Glossi – Bridging ideas into reality

Glossi - Bridging ideas into reality

They say all you need is an idea. Ideas are life changing instruments. But what after you have the idea? How would you actually give it that realistic shape?

Glossi is a free forum to turn your dreams into reality. It enables you to breathe life into your ideas in turn giving a framework to your passions and aspirations. You can compose a wedding guide to an adventurous road trip map or even a cookbook of your own.

Glossi is very simplistic in its approach. Get started with amazing self-invites; post sign-up. Start building your graphics and make it vibrant with pictures and more. Organize your content and improvise on the data via ‘my clipping’.  Let your imagination soar high because Glossi has no boundaries to creativity.

Publish your documented dream and start sharing it with your loved ones and professionals from industries through widely prevalent social networking sites. Reach wider audience and give wings to your project.

Glossi has a very impressive help desk which is always at your service. Call it a helping hand or a pandora’s box, with secrets to success all in one place – Glossi.

It’s time to get into some action with the idea churner.

Kittysplit – The easiest way to work out who owes what

Kittysplit – The easiest way to work out who owes what

Mostly there always arises a problem when you have to find out who owes how much to whom in case of a trip, outing, dinners had together, right? Many a times the excitement to escape to a place for amusement with friends always over -shadows the money measure. Sometimes you are shy to ask your friend to pay; or think that all the expenses will be fragmented later and other mind calculations perpetually makes you pay for everybody. This later in turn calls for complication bringing in the question of- ‘who owes what?’ This is a daily occurring phenomenon to anybody at all.

Now just think of an app, which can fix this. You just enter the number of people involved and the amount to be divided; and within a fraction of second the result displays before you with the entire summary of each expense of every event giving you the complete layout of the trip. How was the imagery? Must have loved it! And the good news is that Kittysplit brings us this comfort.

This app divides the process in just three simple steps of ‘create event’ , ‘add expense’, ‘find out who owes what’ to give you a pictured description to find ‘the easiest way to work out who owes what’. This characteristic is quite pleasing as picture always explains better and here you even get a flow chart for demonstration which can be shared by all who were there by sending the link. This added feature will popularize among the younger generation as ‘easy makes life simpler.’

Kittysplit is free to use as designed by Casper Wrede, Pepe Ciardelli, Bijan Latif, Paul Bunau, and Matt Henderson using various technologies with a goal to ensure painless solution to the ‘kitty that needs splitting’! By using this app it can be assured that the founders have reached their goal to the maximum and will progress further.

So the next time when your kitty needs splitting, you know what to do!

Reamaze – Simple Helpdesk for small businesses

Reamaze – Simple Helpdesk for small businesses

When you run your own website or a startup, the tricky part is providing constant desk support. Since social media marketing has become increasingly integrated in all nuances of work process, it becomes a tiresome task to keep towing the line of ‘instant reply’. Reciprocating to queries arising from different sources calls for logging into various apps, which is predominantly time consuming.

Reamaze is a tool that is revamping customer support processes and mechanisms. It is the final storage destination of all the mails that are posted on your website irrespective of their originating sources in a very convenient fashion; may it be mails, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Reamaze - Simple Helpdesk for Small Businesses

Replying to Facebook messages is easy right? So is the case with Reamaze.  All the queries appear in the inbox of your dashboard, which is presented as a conversation thread.

The free online tool has a pretty simple interface where you can easily keep control over your mails sorting it out by specific categories. You can even add, all of your teammates if you need more support.

The best thing about Reamaze is its provision of real time notifications that allows you to chose, when you are to be notified but the catch is that it is only in Beta now. Yet Reamaze is an out of box attempt to reorganize and reconstruct the technical support faction for small businesses.

TablesTest – A simplistic way to learn your multiplication table

TablesTest – A simplistic way to learn your multiplication table

I was in standard two when learning tables or truly said rote memorization of tables was the trend like now possessing an iPhone or S3 is. Those who could recall quickly make the teacher’s pet and others became parrots. I remember being crudely awakened in the early morning hours with temptations of an evening ice-cream and then being seated with a notebook at the dining table to strictly feed to memory – numbers that followed a pattern (which I never followed).

