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23snaps – Capture and cherish your child’s precious moments with the ones you love

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No parent wants to miss out on those special moments and milestones in their child’s life. You want to capture the child’s first step and treasure for life all the other experiences that follow. You even wish to cherish those precious moments with your extended families. Well, your desires have been fulfilled. Here, is a simple yet beautiful free app designed by parents, for parents. 23snaps assures you an entirely safe and secure way to save and share photos and videos of your children with your loved ones.

It enables you to capture memories on the go, through your mobile and create a wonderful living album of photographs, thoughts and videos of your children, along with weight and height updates. In case you do not possess a smartphone, you can simply use their website to do so and revisit every memory through a simple scroll down your timeline.

You and your spouse can possess a shared account and this will allow both of you’ll to add photographs and videos to your child’s timeline. Your photographs and updates get automatically sorted by date and you can enhance those pictures using various filters, giving it a vintage or retro look. You can even give it that extra edge and make them appear exceptionally beautiful by using frames.

Capture and cherish your child’s precious moments with the ones you love

Your extended families and friends get to leave their comments and nudge you for updates. If you like, you can even get real time updates on your mobile or through emails. 23snaps.com even has a very efficient support system, extending a hand and helping you out in case you face any problems.

There are 23 chromosomes that carry all your child’s genetic materials, which set your child apart from others and make your child unique. Thus one chromosome, just like one photograph, will not be able to convey the whole story. So do give this app a spin and share your thoughts.

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