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America’s accused is offered a job in Russia’s VKontakte

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Edward Snowden, who had been assigned a year’s term in an asylum in Russia, escaped his punishment by a lucrative offer. Russian social networking site, VKontakte has proposed him with the option of joining their team of programmers in Petersburg. This offer was given on Thursday by one of the founders of VKontakte, Pavel Durov. As per the legal documents of the allocated asylum Snowden is allowed to work anywhere within Russia.

210 million registered users all over the world subscribe VKontakte, meaning “In touch”. It has a minimum of 47million users counted on a daily basis. It is Russia’s answer to United State’s Facebook.

Snowden, 30 year old, has been tried of charges of spying. He is accused of leaking all the secret information of the United States Surveillance Programs that were carried out over the phone and Internet. Since he wished to escape the charges he traveled to Moscow from Hong Kong on the 23rd of June.

However Moscow has denied in co-operating and handing over Snowden to Washington. The already existing rift between US and Russia over the conflict of Syria, defense and such Human Rights problems will be agitated even more due to this trouble.

America’s accused is offered a job in Russia’s VKontakteMoscow has taken up this opportunity to raise accusations against few of United States’s decisions. VKontakte considers that Snowden has done nothing wrong by denouncing US’s security services’ crimes against citizens all over the world. On the contrary Moscow regrets the fact that US is becoming unscrupulous and cheating on all the people’s trust. It is not following the very principles that it had set a long time back.

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