Imlee – An online platform that helps you connect with your family better

Imlee – An online platform that helps you connect with your family better

In a lifetime, everything undergoes a transition. The only thing that remains unaffected and unharmed by the uncertainty of circumstances is the love and affection of family members. No matter what happens, they will always stand by you like a pillar ready to support and direct you to the right path. A family is more like a team which can function only with proper communication. Inspite of this, one often loses touch with them due to reasons that are uncontrollable. Imlee, an online family network bridges this gap and helps you bond with your family removing hindrances of time and place.

Log in to Imlee with your existing Facebook account or register with a new account. It is a secured and private network exclusively for your family to interact, just like you do in other social networking sites. You can share pictures with your family and at the same time get interesting family statistics. Through Imlee, you can keep a track of the various activities your family takes part in without feeling left out.

Imlee lets its users build a family tree by adding information about their family members. In addition to this you can also set up reminders for the birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones and be sure to be reminded of them on time. You no longer have to worry about not being in contact with your extended family situated in different parts of the world as you can easily send them invites on Imlee and stay connected over long distances. What are you waiting for? Create your family tree and remain in touch with your loved ones.

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

From capturing moments to uploading pictures on Facebook to keeping it stored on your hard disk to the highly talked about Instagram, we have come a long way. Instagram because of its easy accessibility and unmatched picture quality has become the new favorite for most of us. In fact, one has to Instagram a picture to decipher the mood, setting or the place. We often wait for the best picture to be clicked, for that perfect moment or expression that we could forever store and cherish. Instagram, as a matter of fact, is a collection of beautiful images and probably the only place where pictures describe a story. Trying to print pictures often gives appalling results and is a waste of time and money. With the help of StickyGram, converting your Instagram into magnets becomes authentic. Bet you didn’t see this coming?

Decorate and design your fridge/room or anything that attracts magnet with pictures uploaded on Instagram. Surround yourself with myriad images without much drill. You don’t have to go anywhere to order your set of handpicked magnets. Just connect with Instagram and choose the picture you would want as magnet. Offering free shipping worldwide, each Stickygram appears to be approximately the same size as it appears on your iPhone and comes in packs of nine. The magnet is flexible yet durable and undergoes a unique process which captures the original image. Team StickyGram ensures that the magnets shipped are in top-notch condition and hence each pack is hand checked by them.

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

StickyGram was started as an experiment by Kejia Zhu and the team at Mint Digital and ultimately with the insertion of Instagram, the idea of creating physical objects from the web came into being. If you’re not happy with the way your magnet has turned out, the team at StickyGram works hard to fix your problem. If for some reason you’re still not satisfied, they guarantee to return your money.

StickyGram – Convert your Instagram pictures into portable magnets

The realness of the magnets, its stability and the precision with which it is shaped makes it really appealing and inviting. Don’t just Instagram those moments but transform them into little magnets through StickyGram.

Picozu – Edit and transform pictures using this HTML 5 image editor


A wee bit of brightness, a whiff of extra color, a dash of creativity, sketching or retouching can unconditionally redefine a simple looking picture into a piece of art. All of us are familiar with thousands of photo-editing tools either on our mobile phones, Computers or ipads and are to a certain extent dependent on them to make our pictures look appealing and original. A notable image editor Picozu, instigates the creative bug inside you and lets you edit pictures as per your requirements.

An online drawing and photo retouching application which is based on HTML5 and CSS3 provides the users with myriad options to edit their pictures. Not just this, you can also import Adobe Photoshop PSD files and edit them. Explore different options such as color, magic eraser, cropping and the like. Here, we are not just talking about editing but also drawing something/anything using the different brushes Picozu has to offer. If you already have a sketch in hand, just upload it on Picozu to add the finishing touches. As soon as you’re done drawing or uploading a picture, start editing by choosing from among 120 filters available.

Edit and transform pictures using this HTML 5 image editor

The fun doesn’t stop here as Picozu through its multiple export options allows you to share your artistry with loved ones on social media websites (Facebook, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Flickr and many more) or you can keep it discreet by saving them on your computer.

Started by Marius Stanciu, Cristina Stanciu and Alexandru Iga, it is designed with expertise and dedication to give the users an experience of a lifetime. Go ahead arouse the imagination in you by using Picozu.