There wasn’t much scope but I would still hope for more fun and innovative ways of learning tables where 3 and 2 made 6 instead of 5! Nothing came along then but now TablesTest has come up with an amusing method of learning tables and testing how good you are at them.


There are five levels and you can choose the option that appeals to you more, in no particular order. A ticker continuously keeps a watch over you, so no cheating or it will cost you time. The quicker you answer the higher you score.

TablesTest is a simple way of knowing multiples upto 10 like the back of your hand. You can also save and compare your score with other users. This has no lengthy protocols just a quick signup via your email id.

Ready for some numerical fun.

Poutsch – The opinion social network

Poutsch – The opinion social network

Do you believe in God? Even before you answer this, you may start thinking, “What about other people, do they believe in God? Or does your mom, your friend, or your sister believe in God?” That’s human psychology, every time we answer a question, we immediately want to know what others think about it. Well, yes we do have various social networks where we can ask our near and dear ones, and get their opinions, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a special platform, just for asking as well as answering questions of our interest?

Poutsch, brings to you some democracy online; you can say it’s an online tool that helps to aggregate opinions of millions of people, and present in the form of hard data and proper statistics. Practically, there is no place on the globe, where one can actually calculate the quantitative data or analyze the qualitative ones, or even figure out as in how many people were involved in an event, and what were their views about it.

Although some people might support the already popular platforms and stick to the belief that one can judge a person’s thought process from his/her social profiles, the kind of Facebook statuses, the pages liked, number of tweets and re-tweets, or simply on the basis of the various interests pinned on Pinterest. Judging or evaluating a person through the above information is not sufficient and lacks accurate data analyses.

Poustsch lets you ask or answer anything, and simply every other thing. Plus, since it’s your question, it’s you who decides the type – specific or broad, philosophical or may be political and ultimately get reviews on areas that interest you.

The users are at full liberty to decide the form in which their idea should be analyzed. Hence, they are provided with four different question types:

  • Binary – Where the user can answer by choosing one out of two given choices.
  • Multiple Choice – Here the user gets upto 5 different options to select from.
  • Slider – By moving slider left to right within maximum and minimum values, pre-selected by the questioner.
  • Rating – The user needs to rate the answer one a 1-5 scale.

Apart from this you get to add some extra features to your questions, making it even more descriptive and specific like uploading a picture, adding a smart link along with adding/editing upto five tags.

The way in which Poutsch presents its calculated statistics and properly analyzed data, is worth appreciation. The best one is the graph that shows you the demographic breakdown, based on your age and gender. It also lets you filter the results with options and helps to get exactly what you want to know in accordance with the people you follow, their area and also, different people from all around the world.

[poutsch id=’1008424′ width=’500′]

Coggle – A lean canvas for documenting your work

Coggle – A lean canvas for documenting your work

It is an undeniable fact that news travel fast via web than any other form of media. Since the past few years, the excessive popularity of the social media, along with the amazing event applications has made it easier to plan, organize and execute an event of any scale. While Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln are the first options which pops up in your mind when it comes to socializing or promoting something, it is equally vital to save this information in a structured manner as it forms an important factor to enhance the growth of a business. Nowadays, the business owners too have started to recognize the value of securing data effectively. In case you’re hunting for an app, which will help you to organize your work, the way professionals can do, look no further than Coggle.

Coggle is a web app which redefines the entire concept of documentation. It is an open space for thoughts which functions in the similar fashion like that of individuals! By the aid of this free app, you are able to save your data in the best possible manner with all the proper backups to be on the safer side!

The super simple canvas has been designed and designated with the sole aim of modifying the way people tend to work. It is a great platform for people to work together, and make it more productive by sharing and exchanging data with each other in an effective and convenient manner.

