.

To add to our relief, this web-academy is maintained by the technical team which liberalizes us from downloading or paying licenses or upgrading software’s as Lectrio is cloud-based and provides back-up for our data every day. It’s easy accessibility through an any device; be it laptop, tablet, iPad and Smartphone makes it further more demanding by schools and colleges.


Managed by Nikita Karotaev, Alex Lavasov and Hercules Fisherman, this next-generation learning platform brings us an efficient and friendly way to learn faster and better.

Junkio – A marketplace to sell your junk socially


Are you one of those people who bought a guitar on whim but never got enough time to play it? And now you being aware of the fact that you don’t need it anymore, the best possible action you can take is – sell it online. E-Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds with new technologies and novel ideas for creating an effective and competitive marketplace. However, the two concerns which still remain notched are getting people to know about a sale and trusting the buyers and sellers. Junkio hopes to address these concerns.

Junkio is a peer-to-peer network for buying and selling new or used items to anyone on the Internet, or privately between friends. You can add friends on the site and also share the listing on your circles hence ensuring an audience for your listing. And you can transact with confidence knowing other Junkio members are verified since you use the same account as that for Amazon i.e the transactions are backed with Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee Protection.

The features like simple forms and navigation, free listing, customized profile and social selling are not new and are also offered by some others like Artery, Shoplocket and Sellbox. What sets this Houston-based marketplace apart is only tangible, physical items can be sold on Junkio, the private sharing, verification of users, no fee in case the item is sold through cash transaction and an item once posted doesn’t need to be re-listed.

Junkio Team

Junkio is still in its Beta stage and looks good as of now. What I would have liked to see is being able to login through Facebook or Google to make signing up easier. I don’t see any shipping details mentioned on the site or for items which makes it look more like something meant only for friends. Also, only time I would want to put something up for sale privately is maybe when I want a few to see it before the others but that is a very subjective issue.

Register now to put some junk in your possession for sale or check if you find anything interesting to buy.

GetDavai – A drug discovery and comparison engine to find alternative drugs based on the same composition


When I was born, I was injected with vaccines so as to prevent germs from attacking. Medicines may have been cheap two decades down the line, but now, with diseases on the rise in numbers and complexity, so, is their prices.

Getdavai is a drug discovery and comparison engine.  How many times have you had to flee from one medical store to the other because of unavailability of medicines? The agony of seeing the condition of a loved one worsen because of super expensive medication is painful.

Getdavai is a tool that makes the search simple, easy and definitely cheaper.  This medicament search engine provides the details of alternative drugs, with the same composition but with varying prices.

Yes, one same drug, manufactured by different companies is sold at different prices. Getdavai covers it all and more. It has a very lucid display that caters to a wide range of medicines which extends from a disprin, aspirin to generic medicines.

Getdavai - Drug Discovery & Comparison Engine

This tool proves very beneficial while dealing with life-saving drugs, which are very expensive. The process is simple to task. It does not even barricade users by asking to sign up. The step simply asks for the name of the prescribed medication and then beholds the price list for alternative drugs. The advanced functionality includes an accuracy selector. This provision has been made to provide nearest substitute of the drug being searched.

Medicines Patent Pool TED talk

Even the book ‘The Wrong Prescription‘, has touched on the pricing of generic medicines. In short, Getdavai is a free-to-use online tool which attempts to make such medicines affordable and available to the common man, in turn making them ‘life-saving’ literally.

Sellbox – Start selling your digital stuff from Google Drive and Dropbox


The growth of the internet and telecommunication has lead to a variety of options to make money online. The selling of digital products has also gained widespread popularity. It is an undeniable fact that there is often a point in life when a freelance designer feels that the client work is inadequate in providing sufficient income. The best solution to such hazards is grabbing some passive income, which enables you to sell your services or products in place of selling your valuable time. The most popular way to ensure passive income is by selling non-physical goods, such as WordPress themes, PDF files, eBooks, PSD templates, icon sets and much more.

Even though there are numerous marketplaces for selling digital goods online, many people find the entire process extremely hectic, and confusing. Moreover, they often cut a big amount of the profits as their share. If you want to make real business online, which will actually bring in money, then here is your best possible solution: Sellbox.

In the present scenario, when the freelance professionals and small business organizations desperately hunts for an effective platform for their digital files to bring in money, Sellbox app for Android pops in to fill up the gap. The online tool is basically an easy-to-use platform to sell your digital files using Dropbox or Google Drive.

Sellbox functions in a similar fashion like Artery, with an added extension by selling files stored on your Google Drive (the former uses only Dropbox). In order to begin, you need to authorize your Dropbox account with Sellbox application. Then you can select any file from your Dropbox folder which you want to sell. Once you create a name and decide the price for the item, you’re done. Beano! Now you can simply share these individual file links to your social networks and get ready to celebrate. As soon as the buyer decides to purchase the file, transaction is immediately initiated via PayPal. With a low commission of about 9% per transaction, the platform is designed to support the small time business owners, and amateur designers, freelance professionals who want to start risk-free.