Mobilla – An amazing product for your next SMS marketing campaign

Mobilla – An amazing product for your next SMS marketing campaign

There has been a sharp rise in the number of mobile users across the country giving many large companies and organizations a new method to communicate to their potential customers by using mobile advertising. Customers hardly stop to read a hoarding but are very particular about the messages they receive on their phone thereby paying attention to the content of the message. Cut throat competition compels every entrepreneur to introduce new marketing strategies, inculcate different yet effective tools to improve their sales and at the same time keep their actual customers updated and informed about the launch of their product or service. Here, comes the need of SMS marketing. It is nothing but a process of sending short text messages in bulk that reach your target audience in no time. This is essential as reaching a million users at once is strenuous. Mobilla is an online software that allows you to create effective SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing campaign

SMS marketing is like a huge branch of a tree serving not just the companies but also musicians, retail shops, restaurants, schools and universities and different corporations that need to reach thousands of people concerning their work immediately. With the help of Mobilla, they can send messages to their customers situated in any part of the country. Every customer will be given a unique local phone number giving the users complete liberty to choose whichever keyword they want to send their message. Powered by latest web technologies, Mobilla is entirely cloud based and is inter-connected with over 60 mobile networks worldwide so that your message can be delivered without any delay to every one of your customers.

As compared to other forms of advertising, SMS marketing costs very little and the users are in total control of the process. You can decide when the messages should reach your customers and you will also be able to customize the content of  the message to make it more personal and user friendly. Founded by two entrepreneurs Michael Valera and Kamen Petrov along with a small yet passionate crew, Mobilla’s first priority are its customers. They ardently believe in customer satisfaction and making this software as customer centric as possible. By just signing up to Mobilla you can begin your SMS marketing campaign.

Imgembed – Track your online images, and set permissions for every website using them

Imgembed – Track your online images, and set permissions for every website using them

Plagiarism or the unfair means of copying someone else’s content has become unavoidable and is an act against which punitive measure should be taken. All of us at some point of time in life have encountered such an unfortunate event. Internet has brought with it several redundancies which further give the people the advantage of creating an online crime either intentional or accidental. There are umpteen apps or startups that help you detect plagiarism and have proved competent enough to unmask various unfair means of duping.

Wouldn’t it be noteworthy if you are able to track and set up a price for anyone using your images? Imgembed is one such online platform that promotes the impartial use of images. Launched by Creative Finder, it lets the creators of the images track wherever their images are being used online. They can also set permissions to view their images for every website using them and can coin images by setting CPM pricing. Start by logging in and entering your name, discipline and location so that you appear on the results whenever anyone searches for your name or location. Upload multifarious pictures using the ‘Quick upload and tag’ option under the ‘Navigate Tab’. Stuff your gallery by uploading images and share them with your contacts via the send invites button or by using different social sharing options. Expand your follower count by following people whose work inspires you.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Creators of the images gain recognition as the images are auto-attributed with the owners name. This further helps them gain popularity and spread word of mouth about their creation. It is absolutely free to use though they take a 30% cut when the creators manage to earn money by setting CPM pricing. Imgembed serves all image creators, including non-professionals. They can also keep a track on the number of views on their images and price them accordingly. The users, on the other hand, can abstain from indulging in unfair means of stealing by promoting the creators when using their images online. However, charges are applied only in what was being used.

Imgembed is an affluent platform for both the users and the creators since it has an easy to use interface and is accessible to one and all. Create galleries and connect with people simultaneously keeping your content protected. – Create a mini version of yourself or loved one


Imagine having someone by your side who would listen to what you have to say without questioning or judging you. Someone who would give you company in times of sadness and despair. Someone who would never leave your side irrespective of the circumstances. Someone with similar likes and dislikes as yours. Someone who resembles you. Let me rephrase it; someone who’s a mirror image of yourself. Baffled? Introducing, a site that lets you design your very own personalized cardboard buddy! Isn’t this the epitome of total ingenuity? is a highly creative platform where you can bring into life the image of a loved one or yourself. Eliminating the use of glue or scissors, foldables are made to order using a blend of matt laminate cardboard and high grade inks. Weighing around 10g, with a height of approximately 8.5cm, these cardboard creatures are made with utmost precision and perfection. You will receive your foldable within 48 hours of ordering in a flat cardboard stock which you can further open, fold and assemble. - Meet your cardboard buddy

Don’t like long hair? Change it. You feel the color of the dress your foldable is wearing is not fashionable? Remove it. offers a 3D editor with endless options that will make your foldable stand out. Choose the foldable you want either male or female and decorate it as per your requirements. These little creatures can turn out to be exclusive gifts as well.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Started with Kickstarter in march 2012, with its tiny, paper-made souls have come a long way in winning the attention of thousands of people. So what are you waiting for, head onto and create a mini version of yourself (or a friend) solely based on your preferences.