Additionally, you can store and share information structured in the same way that you think, and make sure that knowledge is effectively transferred and preserved.

Moodmet – Super simple way to share how you feel at any particular moment

Moodmet - Super simple way to share how you feel at any particular moment

You have been anxiously waiting for someone to turn visible on Facebook and the green light to be lit right next to their name, but to your dismay it never happens. All your energy drains out and your jovial enthusiasm turns into an inverted ‘U’.  You so want to express your happiness when the clock strikes thirty-two minutes and it is then that your double burst pizza arrives and it is free!! The wave of happiness as you munch on crispy chicken wings laughing and giggling, making faces at a toddler that is staring at you with big watery eyes and surprisingly grins back.

Can a status update be ever equivalent to the emotions existing in the moment? NO.  Can a tweet express the agony of heartbreak? No. Last but not the least, sometimes you just want to share your emotions and not be questioned about it. But present social media interaction has no such platform and the social interaction remains more of a ‘statement’ than ‘understanding’.

Moodmet is a space which allows you to share how you feel at a particular moment, present at any place on this Earth. This can be done via mood-vote. Sounds cool!


You don’t need to give an explanation. You just express – good 🙂 or bad 🙁
It would mean what you want it to mean. You are free to express your elated spirits or those of despair without questioning eyes because moodmet keeps your vote anonymous.

Express away at Moodmet today!

Sokanu – Online career guide of this juncture

Sokanu – Online career guide of this juncture

To find out what you’re here for, is the most important question which you may ask yourself often . What do you want to do when you grow up? Which career is most suitable for you? Is your present career choice appropriate? Is your career perfect? Will you stand exclusive in what you’re doing? All these questions pop up every now and then, until we are satisfied and proud of what we have. These questions stay unanswered and your career remains incompatible to your dreams.

Spencer Thompson, the founder of Sokanu brings a remedy for all. This online app answers to all these questions and helps you find a career as well as a passion for your life. He says, “Most people can’t answer the question of who they are, let alone what they are meant to do.” This thought of his proved to be wondrous for all of us as that bore Sokanu.

Knowing what you want from life, discovering the layers of talents hidden within, helps you assimilate your dreams and make life worthwhile. Helping you know your ‘perfect career’ with the help of science is the objective of this app. The users are mainly asked to enclose as much information as possible so that it suggests you the best career choices according to your interests. Few things like your education, the kind of books you like to read, the activities you love to do, previous positions held are examples. This helps them guide you better. You can even explore all the career categories mentioned in there; where clicking on each, you will find all the questions well explained which may arise on your mind.

It not just analysis of your answers but it is an opportunity to design your future, exploring and expanding your limits. “The ability to find relevant, viable, and realistic information about any possible career, and explore the potential fit with your interests and characteristics are the missing pieces between education and a career,” says Trent Gegax, President of Sokanu investor The Gramercy Fund.

Additionally, you can even find your Facebook friends having similar career choices via an app specially designed for the users of Sokanu (pronounced as So-Can-You). This online guide is free to use at the moment and plans to be the same in the longer run.

It’s never too late to realize your dreams. So, begin your journey as quickly as you can.

Shobii – Allows you to seamlessly share your precious moments privately with your loved ones

Shobii – Allows you to seamlessly share your precious moments privately with your loved ones

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of your parents and clicking pictures to remember the precious moments are usually stored and forgotten. The wonderful moments that once made you laugh eventually rot in a drabby corner of your hard disk. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a network where you could share these photos only with your family? Shobii, is one such photo sharing network that enables you to share pictures thereby protecting your confidentiality.

Shobii smart frames and its companion private photo sharing network is a new attempt to make photo sharing more secure yet easy. It helps you keep all your moments fresh as you can circle it around your friends and family.

Shobii is set to redefine digital photo sharing with its 10 inch or 15 inch; high resolution frames. It enhances the photo sharing experience as it connects via its web based dashboard to Flickr and Facebook.

