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We’re a small army of super creative coders, designers, editors, writers and relentless marketers all with an insatiable desire to take on your brief. With a multi-talented team we combine our creative forces to cover up startup news, interviews with the early-bird entrepreneurs and the problems that young entrepreneurs are trying to solve.

We started Startcup in 2012 to build a common and a transparent community for entrepreneurs and startups that have emerged from the crowd to build #hardcore products. Since our launch we’ve picked up so many positive feedbacks that we’re running out of papers to put them all. We aim to be the full-fledged media agency within the next five years.

Our Team

Niranjan YadavNiranjan Yadav
Hardcore Entrepreneur | Capricious Writer | Founder Guy at Switch Idea + Exam Juice + Startcup
Prerona DeyPrerona Dey
Passionate writer and instantaneous marketer. I love movies, books, adventures, photography and startups.
Sapna KattiSapna Katti
A techie by profession and a book worm by nature, I devour a written word. In love with technology and startups
Sneha MaunSneha Maun
Traveler and born entrepreneur. Loves reading and exploring new dimensions of life.


Shumaila TaherShumaila Taher
Blogger. Voracious Reader. A liberal arts student with a vivid imagination. Budding Writer.
Darshika PittyDarshika Pitty
Painter. Book hooker. I am philosophical but to an extent which helps me keep the madness alive in all my writings
Arunima BasuArunima Basu
l am a movie buff, love to discuss films, attend seminars, read critical and analytic works on films.
Deeksha ChauhanDeeksha Chauhan
Editor and content writer. Love music, books and Tech. For my friends I love to be the agony aunt whenever they need it.


E-mail: connect[at]startcup.in
Our team is backed by Switch Idea – yet another startup!

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