Timezoneslider – Helps in scheduling your time with people in different time zones

Timezoneslider – Helps in scheduling your time with people in different time zones

The perks of studying or working abroad or in countries having different time zones is known to one and all. Lack of communication and confusion regarding the contrast in time has been and will continue being a stumbling block in one’s life further hampering the smooth flow of work. Before an important meeting with a client staying abroad, one has to set up a legitimate time that would suit both the parties situated at different ends. Setting up an online meeting, therefore, becomes a demanding task.

Discrepancy in the time zone also affects the general people at large who have their near and dear one’s stationed abroad. Not being able to talk to your friends or family due to differences in time adds on to the misery. With the help of Timezoneslider, you can now schedule online meetings fitting the needs of the parties on both the ends.

Timezoneslider is a free online tool that lets you choose a time which would be convenient to you and your client at the other end thereby preserving the loss of time. You don’t have to create new accounts or sign up to benefit from this app. Through Timezoneslider, you can find out the time in other countries and fix meetings and the like accordingly. All you have to do is type in the name of the person concerned and select the city/location.

The users are provided with different colored markers such as white, red and green which display the midnight, current and sync time respectively. Timezoneslider, also allows to you add uncounted time zones.

Next time you need to set up a time which complies to your client or an important online chat with your family, Timezoneslider will assist you in doing so!

JAM with Chrome – Play music virtually with your friends

JAM with Chrome – Play music virtually with your friends

Music breathes life into out restless souls. What if there was no music? What would we do in times of despair or happiness? The hollow that music fills cannot be described by mere words and the exclusion of music from our lives is appalling. People who create music spent hours searching for the perfect lyrics, tunes and dedicate their lives to music. Music resides within us and even if we aren’t musicians, we do love singing and jamming with friends. Time becomes a hindrance and most of us with our busy schedules are unable to squeeze some time out for such jam sessions or hangouts. What if I say you can now invite your friends for endless Jam sessions online? JAM with Chrome, is one such striking experience.

Seeking help from several web technologies and Google products, JAM with Chrome, a collaborative live music experience in your browser allows you and three of your friends to jam together, just like you would in real time. Choose your favorite instrument (Be it an acoustic guitar to drum kits to keyboards), invite your friends located in different places/cities or countries and get ready to experience a real time Jam session.

JAM with Chrome

Using HTML5 features like Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas and CSS3, JAM with Chrome is built with precision along with different Google Cloud PlatformS such as Google App Engine and Go Programming Language. You don’t have to be an expert while using this online app. All you have to do is select the ‘easy’ mode and those of you who have a general idea of music can switch on to the ‘pro’ mode.

JAM with Chrome offers exclusive help to people who perform in bands specifically because the different instruments help you play and create music virtually. For instance, guitarists can select the kind of guitar they’re used to playing with and so can the other members of the band and together they can start jamming . The instruments pop up when they’re selected and different settings appear that assist you in changing the settings (Rhythm, tempo, metronome and the like).

When you play the instruments, your browser will inform other user browsers regarding the various notes that should be played and the steps to animate the user interface. Jamming has never been this easy and interactive. All thanks to JAM with Chrome.

Dio – Design and explore different places


Those days are gone when you would fantasize about a dream trip, admire and build castles in the air about traveling to different places and exploring monuments, interacting with people belonging to diverse cultures and finally boasting about your grand trip to your friends, family and neighbors. It goes beyond imagination to accept the very fact that you can now, with the help of Dio, create and explore unique places of your own based on anything. You don’t have to jump off your seat or run around booking tickets. All you have to do is sit back on your most comfy couch, sip coffee in your favorite mug and then sign in to Dio.