This network has a trackpad base that prevents distortion of images due to spoilt screen. The work process is simple. You can send invitations to your loved ones on the Shobii website. Once accepted, they can then share images via the same or an android or iPhone app of the same. When anyone shares a picture, it simply pops up and you have a beautiful collection slowly building up.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

The nifty tool allows you to tag and search photos, while you can filter the images on the same. This is just not it. The tool becomes interactive, as everyone on the network remains in the loop by means of comments.

Make memories memorable and everlasting on Shobii.

Flooved – Lets you share and collaborate as you study

Flooved – Lets you share and collaborate as you study

With the ticking of clock, exam approaches. With approaching exam the heartbeat of every student skips a beat. It is the time before exams, when the actual enormity of the syllabus dawns. Preparations and revisions are to be launched on full scale but the notes are missing since lectures were bunked for movies and long drives.

Flooved is a free online education portal which provides free content, strictly according to your syllabus. It is a tedious task – trying to locate relevant content online from among so many available options. But with Flooved learning has become fun, quick and easy.

After a quick sign up, you are introduced to a vast collection of academically evaluated journals, lecture notes and past exam papers. You can share annotations and ask questions; pepping up the study environment and giving the virtual learning experience a competitive edge.


It is difficult to have in possession all the books that a strong academic course demands. Flooved caters to expensive texts and provides them at very nominal pricing in the form of monthly subscriptions.

Notes from world’s top professors and top institutions are ready on your fingertips. You can bookmark the information so that you do not lose the stream of an intellectual read.

This is not it. The chapter link technology lets you read all connected data by auto-linking. You can know what your friends are reading and even get updates from teachers. That’s cool right!!

Good notes boost confidence, which in turn boosts marks. So, are you ready for good marks?

Squeezify – Helping freelance workers and companies connect and request services from each other

Squeezify – Helping freelance workers and companies connect and request services from each other

There is a huge demand for job opportunities on one hand while there is even greater for skilled manpower. The snag in the process is – rendezvous. It is not that demand has exceeded the supply, but proper networking has always eluded the talented.

Squeezify is the tool which attempts to untangle the knot. It is an online marketplace that has been built to navigate fellow individuals to be employed and for employers to tap the best of experience and raw ingenious.

The free platform is a well structured app that aims at providing a fine networking mechanism to freelance workers and companies in order to avail services from each other at best possible prices.

Squeezify lets you post a deal, which is a job that you would want a professional to do. Since all posts are public, it makes your opportunity available to a wide panel of proficients. The process is simple and quick. This makes the mundane task interesting and easy.

The interface provides easy registration with social plug-in like Facebook , which increases the credibility of the user. The job seeker can browse through all the requirements and apply for the job without wasting hours, looking for their needs.

Proudly brewed in Belgium, the concept highlights all the skills and prerequisites providing consistent access to freelancers and companies.

WhoWorksAt – Unravel your existing professional connections for your dream project under one roof

WhoWorksAt – Unravel your existing professional connections for your dream project under one roof

Since the last decade, internet has become an open market for all kinds of commercial activities. With an exponential number of internet users, people all across the globe are getting more involved with various online service providers. Needless to say, it is impossible to establish these professional connections via popular social networking like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. Thus, a variety of websites are now available that gather myriad resources of people; who seek reliable service providers for various purposes.

With an increasing count of freelancers, it can be a real challenge to find quality services. If you are in need of any sort of professional service providers, look no further than WhoWorksAt! Thanks to the innovative creators of this online application, you have concrete resources via which you can easily locate efficient service providers, that have deluded you for long.

WhoWorksAt is a curated networking site which was specifically designed for upcoming professionals and startups who tend to utilize their existing contacts to unravel connections which remains indispensable in shaping their career, as well as for the companies find more talented and far reliable employees.

And now if you’re still hunting for capital as well as a reliable team to begin your dream project with, here is the best platform for all your professional needs under one roof. So what are you waiting for? Join WhoWorksAt today and get your job done because connections can take you all the way.