Launched very recently in 2012, by Piotr Machowski and Daniel Mendalka, Sellbox intends to encourage people, who always wanted to pursue their dreams, and work in their area of interests. Thus, making your business successful online is no more a dream! Some of the highlighting features of Sellbox are as follows:

  • It is very simple, and user-friendly.
  • You can start selling the files in just a few moments.
  • You do not have to pay a single penny for the app and it’s very encouraging for a beginner who doesn’t have much financial backing to start off his business.

So what are you waiting for? Start selling your digital stuff – in seconds!

Deliver With Me – Helps you send or receive shipments via passengers


All set for your meeting in Dubai, checking your watch, “Perfect, I’m on time.” Just after 20 minutes you start freaking out, the obvious reason, you forgot an important file back in India. What now? The conference is very important for you, cracking the deal might shoot up your career. Cursing yourself for being so irresponsible?

Instead check out this cool startup – Deliver With Me (DWM); which helps you send or receive shipments via passengers who are already travelling towards you. It’s a coeval courier system which depends on travelers to make deliveries. It connects people, the traveler and the client through social media platforms, using comments, reviews and a feedback system.

The biggest question that arises is about – safety and security, as the entire process is taking place between strangers. Therefore DWM has with their own specific set of rules to ensure that nothing goes wrong:-

  • A traveler can always reject a request if he is not comfortable.
  • The sender has the right to get the details of the traveler to keep a track.
  • Delivery Review System – Every product or package has to go through a set of filters, and the delivery can be rejected if the package is found to be suspicious.
  • Laws and codes of the countries are also taken into account.

This is not all, since the startup is still in beta process, DWM plans to set up more laws, to ensure compensations for damage and other concerned areas.

Apart from this, they have some uber cool credits and features which make it even more appealing and a must check startup. First 2000 miles are for free and while you make deliveries as you travel, you can keep collecting credit miles. These credits can be later used, when you want to send a package. The entire process is same as the “airline credit miles system.”

So next time if you need to make international shipping accessible and moneyless, try out Deliver With Me – it’s simple, convenient and cost-effective.

Shopigram – A new trend of retail therapy

Shopigram - Your local stores always open

Online shopping and mushrooming chain retail stores have brought a ever greater variety in goods and pricing for consumers but really hurt our friendly neighborhood local shop owners. Most of us consciously try to shop locally either to help the local businesses or simply for the joy of it but can’t fully commit to it owing to lack of convenience akin to online stores or lack of knowledge about the local stores in the neighborhood. Shopigram comes to your rescue by bringing you best of both the worlds.

Shopigram is an online shop where you can discover and buy from local and independent stores from major European cities. Every seller is selected and you will find not any big or International retailers. Currently you will only find stores from Brussels. London and Paris stores are soon to be launched.

The products categorized into four universes cater to online products as well as products which can be picked up from the stores. As a customer, you can locate these stores on map and find their contact details, opening hours, promotions etc and explore the best products based on store or category. As a retailer, you get online publicity, a marketplace to showcase your best products, a personalized shop page and a way to share your products on the social media. With the Shopigram iPhone app, putting up anything for sale is as easy as click and upload. If you are a premium customer, you get your own iPhone app for the store.


The transaction fee is 8% for a free plan and the pricing details for premium accounts available only on contact. The features that set it apart from a yellow pages online with a sell option is its own mobile app for a store, Windows sticker(QR Code + Download app), detailed statistics and newsletters for your followers. There are similar stores but they cater to a small audience like marketing farm produce and are quite popular in the US but not so much in the European markets. So Shopigram is a pioneer in its own right.

Shopping from a variety of hand-picked products while helping your friendly neighbor is great form of retail therapy. Try it out!

Data Journalism – The Future of News

Data Journalism

The recent Obama win changed the way Politics is played. The data crunchers with sophisticated statistical analysis and data mining helped Obama micro-target the voters and earn those precious four more years in the Oval office. The win showed that data analysis along with political instincts is the way to go for clinching the deal. Data analysis can do wonders for our World when applied not just in Politics but also to other macro-environmental factors including social, economic and technological. And who better than the fourth estate to make efficient use of this technique to bring about the change in the world. This brings us to data-driven journalism called data-journalism.

Data JournalismData journalism is a journalism specialty reflecting the increased role that numerical data is used in the production and distribution of information in the digital era. It reflects an overlap between journalism, computer-science, statistics and design. With technological advances and freely available data, data journalism is seen as the future of news.

Data can be the source of data journalism, or it can be the tool with which the story is told — or it can be both. The use of data in story-telling has long existed but the emergence of data-journalism as a concept is fairly recent. The Guardian was the first major news organization to use this in coverage of Iraq war and also start a new data gathering approach with Datablog. Other story examples include ‘The MP’s expenses’ by The Telegraph, 2012 Olympics stories, Hans Rosling’s work on visualizing World’s Poverty, David McCandless’s work on Icelandic Volcano and solving murder mysteries and finding patterns in serial killings.


The Data Journalism Handbook is an effort to bring the knowledge and skills required for data-journalism at one place. It is a book written under Creative Commons license with many contributors. The Data Journalism Handbook was born at a 48 hour workshop at MozFest 2011 in London. It subsequently spilled over into an international, collaborative effort involving dozens of data journalism’s leading advocates and best practitioners. Though not an exhaustive list, it hopes to serve as a good starting place. It can be downloaded as a pdf or read online.

Whether you are a journalist, data-lover or a designer you will love this.