Offering an innovative platform to users where they can fashion and fill their space (either public or personal) which would include pictures, videos, text and interactive objects. It has spatially been constructed to give a realistic view of buildings, cities and homes thereby making  the users travel to places just like they would in the real world. Dio, provides an endless opportunity of building your dream home, hotel and the like( You name it!). After you’re done framing your exotic destination, share your interests with other people equally passionate about their work. Tour and explore historic places, locations or discover the unimaginable.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″][/youtube]

With the help of Dio’s easy-to-use creative tool for designing,  you can picture your place either by expanding with connected rooms or keeping it basic. The interesting feature is the use of interactive objects such as locks, keys, doors, animals in addition to imaginary characters to strike a conversation with. The visitors can then pick up these objects in accordance with their use. Through Dio, interactive stories and games can also be successfully implemented.

Your journey is incomplete if you miss out on the chance of meeting new people and learning what they have to teach you. More like  a never ending box of possibilities, Dio, lets you chat and connect to people scattered worldwide. Inspiration drives us to achieve things that seem impossible, to create something extraordinary and Dio has made it seem painless. What are you waiting for? Explore, create and dream the impossible with the help of Dio. – Creating a digital magazine that organizes and shares your topic of interest

Collectiveli – Creating a digital magazine that organizes and shares your topic of interest

Our interest and passion defines the very existence of our being. The pursuit of one’s happiness lies in the little moments that we stumble across in our lives. Beautiful moments should be captured and preserved, should be reflected upon in dire times and should play a leading role in shaping our interests. Keeping a track of all the vivid events that happen to take place in our life often becomes a tedious job. No matter how many pictures you take, number of pages you fill writing down your experiences or the long videos you make go in vain if they’re scattered in different corners of your house. Ever thought of an online magazine that is solely based on your area of interest? A magazine that features pictures, videos and the like according to your requirements? A virtual magazine that organizes and shares your content online? Well, is a dream come true.

Collect, organize and share your topics of interest with your friends and family through We’re all working towards building our passion and in pursuing what we love doing the best. In such cases, comes in handy as it lets you organize your pictures in a way which displays your content as an online magazine. The fun starts here as you can choose the layout that catches your attention and you can start off by adding different content to your magazine.

Just go with the flow, collect anything from anywhere, be it from any web page with seamless clipper extension to your browser or from your PC and cloud stores with an integrated media importer. Apart from your very own collection, you can also add other collections into your list to create natural topic hierarchies. A moment loses its serenity if it goes unnoticed. Go around sharing your favorite topic and discovering many new as you widen your horizon by exploring.

When it comes to sharing, helps you share your collection with friends and family either by publishing it for the world to see or by keeping it private. The users choose when to invite others to view or comment or even contribute to their collection. works effectively in organizing your content thereby giving the users to construct vivid moments into a real time virtual magazine.

Create your personalized digital magazine for the world to see and satisfy the needs of curators like yourself through

Coffitivity – A virtual coffee shop that helps you increase your working productivity

Coffitivity – A virtual coffee shop that helps you increase your working productivity

In contrast to the accustomed view, working or studying in a quiet and clammed up space hampers the creativity and productivity of individuals. A study in the Journal of Consumer research suggests that ambient noises, an important environment variable affects creativity. This does not imply that one should work in a place which causes the maximum noise pollution as it is harmful to the ears. Our work-space is an important determinant in determining our level of ingenuity and productiveness. Coffitivity, brings to you a mixture of calmness and noise which helps you concentrate on your work better.

Coffee shops have proved to be the most compelling work places in terms of uniform noise, along with catering to the obsession of coffee lovers. With Coffitivity, you can bring the essence of a coffee house to your desktop or at home right when your own work place is  no longer comforting your needs. You just have to plug in your headphones, hit the player and Coffitivity will help you traverse to a virtual coffee shop. For better results, set the player volume at a level which is barely louder than Coffitivity.


The uncontrolled and familiar noises that linger in and around coffee shops boosts your creativity and lets your imagination attain a whole new pedestal. Listening to these sounds with the help of Coffitivity is like an icing on the cake for workaholics immune to working while sipping their mug of coffee .