Sharypic – A collaborative photo sharing platform

Sharypic – A collaborative photo sharing platform

Life is made of moments and these moments are remembered more than often with deep emotions while one flips through photos that seal the time to make it ever lasting. But seldom are the pictures appreciated and stored over a long time because of several pitiable reasons as software crash, technical difficulties or moulds and humidity taking a toll on paper.

Sharypic is an incredible tool that makes your reminiscences come alive in an instant at the same time makes your event high on popularity charts with buzz across social networks. Sharypic gives you the leverage to reach and engage a highly targeted audience by making it increasingly interactive via Sharypics’ real-time Photo wall.

It is always a desire to be remembered long after a particular gathering or event is over. The online tool provides a platform for your family, friends and acquaintances’ to like and share the memories that where created days back, increasing the longevity of your event and strengthening bonds irrespective of the distance.

Sharypic - A collaborative photo sharing platform

Trying to be connected also needs its share of efforts because you are constantly juggling with several apps. Real-time aggregation is a phenomenal solution provided   by Sharypic where you find a large collection of photos related to your event from Instagram, Twitter and other social media on one single platform, which are efficiently imported reaching a wider audience.

The best about Sharypic is yet to come. The basic hurdle while dealing with online tools is you can lose control of the stream you create. Sharypic enables you to be in control of your event broadcasting photos through default or customized filters. While the tool targets event organizers it remains universal with its awesomely nominal pricing plans.

Ready to create your own photo stream of memories? Try it with Sharypic and feel the difference.

Artsy – A personalized WordPress editor

Artsy – A personalized WordPress editor

Blogging has become GenXs’ new communication mantra. WordPress has become the new Facebook for bloggers. WordPress has revolutionized the blogging process with cooler formatting and editing tools. But then there is always a scope for better options, and in the world of publication may it be online or print, editing tools have more than often been revamped.

Artsy Editor is an advanced (to be duly noted) full-screen WordPress editor. It provides faster ways to format your text, run by and add links, upload incredible media and yes scale images instantly without the efforts of grinding your head in constantly ‘popping ‘dialogue boxes.

Artsy Editor

Fits perfectly for bloggers and WordPress developers, could be a tagline very apt for Artsy. Why, you may ask I say so. It is because the appearance relaxes your eyes with minimum elements placed on your screen. Super easy, drag and drop image insertion. This spares you the hard hours of opening the image location 10x, if you wish to have 10 images. Traditional overlay in terms of images and links have been discarded. The format box is positioned right below the cursor and disappears like magic when not in need. Artsy has an option of becoming default too. Apart from awesome keyboard shortcuts it has selective word and character count as well has higher security sensationalization with quicker auto drafting.

Another incredible aspect of the app is – You can see the image dimensions when you are scaling. That’s relieving right!!

The online tool can be used for free, as long as you wish or you can even own your very own editor at very nominal prices. Another perk is – It is not a recurring fee. You can have your personalized Artsby editor which can be applicable to unlimited sites (depending on the plan you choose), by just paying ONCE.

Pickagenius – Helps you with expert advice on anything

Pickagenius – Helps you with expert advice on anything

You always wish to lead a problem-free life, don’t you? As soon as you face any problem relating to any matter, you wish you had an expert advice to guide you through the trouble? With some priceless suggestions, information, options provided you could choose your path and clear your dilemma. Sometimes you want to keep your difficulty as private but still need a solution to your grief. So, to reduce your problems, solve all your doubts Pickagenius brings an online advice platform where all yours disappointments will be met by experts who are qualified to answer them.