Founded by Justin Kauszler, Coffitivity gives you the opportunity to experience the vibe of a coffee shop in your office or workplace thereby making you put your thinking caps on and letting you work to the best of your competency.

Backit – Create backups for your website easily

Backit – Create backups for your website easily

With the growing complexity, backing up data has become a rule of thumb for large companies and enterprises that maintain databases and important corporate information. In case of an unfortunate disaster, many firms fail to restore their data which further adds to a loss in their over all profitability and at the same time acts as a threat to the security of their computer systems. Performing a data backup is a critical task which robs you of  your time specially if you’re working in a company with huge database/website that needs protection. The need of the hour, therefore, is for a website solution that not only protects your database but simultaneously blesses the users with a simple yet reliable backup solution. Backit provides an easy website solution making it as easy as clicking a button.

BackItBackit, helps you to backup your database/website and its automatic system scan’s your website/database every 15 minutes. First things first, you need to connect your site by giving Backit your ftp/sftp information. Initial backup then starts once you’ve connected your database to Backit which includes the tables and columns you think needs backing up.

Safety of your website/database is of prime importance to Backit as all your information is stored in an isolated server, thereby providing a seal to your confidentiality. It encrypts data using Backit’s 2048-bit RSA public key in such a way that only officially authorized servers can read your data. Depending upon the data plan, your database is then scanned every 15 minutes or 24-hours. Any change that occurs while monitoring is alerted and the machine will automatically backup that specific change as per your settings.

Acting as a real Time Machine, Backit leads you to a journey of the past by helping you restore your website/database whenever an unwanted disaster strikes. You can simply travel back to the past and restore(Or download in your computer system) your website back in time in just a single click . Not just this, Backit also lets you migrate your website/database to your new hosting (Also applicable for wordpress blogs).

Founded by Pulkit Madan, Backit aims at helping individuals and businesses to run their enterprise smoothly sparing them the trouble of monitoring it manually and assisting them in concentrating on their work rather than on downloading backups.

NoteShares – Organize and Share your notes

NoteShares – Organize and Share your notes

Examination stress, anxiety, nervousness and the yearning to perform well is an inevitable journey traveled by all of us. Preparation of the upcoming paper a day before the examination, running around for important notes and documents, phoning up a friend to explain the relevant matter and various other student-related techniques have been applied to an extent to which they are now exhausted. Systematic organization of the vital notes is an area where  majority of the students fizzle and the last minute groundwork often back fires leading to a downfall in the grades. NoteShares, is one such effective tool, particularly tailor made to whip into shape all the scattered notes and documents into one place without having to worry about the privacy of your content.

NoteShares helps you upload your documents, notes and  photos free of charge giving its users complete protection in matters of confidentiality. It couldn’t get any simpler as it allows users to sign up using their facebook accounts and helps them invite their friends to post or upload their binders to facebook. Speaking of which, binders is nothing but a collection of files, documents, notes and/or photos. Every single document is converted and is displayed to you in your browser and you don’t need to download any software for this. The uploaded binders can be set up with different privacy settings. For instance, if you want your binder to been viewed only by 5 of your closest friends, you can do so by clicking on an icon where you can type the names of the allowed users. In case, you want your binder to be absolutely private click on the ‘only me’  box or choose to have your binders private by default on your settings page.

You can increase your collection of binders by using an option called ‘Rebind’ that lets you add different subject matter that you come across to your list. Go around exploring various other photos or documents by using the search bar. Not just this, you have your very own notebook where your friends can write to you. If your account is set to private only selected users can see this. On the other hand, private notes can be exchanged as well which are, as a matter of fact, completely discreet.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″][/youtube]

NoteShares definitely proves to be an effective tool for the composition of your content and with the release of its new feature it has attained a whole new level of easy accessibility. You can now share your binders, notes, documents and photos with people who are NOT yet a user on NoteShares. The steps involve clicking on the little share icon on your binder and typing in the email address of the person concerned. Yes, its a child’s play.

This tool is in its beta stage and is already contributing a great deal to the over all management of your important data all in one place. Start running your notes and the like on Noteshare, hassle-free.

Picggy – Single piggy bank for all your photos

Picggy – Single piggy bank for all your photos

It is rightly said, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. We’re living in an era where memories are lived and then re-lived only when we have with us myriad pictures that we can flip through whenever, wherever. It’s perfectly natural to create bountiful memories but what’s the use if the pictures are lost with the lapse of time and they ultimately lose their charm and novelty?  Assembling the pictures together in one place with easy accessibility is a demanding task. Although, storing pictures in your desktop is one such solution. The problem arises when you need to access those pictures when you’re NOT using your PC? Scratching your head? Well, the quick fix lies with Picggy.

Picggy, an inexpensive private cloud automatically resizes photos and syncs it across your iPad, iPhone and your PC. There is no limit to the number of photos that you store since Picggy uses Asymmetric Sync for optimized storage. Unlimited pictures can be put at an ultra-low flat rate. Users will face no problem in uploading multiple photos as they are instantly uploaded to the cloud.

In order to sync all your pictures, you have to install Picggy iOS app and Windows Client and then sign in using the same account. After getting Picggy’s free iOS app from the app store, you have to run the program and you will further be introduced with a basic setup guide. For users, adopting Windows Client to run Picggy, all you have to do is download Windows Client and conform to the installation wizard.

Managing the photos systematically becomes all the more easier as Picggy provides its users with multiple choices like edit, rename and merge. You can also tag your favorite pictures and filter photos by the tag. Organizing pictures using Picggy becomes effortless as you can tag the pictures while browsing.

Pictures are no fun if not shared by our loved ones. Sharing becomes super-easy as all the pictures are uploaded in a jiffy to the cloud. If you want to share a single picture while browsing through your collection, just click on the share button. In case you want to share a galaxy of photos, click ‘share’ in the photos view, then ‘share photos’. Pick the photos you want to share and then click on share again. Picggy will generate a link to the selected photos and a menu will let you decide which course of action you would like to take. The similar steps can be applied when an entire folder has to be shared.

The users are in for a treat as Picggy keeps the services free from a week to a month if only an actionable and detailed feedback is given while being signed in. Reward will also be given in the form of free service for an entire month  if you invite your friends. Sign in now to create your very own photo bank.

[app url=”″]

Feathers – Enjoy the era of blogless writing

Feathers - Enjoy the era of blogless writing

Writing is the most sincere form of expressing your views and thoughts not only because it helps you transform your thinking-process into what could be read by almost everyone but at the same time you’re able to master your writing skills (Practice makes perfect!). The question here is how are your articles, reviews and the like going to reach the desired number of people with you getting your work done without much ado? Blogging is one such way out but it is definitely not the solution especially if you’re not a frequent writer. It is a laborious task that eats up half of your time and requires constant updates on various new posts with your visitors always expecting you to come up with intriguing articles. While you may just want to vent out your thoughts, your readers might find some other article that interests them.

Feathers,  a distraction free writing app for the web that spares you the complications of owning a blog. It has introduced a new era of blogless writing for casual writers who think maintaining a blog is not their ‘cup of tea’. Breaking the traditional blogging customs it allows the users to just sign up using their twitter account and start writing without having to worry about managing the themes, tags, categories and so on.

An easy to use app with an equally simple interface, it is a treat for the writers as it helps them post a direct link to their articles thereby saving a lot of the readers’ time. Just pen down a feather, edit, save it in the drafts or publish it for various readers to read. You can always go back to where you stopped writing as your articles will be saved in the drafts.

Feathers – Enjoy the era of blogless writing

The app is currently in private beta but you can leave your email address and you will be provided with an invite which will further give you an access to the site. Once you receive the invite, all you have to do is sign in with your twitter account to start writing.

Apart from a hassle-free writing experience, Feathers helps you showcase your work and share inspiring articles which can be read on every device. What are you waiting for? Go feather an article for a delightful writing journey!

SellanApp – Do you have a great App Idea, but don’t want to hire or become a developer

SellanApp – Do you have a great App Idea, but don’t want to hire or become a developer

Aren’t we all fascinated and intrigued by new apps that keep hitting the App Store every now and then? Most of them work wonders for us while others fail to make an impression. At the end of the day it all boils down to the Idea of making an App. Wouldn’t it be a great deal if your app idea is featured on the App store? If you have a good idea then, SellanApp, a crowd funding platform for iOS apps, will help you turn your App idea into an App store reality.