The app has nineteen different categories with sub-divisions to select the kind of advice you require from the adviser. What makes it easier for you to choose the right guru is the clients rating on the every expert’s profile. The higher it is, more simpler the choice becomes for you. You can even go through the previous sessions of the registered advisers so that you get the answers to your queries without even contacting them. This is cool! (I know)

Pickagenius Profile

To discharge yourself completely of your worries, you can get yourself registered and contact the expert live. This opens up the ‘call/ chat’ button for you so that there doesn’t stay any hidden doubts in you and all the complications can easily be cleared. Pickagenius has an option to hire an expert which comes with paying for their services. The advantage is that you can contact them anytime you want even when they are offline.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

After registering as a user, you can follow ‘geniuses’ you like by clicking ‘follow genius’ button on their profile and get updated about their activities. The sessions you have with them either via messages or live chats can be kept as private if you desire to ensure your privacy or can be set as public content after your agreement for which you will be given a discount.

Additionally, this app also offers you to earn by recommending this site. The more users and experts are registered; better the services are as is promised by pickagenius. So, join in and content yourself of all the trouble as this app answers to anything you wish to ask.


Joota – Organize and share content on the web your way

Joota – Organize and share content on the web your way

The cyberspace is expansive and elaborate as it serves to the need of an array of users. Since more and more content is released every moment it becomes a necessity to have a mechanism to filter the content.

To ease the way through the sprawling content, Joota has come up with suave options to avail delectable data from a bandwidth of display which pops up when you enter something in the search bar. Joota is an online tool that efficiently helps you navigate through the overflow of data. It not only incredibly enhances your search results, saving time but increases the accuracy of the content as well.

Internet being an abundant vessel, all the content remains accessible, but at times when you need immediate resources, such vast subject matter might prove to be a hindrance than being accommodative. To aid this, Joota has launched ‘Jootlet’, a tool by which you can bookmark your pages and thus save the data that is in frequent use.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″][/youtube]

The free application makes content sharing fun, trouble-free and interactive. Joota helps network your likes and makes ‘The Web’ – a place for you.

Run by an international dexterous team, Joota has an adroit sign up process which makes it user friendly. It gives you an option to categorize your taste as well as the option to fellow ‘Jooters’ to comment on it. The toolbar is fun and appealing at the same time is gist oriented. Give it a spin today, and share your thoughts on it.

JetZet – Plan your entire trip in a few simple steps

JetZet – Plan your entire trip in a few simple steps

Planning is an indispensable part of traveling. Planning and organizing a trip candidly takes all the stresses away from the trip and enables you to enjoy the vacation at the fullest. Adequate preparation is very crucial to organize flights, or car rents, reservation of hotels, and a host of other essentials. Besides, you also need to carry essential documents, and also plan your wardrobe accordingly.

It is much simpler to travel with an agency, as they will be organizing your entire trip, and caring for all your traveling needs. In case you are planning a trip singlehandedly, it could be hazardous. On the other hand it is not advisable to invest huge amount of money merely on travel agencies. You must be wandering what to do? Well, here is the ultimate solution of all your problems: JetZet.

JetZet has been designed especially frequent travelers to make it easier for them to plan and organize their entire trip in one single place. It operates in the similar manner like that of DiveeUp, in a few simple steps you are all set for your trip! Upload your entire travel plan directly via Outlook, Gmail or ICal calendars. JetZet then, offers you directions and shortcuts towards your destination in the fastest mode on the basis of your plans.

It is very vital to travel and share your experience with the right people if you want to avoid future hazards. With JetZet Circles you can now share your trip with anybody and have the complete control over the entire expense.

SubjectLines – Find the perfect Subject Lines for your e-mails

SubjectLines – Find the perfect Subject Lines for your e-mails

Your customer’s list is one of the most valuable assets as a company, and e-mail marketing as one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to connect with your customers. However, many emails that get sent to that list never get opened. Why? Because the subject line isn’t compelling enough to open. But what if you could create that perfect subject line every time? Easier said than done, right? Worry not you have help.