A one of a kind App, which through crowd funding matches App ideas with real developers. SellanApp connects innovative App ideas with developers worldwide whereby the app loving community of potential users fund the development. The pledgers, pledge funds on the App idea that interests them the most in order to get them developed by the developer. Rewards are given by the producer to the pledger which is a share in the revenue the App will generate or both. During the funding period the total amount pledged grows. The developers, can then select the App ideas which they want to develop against the total amount pledged.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

SellanApp will then submit and maintain the developed App in the App Store and the revenue earned will be directed to the producers and pledgers (Pro-rata their pledge). The pledgers are then charged based on an ‘All or Nothing funding’ only after the App idea is selected by the developer. With the help of an advanced and free iPad App offered by SellanApp, you can easily create playable mockups which can further be uploaded and shared on the web platform.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Design and edit your App, make some last touches (Don’t forget to think out of the box!) and begin crowd funding. Showcase your app, enthuse and excite the people by creating word of mouth about the idea behind your App, thereby raising money to attract international developers to develop your app with the money pledged at that point of time.

Founded by Aernoud Dekker, SellanApp aims at simplifying the whole experience by investing in getting the platform stable and supporting other platforms like Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile.

Pitch in your App ideas without having to worry about funds, resources or market access because SellanApp will help you transform just a simple idea into an effective yet efficient mobile App.

Startups, here’s your chance to pitch investors and get funded in 54 hours. This time, Weekend Ventures will be in Mumbai

Weekend Ventures

Being a successful entrepreneur in today’s dynamic environment involves not just an idea that makes heads turn, but also an effective implementation, controlled planning and most importantly team members who share the same passion and skills to transform what looked like a simple idea into a successful product!

You don’t have to look for a golden opportunity to make your dream come true because Weekend Ventures, a 54 hour weekend event, has brought in a leading edge for aspiring entrepreneurs, designers and developers to chunk in their innovative ideas, build prototypes and launch their startups within three days. It is an event where you can form teams, start building your products, learn from mentors and ultimately know the valuable ingredients for building up a successful venture.

At Weekend Ventures the only thing that will stand out about yourself would be – Your Idea. Once you pitch in your idea , people who like your work would want to associate with you and hence forth you will be able to form a group of like minded people. After you have formed a team (you get to choose who would be your team members based on their interests and skills), start brainstorming and allocating different assignments to your team mates solely based on their area of expertise. The program also gives participants a structured way to go about building your startup. During the session, participants would get to interact with notable entrepreneurs, industry experts, coaches in the field of technology, design, management and receive valuable feedback from the judges.

Weekend Ventures - Mumbai

A 54 hour program starting from 25th January (Friday) and continuing till 27th January (Sunday) aims at providing mentorship, networking, resources and incentives to young entrepreneurs to go from idea to launch. Beginning with the pitching of the ideas on day one to the development of protocol on day two and finally involving the pitching of the ideas to the investors on the closing day, most of the productive work is done owing to the intensive nature of the workshop. It is an esteemed juncture for budding entrepreneurs, designers and developers to pitch to investors and get seed investment for their startups. Additionally, they are also serving numerous prizes for the top three startups.

If you already have a team, it is better to register your team members along with you for the session. That way they will get a first-hand experience. We at Startcup, are also going to be a part of this lucrative yet highly contingent event taking place over the coming weekend and our excitement and hunger to achieve our goals has just started! So, if you’re catching up – let’s meet up and hear your story.

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Instinct – A faster and easier way to learn guitar

Instinct – A faster and easier way to learn guitar

Instinct helps you learn guitarHave you ever picked up a guitar and pretended to be a famous rockstar? Or do you just play air guitars every time you hear your favorite bands perform? Instinct’s defines a musician. Here, guitarists are defining – Instinct is for you! Get famous as you create your profile and save your tunes for other’s to listen and play along.

You don’t need any special guitar; it can be either an acoustic or an electrical. GetInstinct acts like your very own guitar teacher, who listens, guides and at the same time provides instant assistance in very cool-themed visuals. The online tool is certainly a ‘fascinating dream’ come true for novice musicians because, it helps them learn guitar online by quick sign up, after having selected trendy-in-vogue-avatars.


Instinct provides you with an option to play on your guitar – yeah a tangible one. Or play on a virtual one, polishing your Instincts. For real guitars it syncs with your computer’s built-in microphone and thus provides essential feedback, without the troubles of a jack or cord appendages. It is specially designed for amateurs and the first few lessons contain very detailed information on strings and more to give you a perfect kick start.

Pull out your guitar, follow the visual notes on your computer screen and get ready to take a step towards reaching your dream. Just hit the notes and Instinct will take care of the rest.

Experienced guitarists can also find Instinct interesting as they can check out ‘Riffs’, which has a whole bunch of riffs created by other users (later, down the line – You can be one too). Instinct aims at introducing chord lessons in the near future and also plans on building apps for iPhone, iPad and Android – making it easier to access.

Founded by Blake Jenelle and Brian Stoner, this incredible tool can make a musician out of novices without much cough-up. The testimonials are validity after all!

Other than this, you can also opt to have interactive guitar lessons emailed to you every week. GetInstinct provides you this; and much more.

Trust your instincts , but trust this new app – Instinct more!

Hopflow – Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Hopflow – Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Imagine a situation – You’re sitting by the window, sipping your favorite cup of coffee when you’re stuck by a brilliant idea for the story you’ve been working on, but failing repeatedly due to lack of constructive and effective lead. The next thing you do is jump out of your bed and share it either on Facebook or Twitter (Been there, done that). But have you ever realized that not many people are interested or even moderately impressed by the idea you yourself are awestruck with? You tend to question your competency and judge your ability by the number of ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ you get. The problem here is not that your idea is uninteresting or very common, but it is that you’re not adequately associated with those people who hold a considerable amount of respect, passion and efficiency to understand, appreciate or criticize your area of expertise. To cut the story short, you need to hang around with like minded people to get the credibility you deserve.

Whether you are a budding writer, musician, photographer or a voracious book reader, here’s a good news for you all. With the help of Hopflow you can now discover new content, share ideas, explore and connect with people who love what you love the most! Hopflow, apart from being a dynamic and innovative platform, also, makes it easier for its users to choose from a wide selection of choices solely based on their field of interest either through mobile app or the web. You no longer have to post tweets or update your facebook only to get unnoticed by users. All you have to do is share your content online by signing up.

When you ‘like’ a hop , Hopflow finds out what you find interesting and automatically tailors only the relevant content that fits your parameter, thereby avoiding excessive ‘noise’ or uncalled traffic. It helps you connect better outside of your social circle with people who share the same interest (cooking, reading and other) by just clicking on ‘Rehop’. You can then comment, engage yourself in endless conversations and at the same time enhance your knowledge of the things that inspire you the most.

Hopflow - Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Having a number of followers is way too old school now because when using Hopflow, you do not have to worry about your follower count as it shares your content to every reader who’s a part of the Hopflow network. Founded by Erez Pilosof, a serial entrepreneur, Hopflow is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Start hopping in your ideas!

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Catmoji – A fun and interactive place for cat-lovers


Not all of us are fond of animals but if I go on talking about those little, furry, unbelievably adorable creatures most of you would want to owe a kitten (yeah, I do have a hundred reasons for getting one). Be it their purring, their toying around in your house or neighborhood one just cannot seem to ignore them and if you happen to be a cat lover, then Catmoji is exactly what you’ve been missing out.

Cat-lovers through Catmoji can now share and discover cat pictures, and videos by expressing themselves with the help of emoji’s. Disrupting from Start-Up Chile, Catmoji has its mission of making internet a better, interactive and happier place for cats and their owners all around the world.

Sign up for your own catmunity (cat community) where you can post and share exclusive pictures of cats with other cat lovers. A different and improved version of avatar, most popularly called catavatar can also be created, which will then act as your identity on Catmoji. The cat addiction does not end here, you can earn unique badges too. These are no ordinary badges and unlocking them will take your interest to a whole new level.

Catmoji Profile

Looking at the privacy section, cat lovers have the complete liberty to delete their cat pictures and videos thereby adding to the security aspect of their personal data. Though Catmoji is in its private beta stage, users can still request for an invitation or hang close around the already registered users, who can invite upto three people (lucky ones ha!).

Founded by Matthew Phiong and Loo Wan Koe, Catmoji has surely earned the respect and interest of cat lovers as it lets them discover and explore cats all around the world. (=^ω^=) Meoww!