Now you can end the cycle of guessing, A/B testing, and tweaking in the first and most important part of your email campaign—the subject line. Start improving your read rate today by using SubjectLines. Some of the great features include:

  • Ability to view deliverability rates from over one million real inboxes.
  • Compare your subject lines with your competitor’s to improve open rates.
  • Get e-mail alerts with the best performing subjects in your industry.
  • Search by subjects, keywords, senders, tags, and markets for more detailed information

The founders of this start-up are the same as OtherInbox, Inc., an Austin-based company that builds technology to automatically organize emails from online shopping and social networking sites.

There are other popular subject line testing tools like one from MailChimp Labs but SubjectLines has some features like saved searches which make it nicer. This is still in the beta phase. Let’s wait and see how this fares in comparison with other competitors. Only I think the contact info should include more than just an address and an email. May be a live feedback or a twitter handle for connecting better.

Do try it out to analyse whether your e-mail subject lines actually initiate recipients to open your newsletters.

Liveblog Pro – Adding a new dimension to live blogging

Liveblog Pro – Adding a new dimension to live blogging

Live blogging is a form of textual reporting of news stream. It mainly centers on any events or activities, and includes any video, or images during the live event. In many ways, it is similar to spot-news reporting, but in this case it is done by individuals to support their blogs. The term “Live” means that the blogger is actually present at the event physically and is sending updates accordingly as the event proceeds.

Initially this was practically impossible task, but with the advancement of technologies and web access, it is now possible to submit blogs as well as images via smartphones. Thus, live blogging has taken a new dimension these days when it comes to staying updated with the latest news that interests us. It is needless to say that; live blogging actually has a wider scope than mere tweets.

Liveblog ProIf you are an aspiring journalist, passionate about live blogging, here is your best opportunity to sharpen and polish your skills via Liveblog Pro. The beta tool is basically a platform for live blogging, started by journalists for the upcoming journalists. Here you have the freedom to cover everything of your choice: from live events, to developing news items, to interviews and a lot more. The best part is that you can customize your version of the device with a host of embedding options to choose from and include your tweets automatically and publish it on the platforms you want.

Liveblog Pro has been exclusively designed to support the upcoming journalists, and hence is tested by journalists of The Guardian, Trinity Mirror, and The Times to ensure that it has everything that the young journalists seek. The three basic features define the tool completely is its simplicity, reliability and a host of exclusive features.

Now there’s certainly a good tool to start publishing your live blogs instantly, add more contributors to cover multiple events, and host interesting discussions.

Gimme Bar – Create your unique collection of texts, images or video candidly

Gimme Bar – Create your unique collection of texts, images or video candidly

Can you tell exactly how many bookmarks you have got in your browser? Or how many of those bookmarks have you used recently? Research tells us that the more you use internet, the more and more you tend to collect bookmarks in your browser. The fact is that the large list of bookmarks clutter up the browsers, and gives rise to a host of time-consuming issues. If you are wondering about how to get rid of this problem which has been bothering you for long, here is Gimme Bar, an app to storing your valuable data.

Typically, there are about hundreds of apps designed for Android and iOS to organize the bookmarks for your browser. With the availability of so many apps, the demands of internet consumers has also been varying. Nowadays, we find that with organizing the bookmarks, the synchronization of them is also vitally important. And this is where, Gimme Bar helps you to collect all the valuable data be it text, image or video from the web and save it candidly under one single roof.

Rather than just keeping the bookmarks; it stores them in your personal library over the cloud.

Storing tons of bookmarks in our browser is not an issue anymore. The problem is to find them instantly when you actually need it. The beta app brings in a quick solution to this by giving you the freedom to store the content both with and without the original link. You can extract the exact snippet, by pulling it into the Gimme Bar box which appears at the bottom of the page. All you need to do next is to add a description, and plug into your collection from where you can access it anytime.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Once you have created your own archive, it is very easy to access. The items are arranged in a chronological order, and making it convenient to share them via social networks. Additionally, it also allows the users to take a back-up of anything under the sun, (except the videos) to their Dropbox account.

Now, there’s certainly a good and hassle-free way to pile up your collection of bookmarks and manage them easily.